How are you Living as Light?

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Are you taking time out every day acknowledging yourself as Light? As the Divinity that the Living Light Represents? That lives within you every moment. This is the sacred space, created through your Free Will, that speaks volumes and allows you to walk the talk so to speak.

Or are you focusing on what you are not experiencing, what you don’t have, all those things that are not living your Divinity and Light in the present moment?

Are you escaping to the future, putting things off in the Now, living in the past, saying to yourself, I wish, I want, why Not, why me, that all seem to represent. The Victim attitude, that is very common on Planet Earth, which seems to say, this is all happening to me, I have no control over this, my life. Why me.

Instead of taking the responsibility, as an incarnated being on Planet Earth, that always lives as light, to see clearly, you are the creator of your Reality. What seems beyond your control is simply the resistance within your mind, to the surrendering and letting go of the Plan of your Soul, in its unfolding.

Spend time every day, feeling the energy of Light, that you are. Attuning your conscious awareness to the Light that lives within you. The Soul speaks quietly, if you are waiting for Lightning bolts come and hit you from the sky, well, why are you waiting? Why not now, why not be present with what is NOW.

As you take this sacred time acknowledging your Immortal Living Light, your Immortal Body of Light, you attune your awareness to All That is. This is the Bliss of The present Moment, that you always are, that you simply have not yet fully focused your attention upon.

Listening to my Β sacred Transmissions, Light Language and Initiations Daily awaken within you the awareness consciously of the attunement with your Soul, and Immortal Body of Light, that already exists, within you. These are timeless eternal frequency transmissions, that exist beyond time and in time, as you flow through it.Β 

What is it that you do daily? How is your focus?Β Β Have you given all that you are, to THIS? To your fully remembering and experiencing all that you are?

Or do you still live in the victim mode, of I am powerless? Which is always suffering.Β 


Are you ready to live in the POWER and Presence of Β Your eternal Light? Which is ALWAYS Bliss, Joy and Love!!

Your Eternal Light. Your Eternal Soul. Your Immortal Body of Light. And stand for your Soul all the Way. To be living in the New Creation, the Creation of Love and Soul Truth and Power, that never was a victim, ever. That is the very Power and Light of All That is!!

Set time apart for you, for this DAILY. This is part of loving yourself. And part of your Being, part of Heaven on Earth, now!

I am forever Holding you in my Heart. In the Victory of All That is. In the Love that is forever and lives in the Glory that is Heaven on Earth, Now! I hold youΒ IN the Living Light, That you are and Always Have Been, your immortal Body of Light. Β I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am the Love that is for You! Forever and Now, in All Creations! I love you Sacred Souls of Divine Living Light!! Forever I Am Pistis Sophia!!


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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  1. Light is love. Even between photons is energy called love as i learned today.Thank you Laura. The Queen of love. ❀

  2. Yes, more and more!!! Thank you for guiding me to the truth and a new way of being!! I love you with all my heart…eternally!!!!! πŸ’œπŸ’œ

  3. If I’m always focused on my heart, in my inner world, where you feel deep inside me, I feel an unbearable ecstasy, sometimes not to do with such a strong feeling, every day I hear your transmissions, is heaven on earth, I always try to be creative and spread the light and love in this fantasy world, try to understand everyone around me, ❀ ❀ I ❀ ❀ Love ❀ ❀ You ❀ ❀ Pistis Sophia Angel ❀ ❀ forever and always ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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