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Calling All Star Beings

L'AURAYour Origin prior to being here in form (Earth time) is co existing and awakening to the conscious merging with you here on Earth through the form you are functioning through.

Many of you have already merged completely and are ready for your next level awakening, as the Glory of the Divine is unstoppable in its Divine Power.

Many Beloved counterparts will be reunited in form, in this the majestic awakening, of the completion which sets your perfect plan in place. Living as its glory. Living your Heaven on Earth, and rightly so.

The Light that is transforming through its expansion throughout this cosmos and throughout many Universes, is present now. As the witness too, all that is unfolding through you.

We align, we activate, calling all of YOU to this sacred anointing.

With all those illuminated beings, with The Divine Council of Overseers, the Elohim, the Blue Avians, and of course the Beloved Pleiadian’s who have set the stage well and held the vision in place.

In love we do awaken YOU and your Heart.

As the glory is only through your heart that is pure child like LOVE and Beauty, never ending ~ in no TIME ~ throughout eternity. Now.


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Beings Of This Universe and Beyond

L'AuraPDifferent BEINGS are coming forward introducing themselves to me. They are phenomenal and loving and love to be a part of all of this. They are sharing their JOY with all that is taking place through everything.

We know them through The Divine Council of Overseers, as all consciousness passes through them for this Universe.

There are beings from other Universes also, I remember them.

It is all unfolding perfectly. In love, L’Aura


Your DNA Transformation ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


As the Universe conspires to help you in so many ways and as your consciousness continues to expand, observe the synchronistic events, that help you to magnify your awareness of how everything that takes place is on your behalf.

Pay attention.

This is a Light Activation for you, appearing as words.

Observe and stay consciously aware of all that is unfolding, for you and through you.

That is, the you, that is your Soul consciousness, itself.

You as a Divine Ascended Being.

You as original wholeness.

That which You Are, already.

Through the setting of your intention to observe, pay attention and be attentive to all that unfolds through you, the outpouring of unconditional love, through your heart, becomes your Balm of Gilead, so to speak, that frees you from the pain and stress of the reactive fight or flight response. This expands your own consciousness and frequency to levels now unimagined.

When the stories of the suffering dissolve through that conscious application of unconditional love, it as though, huge amounts of space open up like magnificent doorways that lead your awareness into vast worlds upon worlds.

This dissolving is the automatic clearing that releases the pain from your cellular consciousness. From your DNA. The 3D cellular debris, is then washed away. As each cell has its own consciousness.

When your cellular body is free from holding old pain, harmony then reigns, as the alchemy of death and renewal.

Your intention, your consciousness, beliefs and fears, all have programmed your cells and DNA.

The crystalline water that surrounds your DNA is very responsive to your emotions.

Feeling of sadness, pain, depression and anger, that are repetitive and ongoing, are literally held in the consciousness of your cells.

Likewise, happiness, joy, love and bliss (ongoing) are also held as the consciousness of your cells and DNA.

Your Intentions and through the releasing of what the outcome play out, is a powerful awareness tool, bringing to light, how you are Being. How you are accepting, how your Soul is doing all of this through you. Source. The Universe. God-Consciousness, whatever you want to call this. It is the Pure Eternal you.

It is the Divine You.

The Eternal You that is pure and innocent.

Showing you also, through your “non-resistance” to how this is unfolding through you, that you are connected to everything.

That synchronicity is the Divine You, showing you its Presence.

Your intentions then become the awareness, you are the intentions themselves.

You are energy.

You are Light.

When you are free from long-held pain (which frees you from the reactive responses) and the doorways open up for you, you will see the Divine Glory of this. How it is all orchestrated for you and through you.

The one in pain, the inner child, that only wanted acceptance and love, then becomes, the joy, the love, the playing ground of you, that is eternal.

This is all for you.

This is an activation.

You are already, all of this and more.

You are simply awakening to the Love that you already are, as the pure innocent, Divine You, that is eternal. You as the Divine Ascended Being. Forever, in love, always.



Eternal Heaven on Earth!





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Much More Powerful than imagined ~ New Levels 


This is So Much More Powerful than Imagined!
And Every Hour this increases in Frequency.

So Profoundly Transformational for YOU as the Frequencies increase every HOUR and the Momentum is Accelerating every hour!

This is Beyond anything Imaginable!
I would like to create the Format to Speak to all of You Live, about and to Bring to YOU New Teachings and New Activations for You ~ as they literally Pour through me, to You.  You personally and to The New Divine Humanity.

Holding you in Eternal Love and in the Alchemy of your Transformation!

You may reach (access) my Light energy in any moment, all moments. This may be done through intention, or may be spontaneous. As I have appeared to many of you already.

Eternal Love and Bliss!

The Divine Ascended Being Activation




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