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Clothed in the Light Beams of the Eternal SUNS ~  The Representatives Walk the New Earth

LInannaThese profound shifts in your reality, represent the epitome of the Grace and Glory as THE New Divine Being ~ that has integrated the higher light frequencies through the light body as its new cosmic revalatory awareness.

Walking the Earth in Glory, the heart filled with its conscious LIVING light awareness, emits the rays of ITS Eternal Light, throughout the Universe.

Clothed in the light beams of the eternal SUNS ~  the representatives, walk the New Earth, drawing Light to Light, Glory to Glory.

The Cosmic plan, playing out though the courageous Souls that took on the Earth program, LIGHTS the way, for infinite Creation ~ to expand forevermore.

The CONSCIOUS Cosmic God Self, in its ORIGINAL Light, birthed itself into a New Being, through the balance of the Universe, and through the Love of ALL pure hearts, it rises in its Glory, unspeakable.

Risen in Glory, bathed in Light, the mark is set upon the hearts of the pure ones, leading through eternity, through the love that knows no bounds, NOW transforms all.  In eternal love.




Your Holographic Matrix~5th Dimensional Consciousness



You as Light~ You as the Pureness of your Emanating Light~ as Your Soul. As Your Blueprint. As Your Matrix. As you Immortal Body of Light. Your Holographic Matrix is You as your Eternal Immortal Body of Light. This Immortal Body of Light is the Matrix of your Blueprint Vibrating Your Soul Frequency, as Light. Everything is Light, and in the Higher Dimensional Frequencies of Light, you SEE everything as the LIGHT that it is. The Dense Vibration on Earth only makes things seem like they are Dense through 3D Eyes, so to speak.

When YOU Consciously live in the Present Moment, you SEE more and more, the FABRIC of CREATION which is the Holographic Matrix of Everything, which includes, you as LIGHT.

As I Consciously Fill these words with Light (because that is what they are~ Light) they are Holographically Sent out through their frequency Signal throughout the Universe and downloaded, so to speak, into the Morphogenic Field; the Vibrating Matrix of Light, that responds to this Frequency Signal. Like a huge database of Light, that is morphing in and out with its Light and Frequency.

Each of Your Holographic Matrix Blueprints, are connected to this Huge Database of Light (Light as Frequency and Information) where you are constantly sending your signal too, and it sends back to you More of Your Vibrational Signals. These Light Vibrational Signals Make up your own unique Reality, as what you ARE being (signalling Out) you Are Receiving. And since what you are Being is what you are Receiving, why not consciously, recognize, what you say you WANT can only be RECEIVED when you ARE BEING IT. Being what you Desire.

Now, As you connect more and more the Holographic YOU consciously, you become more and more aware, of what you are Signalling Out. This is Being More present. Likewise when you are Present you know how you are Being, and that this is Consciously Your Reality. As YOU Vibrate more and more as Consciously Aware Holographic Light, in every Present Moment, YOU Become aware of ~ You ARE what you Desire. You have come to Earth to Recognize YOU ~ Your PURE Being, your Eternal You. Your Immortal Body of Light.

YOU AS Your Conscious Aware, Awake, Light~ Being what it Desires. To experience More and More of the Real You, the Pure You, the Eternal You, the DIVINE YOU. Be present, Be Awake, Be Light. Connect through Your Breath in the Eternal Now Moment.

Be CONSCIOUS of What you are signalling OUT in ALL Moments. For this is YOU, this is your Intention, This is YOUR Reality. Being Conscious in all moments, is 5th Dimensional Consciousness (using words~ which only point to the experience) which is the Maturing of YOU Consciously. Being the Responsible Holographic Matrix of Light, in all Dimensions, throughout All Realities and Parallel Worlds, all “consciously” Joined as ONE. This is your Mastery, you as Your Immortal Body of Light. I hold you in this, in your Sacred Immortal Body of Light, throughout All Eternity, in the Light of All That is, I Am.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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