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In This We Anoint YOU NOW

LAuraInannaThis is a profound frequency SHIFT NOW!
Everything is changing as you know it!
Your thoughts are transforming.
Your emotions are shifting.

Your awareness is entering a new level of frequency!

YOU are literally entering a new dimension!

Your heart is expanding as BEING the home that you once sought.

You see more clearly through your Heart and this is catapulting your awareness into a NEW WORLD.

This New World is filled with love. All the love that heals everything.
The love that ends separation memories.

The pure eternal love that is the DIVINE Union you desire.

This is your one filter, the pure eternal love and unites everything.

Your DIVINE Presence Graces you with the acknowledgment of Divine Power flowing through you.

This is the shift into a now new dimension of existence, which gives way to BEING the GLORY of eternity while in form.

We are with you now.
We are The Divine Council of Overseers.

Enter this new world through your heart. In this we initiate you and anoint you NOW! in Love.


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meWe are present NOW!

This MOMENTUM is far reaching in the scope of love and your awareness of it.

IT is everything and MORE for you!

Deep in the throws of these transitions, know we ARE present on Earth.

All that will be flowing through you is part of the plan for you.

Let go of all beliefs that tell you this is bad, that is good. LET go of the judging of what appears to be the external world around you. MOST of what you see is based on the programming from the so called past, it is NOT what truly is there and here NOW.

This conditioning is what you ARE letting go of and what feels painful to you is the loss of a foundation that NO longer serves your evolution.

All of this leading up to and including NOW your NEW EARTH evolution experience, has been planned out before even Earth began. Take comfort in knowing, what truly is in charge of the flow, is the eternal LOVE, that always knows its victory and true being.

Many events will be taking place on Earth as the transitory cleansing and restoring of true union consciousness takes place. Do not be alarmed. Instead enter your Heart Space and begin to see fully through your heart.

We are present and now activate you more than imaginable in THIS.

We love you and hold all of this in the sacred DIVINE eternal love, that transforms all, to their original true Light Being.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers and we were and are (in no time)  present when the design for Earth; the Blueprints and plans were created. We were also present when ALL Souls (this includes you) came forward for this ~ the Earth venture, into consciously Being the evolved true LOVE beings, everywhere.

Present also on Venus, The Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius A and B, with all that are part of the Galactic and Cosmic Light Councils, with the Creator Gods the Elohim, this successful Earth program is catapulted into the Vastness of Being, that so many are even now, desiring to be a part of.

Having fulfilled our programs in another Universe, we oversaw this creation, this Universe.

We hold you in love unimaginable NOW as this all the parts of this process, come together in this the grand uniting and evolving of YOU. In love we activate you now!!




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Questions and Answers With The Divine Council of Overseers

L'AuraIPQuestions and answers with The Divine Council of Overseers.

What is this profound state of flow that is your Heaven on Earth?

It is the natural ORIGINAL You that definitely exists now!

What is this access point of awareness so as to align?

It is your Heart space, a frequency; a RESONATION.

What is bliss?

It is the deep union state of Being that is your holy union.

What is magical?

Magical is the glory of the moment ~ which is hidden in its truth for many consciously unaware.

How can we be aware in the moment?

Let go of all else except what only is now and recognize align with its perfection.

What is perfection?

It is the true you eternally.

What is eternity?

It is the space and dimension of frequency where you exist THROUGH and have access to all that you are everywhere, all at once.

What is all at once?

Everything, everywhere, there is no separation at this pure level of awareness.

What is awareness?

Awareness is the frequency level through which your subconscious and conscious mind have merged.

What is the subconscious?

The subconscious is for most the hidden parts in the blueprint that are suppressed consciously that are memories based on fear that react in the fight or flight syndrome.

What happens to the subconscious when we ascend?

It no longer is the subconscious hidden part, it is freed as memory and karma and becomes the unified force of awareness that only knows itself as the eternal being that it is.

Is this the ascension process?

Yes, to be freed from all that is hidden that blocks WHAT is NOW in its awareness which prevents conscious full union NOW.

Ascension is a state of consciousness?

Yes it is ~ it is the FULLY Unified Human Being who has descended through the incarnation EARTH program, only to be unified, consciously once again.

Are many ready to be unified?

There are some Beings that walk the Earth unified in consciousness with their eternal Being Now. Many more will soon graduate from this Earth School and be the beacons to the students of the Earth School.

Do we have to leave Earth to ascend?

There are some that have walked the Earth for millennia, as FORM and consciousness is not what it appears to be, to those in separation consciousness.

