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Your Activated Original Divine Blueprint

The superimposed aspects of your Divine Being, through the Earth program are held in your Original Blueprint, throughout all existences.

The Original Blueprints were created fully sealed in the awareness that their full activation would take place, through the Earth system, in form.

As Light Beings you incarnated and took this journey and knew you would unite in consciousness with your Original Coding of The Divine Blueprint.

Each Divine Blueprint designed with its own unique frequency, that is, what defines your uniqueness as you.

The overlapping of dimensional awareness, may create what appears as a gap in memory, to what your Original Blueprint is.

The overlapping, is the non activated DNA in your Original Blueprint, waking up to the activation of the fullness of your Original Divine Blueprint.

Your Blueprint, holding these dimensions, as activated and non Activated DNA ~ were designed to be fully ~ fool proof, in its inherent frequency ~ coding and instructions.

These signalling devices, awaken and close off; what may appear as time, dimensions and memory, yet IT STILL is the Original Blueprint, that you are functioning through.

So now, as all awaken to the truth of their Divine Presence as Light Beings here and everywhere, we witness a multitude of Light Codes, activating Original Blueprints. This catapults awareness into the higher dimensions.

As Divine Beings, flowing as Presence, we live existence as perfection,  free of suffering, free of resistance and attachment, living in the moment, the Blueprints are anointed now.

This unmistakable Presence is present and revealing itself, through the original Light Bodies and Blueprints, as the awakened Ones ~ are revealed.

Step into the Presence, all those who have waited, as the moment is now.

The Original Design and Blueprint was and is perfect, in all of its multifaceted beauty of creation.

WE are inherent in the Blueprints themselves. Activated and Activating, Now. In love and forever Glory, eternally.


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WE anoint your Holy Presence ~ As The One Great Light Being ~ That You Are.

Your feelings have transformed through the understanding of what they truly are.

Your beliefs and thoughts of this world have transformed into a greater neutrality of Being, through your heart.

The greater harmony and peace within you have transformed all of your perceptions.

The Original Light has sifted through all of your experiences and through this Divine Alchemy ~ made them all new.

You walk seamlessly now ~  in a new world. Where the events, people, understandings, feelings and thoughts have ALL changed.

The tests and struggles that once were, have aged like great wine, within the beauty of eternity, that lives on the threshold of your consciousness as the Portal of transformation that has forever beckoned you to enter.

The uniting with this eternity and the entering of this sacred Portal, has anointed your Light Body, with grace, blessings, and the Ancient Divine symbols of Light ~ recognized by all Light Beings throughout many universes.

You are a child of the Great Light, immersed throughout the many Light Levels, being guided in all moments, in all ways.

With nothing to fear now, you walk through all the Portals as the Initiated ~ transformed one, who has risen on all levels.

Who has joined with all the Ancient Beings, remembering what you are, and what NOW really is.

You have become the master of your eternal hopes and dreams, you have become you.

For this we are grateful, as we are blessed to anoint you, and watch have grown beyond all previously imagined.

We take your hand now, our hands on our hearts, we anoint all the levels now, with eternal love. As the Original Light Consciousness that we celebrate you AS.

Eternally blessed, you are, Great Children of the Light.

Becoming the Masters, Being everything that WE Are.

Now as Light, acknowledging your transformation to great Light awareness.

WE anoint your Holy Presence, as the One Great Light Being ~ that YOU Are.

We are with you, we always have been since before Earth.

We are the Divine Council of Overseers,

The New Earth, New World ~ Anointed as Gods LIGHT for ALL, blessed throughout eternity. In Glory and Love, Now.
















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A Cycle of Consciousness ~ Ancient Mu and Now


Deep within your memories encoded in your DNA are the memories of existence on Planet Earth since its beginning.

Whether those memories are more conscious of Atlantis, Lemuria, Ancient Egypt, or of the beginning. Your DNA as part of incarnating on Earth and having a form, has the codes to be activated when your incarnation process is complete. When you return back to your Original Light as Divine consciousness.

When the Elohim Creator Gods took on a form, and began the process of existing in a dimension other than Earth and here on Earth simultaneously. This marked the beginning of the experience of time. As the marker of change.

This Ancient civilization was Ancient Mu. Mu existed Earth time over 500 million years ago. This was the Garden of Eden. The Utopia. Where all existed in Harmony at the beginning.

Divinity and Divine Humans as a species of consciousness, going through the process of incarnating here, during this Earth cycle.

There are Beings on Earth today that have completed cycles of consciousness in other Dimensions, in other worlds and Other Universes.

The Blue Avians, Inter Dimensional Beings, the Elohim and more, that exist on the Council of Overseers, work closely with Angelic Consciousness, activating the DNA of Evolutionary Consciousness (your Ascension) that complete the cycle. Which is the return to your Original Divinity. Your Original Light.

Before you began this cycle of your incarnations, you were completely aware of all that would be taking place through your process. Your Light as Divinity agreed to go through all that you are experiencing now.

There are no random events or mistakes.

All experiences are educational.

The process of Transcendence of the five senses, is the process of transcending the consciousness of good and evil.

At the Higher states of consciousness that you exist now as this Divine Being of Light, you know this. Your Presence is what activates your form to function and exist.

This Presence is the substance of consciousness that is the Eternal Light force of Divinity. It restores, it births, it transforms and it is present for you in the present moment.

As you enter more deeply your transformation within. Which may include the releasing of the consciousness of good and evil (the US Elections) know that your Transcendence and your evolution has been part of the entire Earth Consciousness plan since the beginning.

This is part of your Incarnation plan. To Transcend and Ascend.

To return to consciously to your Original Light in higher Dimensions. Embodied in your form. Your Eternal Body of Light.

To embody this, and experience once again the UTOPIA once again ~ as walking on Earth, ONE with your Original Beauty, Glory and Light.

The Creator Gods, since the beginning, oversee the regulation team, the councils, that activate all consciousness, that embody, the Gods walking the Earth once again.

These memories are encoded in your DNA.

Awaiting full Activation.

There are no mistakes. It is unfolding perfectly.

The Process is soon complete for many on the Earth now. The Embodiment of your Full Divinity. The timeline where you exist as your God Self. Walking the Earth. Once again.

And So it is! As it was in the Beginning, so Now. Open and Receive.  I love you!


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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