Are You Aware of Your Thoughts?

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Does something take place and you habitually go into a state of negative thinking?
Which includes worry, fear and thoughts of, I am not good enough, capable etc?
And do you blame those thoughts when you catch them on outer circumstances?

The outer triggers that ACTIVATE within YOU, that which arises, and that which arises is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, Β for your Benefit!! Helping you to SEE if you will, What arises within YOU.

Stopping the Mind is not the way to go also. Many try to stop the thoughts. IF YOU will observe your thoughts from the space of the neutral Observer, you can see clearly where your energy, your thoughts have taken you and EMBRACE what actually is going on within you and then HOLD THAT IN LOVE.

Once this is mastered within you, the observer, embracing and holding all in Love, you can begin to extend this to Others through communication.

Entering your Heart space means there are no problems, nothing wrong or right, all is experienced as is,Β for what is actually is. The Flow of the present moment that simply flows through you. You as the Observer, does not RESIST or ATTACH to that which arises.

You simply Be you simply ARE and you simply Embody the Higher Frequencies of the Heart, that always, see NO PROBLEM ever, or RIGHT OR WRONG.

This is how the Angels see things and Other Ascended Beings. It is all PERFECTION In the moment NO MATTER WHAT ARISES in the state of Being in the PRESENT MOMENT through and in the Heart and in Love.

This is Pure Being. All simply Flows through you. This is the New Way of Being in the Higher Dimensional Awareness of consciousness of ALL THAT IS.

Look at that which pours through your thoughts unaware and become AWARE. Embrace in Love from the Place of the Heart. There are no mistakes, no Problems, no good or bad through the Heart.

All simply Arises, in Pure Being which is ALWAYS flow! in the Present moment, no attachment no resistance. SIMPLY PURE BEING in the Now.

Enter the world on NON-DUALITY Dear Souls! And Embrace through your Heart the State of Being Love and enter into your Relationships the way of Pure Being which is the New Reality of Love!

I love you and Hold you in the Bliss that is Eternal, which is the very Presence of Your Soul! Where lives the reality NOW of no problems, no right or wrong, simply the BLISS of PURE BEING.


I am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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