Does our reality appear changed when we ascend?

YES ~ it does for moment to moment in the experience of eternal flow. So now and now, yes. Yet eternally you are the same at the highest levels, that is your unique consciousness flow.

What will the birthing and holy marriage be like?

It is beyond the imagination until the moment occurs for those going through this in their current incarnation.  It is a profound remembering and merging in sacred space, that when it occurs, only knows oneself only as the eternal self BEING.

Are you helping us now?

We are activating all through this. As the frequency impulses translate to the activation of what already is imbedded in the blueprints of ALL on this program. We activate your DNA now. In love.










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The Incorruptible Form And Ascension

L'AuraIPFrom gross matter and ethereal matter and its incumbent marriage, this alchemy produces the incorruptible form. That is your ascension.

Starting with the primal forces, merged with the matter of consciousness that is the mental body, emotional body and physical body, the deep purification process, before the final dissolving and death is vastly occurring.

Taking that which was of lower matter of consciousness and transforming it into the New Divine Being.  This is of course is the above merging with the below.

Some may call this magic, it is in fact the very process of that which you incarnated into. TO become the GOD that you seek.

This Divine Alchemy and marriage, is the sacred marriage within you, often referred to as becoming the holy guardian angel.

This uniting marriage/alchemy is the same as the ascension process and the process has always been the same, since so called time immemorial.

It was written in all the hearts of consciousness before the birthing of humanity.

Prior to this birthing of form as consciousness the gathering of the Elohim with the Divine Council of Overseers, planned that which is unfolding through you now.

Your incorruptible state and form, as held in forms in the Halls of Amenti.

This recording through the DNA blueprints, in the Halls of Amenti, represent the template of the Divine Humanity.

Its evolution of form to the graduation of Godhood through this alchemy process is embedded in the DNA of your very cells. Stamped with the recognition and all the codes of awakening for your to experience the birth of the NEW YOU.

This is your ascension, this is your alchemy, this is your DNA/Blueprint plan and you are succeeding to grasp the purpose of this Earth program.

Holding the templates in the Halls of Amenti, prior to the birthing of Earth and the Gods that descended to become Gods with the incorruptible forms, we initiate you NOW.

To this greater alchemy, well under way in the DNA program. This is your ascension and heaven on Earth.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers, anointing all now, with the Original Template, we initiate you in the continuation of the Alchemical marriage, into the birthing of this incorruptible form. As this New Divine Human/Humanity. This represents the completion of the program.

Those newly on their sojourn through Earths program will benefit from all those first attaining this NEW Image of all that is possible.

In this we activate ALL now, in love.






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What Part Ascends To What?

L'AuraInannaSomeone asked me recently if the body is still in 3D is it the Soul that ascends?

Let me be clear, with The Divine Council of Overseers, your Soul at its creation level is perfect and conscious of itself throughout all existences and throughout all dimensions NOW. There are no exceptions to this.

What Earth is and its program of reincarnation is a descending from the higher dimensions (your God Self) into a form that is designed based on your life/soul plan.

These higher dimensions include other planets, other galaxies and other universes.

Back to the question at hand, so then what part ascends?

You travel down (even though there is no direction) through frequency dimensions into the lowest of ALL ~ the densest ~ that is Earth. Then you are born. Often most forget about before arriving and the agreements made.

Some arrive a different way, as in the consciousness that is typing these words in a form here on Earth. The term often used is a walk in.  Even though consciousness at the highest levels surrounds the form.  We take over the use of a form, with the original soul, walking out. Although there is no in or out.

In the lower dimensions you are practising becoming the highest consciousness that you are in the highest dimensions. This is a merging of your highest frequency and awareness with the consciousness of the form and its DNA. This is ascension.

The purpose of this as was taught on MU (the first civilization on Earth) and prior to signing up for the Earth program, was for you to become Gods on Earth when you graduated.

Your graduation is your ascension it is a merging and that is mastery.

As we the Elohim and Overseers had also become as you would call Gods, through the process of  mastery for form, which you call ascension.

It is a maturing and realization of all that you are.

This takes place as Divine Virtues become you ~ through your heart, you then recognize your own Divine power and the YOU that you are eternally.

And YES that means the you in form goes through an alchemical process. As the body once merged and mastered, transfigures and changes matching the eternal you.

As at the level of merging and ascension GOD SELF consciousness there is no age or time.

And now we activate you into this greater knowing of YOU.

In that you all signed up for, to be the actualized GODS of the New Earth world. In love.





