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Fine Tuning Your Consciousness Stream ~ Your Ascension

L'AuraObserving, acknowledging, being aware of, what flows through you ~ as thoughts, as emotions, as habitual ways of being.

Question the quiet background thoughts that pervade your awareness as uneasiness, as concern, as anything that is not harmonious with your Divine Self. With your pure child like being. That which is your DIVINITY.

Your form, your thoughts, your emotions, are not YOU, they are what goes through your awareness.

If you do not like the feelings that flow through you, even now if a small amount, let us prevail with full VICTORY as the prevalent way of being, that leads you to the glory of your awareness as your ascension ~ mastery.

This fine tuning is part of the plan, to purity those that are the first wave of beings, to transcend all normal levels of being, and step out of the box of comfort, into the full knowing of only BEING the eternal Divine Cosmic God Self.

Why settle for anything less, to be stuck in the 3D pattern of being, a slave to the program, of never ending stress.

The freedom of the mind alone, is well worth this journey you have embraced on, to be the ONE that knows, only NOW exists as ETERNITY ITSELF.

Let GO of the fear that sets you back into the program of consciousness that is limitation and separation itself.

Enter the cosmic being of full Eternal Knowing of the ONE that you forever ARE.

This is the playing of the being in its purity, that has no concern and only lives in the purity of now.

You may wonder how can you afford to do so, we say if ascension is your intention how can you afford not to. Turn your eyes towards heaven as above is below.

And so you will see, you are ONLY the Divine Being that lives eternally only NOW.

This access portal of NOW is through your Heart.

Those free of fear live only in the heart.

Do you want to be free? And experience what you truly are?

With all blinders off, you live the glory of the acknowledged glorified ones, who have come and are present now to BE as the ONES that have arrived.

We lead the way to the portals of the heart and initiate all those ready for this next step in their journey.

Are you desiring your next level?

Enter more deeply your heart, which is now, and let go of all else that impedes the awareness of the truth of what you ARE.

The truth does really set you free. Trust the process, trust the Divine power that lives and breathes eternally and now as one.

We are present with you and we have never been away.

Many of your Light ships you see are glimpses through the portals of the levels, that welcome you to the acknowledgement of what seemed previously unknown.

So here we are and so are you.

Delving deep into the consciousness stream of refining, purifying, opening up the heart. to all there is and now. This is your Ascension.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers and were with you in the beginning and now, and so it is.

Accept the truth of what you are through your heart.

And there we will be. Not separated as the consciousness of 3D that appears to you a certain way. But in the eternal knowing of what is, what truly exists forevermore, there we are. In love we initiate you NOW.

Feel within your heart this truth and the sensations of observing that confirm this to you NOW.

We anoint You now, in the GLORY that forever you are create to BE.

Feel this and accept this anointing within your heart.

The Cosmic God self that you embody then takes over, as the miracle of purity, releasing you from all that has appeared to hold you back from the truth and full knowing of your eternal Being that you ARE.

In love we release all the strongholds of consciousness, that acts as background noise to this awareness. Blessing you now, in the GLORY, LIGHT and eternal LOVE that we are forever ~ ARE. With You, Now.


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Beyond Your Comprehension, the Many Worlds Play Out

L'AuraPBeyond your comprehension, the many worlds play out, coexisting, all the way to the highest of Beings ~ expanded consciousness, throughout many Universes.

These are powerful Divine Cosmic ~ light beings, who through their original frequency, consciously became aware of what they were.

They stand and speak with me now. To the hearts of the Beloved beings everywhere.

The magical cosmos is the playing ground for all beings brought into existence of form, shaped by their frequency of consciousness as Light. Birthed into arriving through forms in the many worlds, they all coexist now.

The graduating of conscious frequencies, celebrate the initiations, brought about through all that is unseen and unknown.

An arrival is no less or no more than the experience.

Celebrated throughout eternity, it is all now.

In the levels of now awareness, which eternity embraces with joy, we open all portals of knowing, for those who have been prepared, to meet ones true essence,, to BE ~ the one that knows and is consciously, all that which was unknown.

The guidance in all the levels, prepares you to let go of what you are not and open your heart to more of what you are, eternally.

The Profound Presence of the Glorified Ones, lead the way as always. Initiating throughout all the levels, the conscious graduation of consciousness, meeting more of itself.

IN love we preside, with The Divine Council of Overseers, the portal of portals, to ALL, we unite.


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Never Forgotten

L'AuraThat moment, we meet, lifetime after lifetime, over and over, in sacred rituals, we become encapsulated in our ecstatic union, beyond this world.

Never forgotten, the aching and trembling, as the longing rises and falls, with the tides and the seasons, belongs solely to us.

The taste of love, celebrated in its glory, bathes the stars in the sky and bestows its never ending grace, in the beauty we know as ours alone.

Celebrating in ancient magical ceremony, known only to us, holds the keys of eternity and our remembering, as we are submerged in the sea of our anointing, blessed forever by us.

Our kingdom and temple, knows the glory of our unified being, the walls kissed with love, bathed in our essence, our perfume, filling all worlds, as we abundantly flow as our one being, Glorious Sun, forever.





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