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New Moon, June 3rd, 2019 ~ Rising in Glory

LInannaThis New Beginning ~ New YOU ~ New Moon in Gemini, is on June 3rd, 2019 at 7:01 am ADT. 

Love and money, dreams coming true, abundance of joy, happiness, these are all potential aspects, activated through the energies of this New Moon THROUGH you.

As you continue to transform, releasing memories of the old ways of being and as you step more into Being the TRUE you. All the subconscious blocks as energetic karmic memories that play out in the background of your awareness, completely dissolve. This is your evolution after all.

These moments were always available to you. The frequencies and the alignments with the stars, interact with your consciousness in ways you would not even be able to dream of. This is the power of the DIVINE.

The celestial bodies of Light, interacting throughout the Universe, in majestic glory, activating ALL ~ throughout the Cosmos, as the Universal Cosmic Light, penetrates deeply all matter. Transforming everything, as all evolves.

This powerful new beginning, New Moon joins the fixed star Aldebaran in The Eye of The Bull. In the Taurus Constellation. This is an auspicious alignment with this New Moon, for fortune, love, happiness, as the energies interact and activate, all that are in alignment with these frequencies on all levels of being.

Tremendous Burts of energy, for this new beginning, Sun Conjunct Moon, will be available and the courage to start anew, to begin again. The impact of this New Moon, lasts till the Solar Eclipse on July 2nd, 2019.

Venus trine Pluto, during this New Moon phase, will add intensity with all things that bring you joy, romance, love and relationships.

So begin NOW ~ the conscious releasing of the old ways that do not represent the authentic you. Embrace your fears, OPEN your Heart, to that which is in alignment with the true you.

Your heart represents all that Is eternal and all that is NOW.

It does not speak as wavering dramatic, emotional releases. Your heart is quiet, it is still, it speaks softly of the eternal Divine love that you are.

Entering your heart then, you enter the solace of eternal love, that through the eternal Presence of You, sanctifies all experiences, into the ONE BEING OF YOU, rising in the eternal Glory ~ of its pure being.

We activate you now, in this the purity of your eternal Soul.

Through the Light of the Eternal Divine Presence of beauty, harmony. joy and love, we preside. As the united one Being, livings as its pure being, activating all now.

Higher dimensional portals through which we activate, open doorways in consciousness to the parallel worlds you desire to consciously know.

Shifting into new worlds of being, aligns the cusp of awareness, to expand into the conscious knowing of this glory that awaits this full initiation and activation, through these portals of awakening and glory.  We activate now.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers, ever present, ever with you. In love we eternally know our Being and activate all through this, even now.

In love, Always and forever, NOW. 

gemini newmoon



Clothed in the Light Beams of the Eternal SUNS ~  The Representatives Walk the New Earth

LInannaThese profound shifts in your reality, represent the epitome of the Grace and Glory as THE New Divine Being ~ that has integrated the higher light frequencies through the light body as its new cosmic revalatory awareness.

Walking the Earth in Glory, the heart filled with its conscious LIVING light awareness, emits the rays of ITS Eternal Light, throughout the Universe.

Clothed in the light beams of the eternal SUNS ~  the representatives, walk the New Earth, drawing Light to Light, Glory to Glory.

The Cosmic plan, playing out though the courageous Souls that took on the Earth program, LIGHTS the way, for infinite Creation ~ to expand forevermore.

The CONSCIOUS Cosmic God Self, in its ORIGINAL Light, birthed itself into a New Being, through the balance of the Universe, and through the Love of ALL pure hearts, it rises in its Glory, unspeakable.

Risen in Glory, bathed in Light, the mark is set upon the hearts of the pure ones, leading through eternity, through the love that knows no bounds, NOW transforms all.  In eternal love.




Infinite Abundance ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


When you leave Behind your Beliefs in Lack and your associated thoughts upon it (3D consciousness)  you may fully set up within your Being (your consciousness) a foundation that knows only Abundance as its Source.  This is 5th Dimensional Consciousness. And this Well-Spring, becomes then, the way that you Are, the way that you Flow, WITHIN. You are never-ending, and eternal, so is the Source of You. The Source of your Eternal Self has No Beginning or End, and always will exist. This 5th Dimensional Consciousness then, (words only point to the experience) Opens YOU up to YOU. The Miracle of You. The Abundance of YOU, as the Foundation that you rest in.

This Opening Up to you, is what you Draw Upon, within Yourself. You know you are infinite, you know you Are not separate from anything. So all that you Desire is YOU.  You in your infinite capacity, as an Eternal Being, to experience in your Being (within)  all that you Desire.

When you get this, and live in your Capacity as Abundance itself and leave behind the old way of Being in lack, you will KNOW this was always with you. You just had not focused upon this aspect within yourself. This message, activates what is already within you, it just may have appeared dormant to you.

Please do not struggle mentally to understand this. That is not the way. These words and the activation within you, will come about within you, when you are ready. I can tell you though, when you live in this, and you really are resting in the Glory of the eternal You, and know yourself, TRULY, know yourself as the Source of everything that you have Desired, this Abundance, you will know this was always here. Just waiting for your entrance into living in a Consciousness, that Knows it LIMITLESS Self.

It is YOU, you ARE It. This is your welcoming home to the BOUNTY of YOU. You are then fully relaxed, fully in peace, FULLY IN Harmony, and fully ESTABLISHED in the Resting place of YOU.

This is Your Holy of Holies, your HOLY GRAIL, within YOU.

It is Abundant, it is infinite, you Are it. And you Were Never Separated from It.

And in this I CELEBRATE your Union once again.

Rest in this Quiet Infinite Holy Grail of YOU within YOU, Now.

And in this do I hold You. Your Union with All That you ARE.

In The Eternal Light that holds you in your Glory ~  Forever, I Am.



Eternal Love and Bliss!




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