Clothed in the Light Beams of the Eternal SUNS ~  The Representatives Walk the New Earth

LInannaThese profound shifts in your reality, represent the epitome of the Grace and Glory as THE New Divine Being ~ that has integrated the higher light frequencies through the light body as its new cosmic revalatory awareness.

Walking the Earth in Glory, the heart filled with its conscious LIVING light awareness, emits the rays of ITS Eternal Light, throughout the Universe.

Clothed in the light beams of the eternal SUNS ~  the representatives, walk the New Earth, drawing Light to Light, Glory to Glory.

The Cosmic plan, playing out though the courageous Souls that took on the Earth program, LIGHTS the way, for infinite Creation ~ to expand forevermore.

The CONSCIOUS Cosmic God Self, in its ORIGINAL Light, birthed itself into a New Being, through the balance of the Universe, and through the Love of ALL pure hearts, it rises in its Glory, unspeakable.

Risen in Glory, bathed in Light, the mark is set upon the hearts of the pure ones, leading through eternity, through the love that knows no bounds, NOW transforms all.  In eternal love.




Happy Mothers Day ~ The Embodiment of Divine Love and Union

L'AuraJEternal Beloved Union, eternal sacred Divine Feminine and Masculine, as the perfect embodiment of Love and balance here on Earth, we honour you now.

We celebrate the perfect balance, the perfect love, the perfect nurturing of the Divine Feminine.  Who with the Divine Masculine, eternally and in form, unite in wholeness as the Divine Ascended Master Being ~ holding the balance of the Universe itself, throughout eternity and now.

We live and breathe this unconditional love, through its wholeness of Divine Union, as it now awakens us to the remembrance of our eternal union, and the embodiment of it, forevermore.

Light to Light, Glory to Glory, we call to you and initiate all who are ready to receive the awakening of  Union and Glory ~ as the eternal embodiment, while in form, now.

Pausing and receiving through your heart, we are with you in love, always.

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Ascension and Acceptance

L'Aura Pleiadian

Self Compassion is the cornerstone of Self Love. Being Present NOW is the state of Being that DOES not WAIT till one is Perfect or the circumstances are PERFECT to Accept Being Divine, To Accept Self Love and to Accept Being Ascended, Living in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

It is the removal of the WAIT and removal of the non acceptance that is the ASCENSION and ARRIVING you Desire. This is 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

I accept my Body Now. I accept my life NOW as it is. I accept this Moment Now as it is. I Accept my imperfections, my old habits, My reactions and my judgements now. I accept I don’t like my life. I accept I don’t like how this is unfolding.

It is only in the accepting that you become free. ONLY when you arrive do you Ascend. There is NO waiting for outer circumstances to change first~ that NEVER HAPPENS. LIVE BEYOND what your mind thinks are limitations, WHICH only exist, to BE LOVED and to be Accepted.

The 5th Dimensional Consciousness ARRIVES when you ACCEPT NOW.

Accept all the things you don’t like about yourself, Accept all the things you wish were different.

Arrive NOW the way you ARE, the WAY things ARE, your body, your life, THIS IS SELF LOVE. This is BEING in the MOMENT. This is living PURELY as is.

I Accept there is Nothing to Change.

YOU SHIFT your response to LIFE ~ to Acceptance, You Ascend, your life changes.

The changes are the RESULT of your RESPONSE to YOURSELF, to LIVING in the MOMENT.

To boldly NOT WAIT. To Claim you have ARRIVED.

There is Nothing to wait for, there is ONLY EVERYTHING to Accept.

I accept Now.


Love NOW.

I Accept NOW. ALL parts, the future I once waited for and the past that no longer exists.

I Accept it all, every little part of my body and every huge part of my life, that I once based my worth upon.

I Now Accept ALL aspects of my life, who I believe myself to be. I let go of a future timeline and a past that has kept me tied to it, with guilt and lack of self-love, that only had me hope in a future that would be different.

I Accept NOW my Ascension, I accept Now How I AM.

I Accept Everything Now.

I Have changed my Consciousness to 5th Dimensional Consciousness, I am Here I Am Present I have Arrived.

I accept everything that has BROUGHT me to this Place this SPACE this ARRIVING and ASCENDING in this moment NOW.

I have stepped out of the Old Paradigm, where time held me in a state of perpetual waiting.

I have shifted out of the consciousness state of never arriving and INTO acceptance and FULL arrival in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

I live in the present moment and in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

I Am Ascended Now.

I have Changed my consciousness, through Accepting and Living in the Now Moment.

I Am Free.



Eternal Love and Bliss!

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