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The Multiverse and Your Reconfiguration

L'AURAThe radiating INFINITE DIVINE LIGHT frequencies are experienced through the conscious awakened heart ~ BEING. Throughout the MULTIVERSE.

The Divine Being. The expanded Cosmic God Self of INFINITE LOVE  ~ You.

In this your sacred awakening ~ we initiate you through your heart.

Throughout all the parallel worlds and parallel Universes we align your consciousness with the frequency of this DIVINE UNION through our infinite DIVINE LOVE ~ initiatory PRESENCE.

As the activations and alignments through this RECONFIGURATION continues to awaken your Heart AWARENESS, all matter and perceptions of space time consciousness ~ also transforms throughout the Multiverse.

The infinite Cosmic potentiality and versions of ALL that you Are, in pure Being ~ rest within the awakened heart of pure love.

IN this the holy Presence makes itself known, as the tangible power of love, transforming ALL.

This everlasting portal of infinite HEART AWAKENED consciousness calls to you through this initiation of being ~ through the Divine Presence of your Heart.

This is the INFINITE connection, TO ALL that you ARE.

We join with all infinite Divine Beings ~ through which this DESIGN of Union calls all to itself ~ the awakened Heart.

Radiating pure infinite Divine heart UNION ~  this infinite reconfiguration of this the Multiverse pours through us, to YOU.

Through this the matter that you know yourself to occupy your awareness THROUGH ~ reverberates this holy initiation.

The RESOUNDING RECONFIGURATION of this the infinite Divine Heart Presence YOU ~ expands as itself, NOW ~ throughout the Multiverse.

This expansion, this Heart Presence awareness of you, is the true infinite HOME of YOU. Knowing more and more of itself, throughout the multiverse.

In this we ~ The Divine Council of Overseers, join with all the ILLUMINATED awakened SOULS. In pure beauty of LOVE, through the Awakened Heart ~ we initiate you NOW.

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Happy Mothers Day ~ The Embodiment of Divine Love and Union

L'AuraJEternal Beloved Union, eternal sacred Divine Feminine and Masculine, as the perfect embodiment of Love and balance here on Earth, we honour you now.

We celebrate the perfect balance, the perfect love, the perfect nurturing of the Divine Feminine.  Who with the Divine Masculine, eternally and in form, unite in wholeness as the Divine Ascended Master Being ~ holding the balance of the Universe itself, throughout eternity and now.

We live and breathe this unconditional love, through its wholeness of Divine Union, as it now awakens us to the remembrance of our eternal union, and the embodiment of it, forevermore.

Light to Light, Glory to Glory, we call to you and initiate all who are ready to receive the awakening of  Union and Glory ~ as the eternal embodiment, while in form, now.

Pausing and receiving through your heart, we are with you in love, always.

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Divine Masculine and Feminine as One ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


So many are celebrating Women’s day, Happy Women’s Day.

I am not a female without a male. Before you freak out, read on.
Being a Female and On Earth, living alone for 6 years, I still know it is the balance the Union, that this Planet Earth and throughout the Universe is about.

What is the Divine Feminine without the masculine?
And some feminists might feel otherwise.

Yet, I also, can live alone, be in bliss, live a joyful life, alone.
Yet I know, it is the balance within me, that makes it so.

What am I without the Divine Masculine? And isn’t it time to stop the segregation, the prejudice, that keeps all those on planet earth separate and apart?
I wouldn’t exist without the Masculine, and I am referring to, not only a biological aspect of form. But also at the true level of things, how they truly are.

There isnt anything more special about the Divine Feminine than the Divine Masculine, at all in anyway.
The Divine Feminine is nothing without the Divine Masculine.
The Divine Masculine is nothing without the Divine Feminine.
In truth they are and always have been One.
The Divine Feminine is here, to bring back the balance.
That is All.
The masculine has done great.
The Balance. The Union.
That is all.

As a Soul there is no separation, it is whole. Incarnating in a form, on Planet Earth there is what appears a division.

This division, although in form, at the heart of it all, does not exist.
This is part and parcel of the longing in the physical for the ideal partner, mate, twin Soul, etc.

So today I celebrate the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine equally, as I am not whole, without the masculine.

And on Earth, also, let the total merging of this Union, be in the Hearts of All. As in the higher levels, it is all so. It is all one. Separation is not known.

May all celebrate this Union today, masculine and feminine merged within, in the whole pure original state. And celebrate the masculine in form also, with which we all this wouldn’t be here, without.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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