Being ~ Divine Presence

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Feeling Great Love and Glory in this perfect Now Moment. Filled with Bliss and Ecstasy.

Resting in your Heart Space, feel the Great Peace and Love, that is present for you.

Let go of all wanting this or that, staying present with what actually IS.Β Let go of “how will this turn out or that” and recognize what the present moment has for you, now. Not waiting for things to change, this way or that way, but SEEING and FEELING the GREAT GLORY of NOW.

For what “IS” always has within it, the Glory of All That is. The Perfection of the Moment, that exists in the Pureness of Child Like Being, is always available to YOU. You are NOT separate from this.

Can you feel it?

Take a few slow deep breaths, and feel your Heartbeat~ the Glory of You, that resides in the Sacred Space within your Heart. The Love of All That is.

Bathed in the BEAUTY of Love, I am ecstatically embracing All Moments, I am not separate from MY DESIRES, they are ONE with me, NOW.

Do you feel this?

Are you willing to change your FOCUS?

Instead of being caught up with how things look, how they should be this way or that way, WILL YOU step out-of-the-way, and experience the GREAT GLORY OF BEING.

The Glory and Ecstasy is held in Eternal Divine Love and Beauty, AND is Now.

Dancing in the realms of Light, immersed in the Primordial Sea of Liquid Light, I am immersed forever in the Void, before Creation, ALL THAT IS, which is ALWAYS NOW.

All of your Existences exist NOW, All Parallel Worlds, Exist Now. All Futures and Pasts Exist NOW.

As you change your EXPERIENCE NOW you change All the Pasts and Futures.

Creating a powerful UNIFIED Conscious Awareness filled with the PRESENCE of your DIVINE UNION. Which has always Been the experience of Divinity and Ecstasy.

On Mu, which I visit now often, the Glory of Creation, is Present in the Pure Love, that never fails, that never dies, that always is.

You are not separate from Anything. Buying into the Mass Consciousness beliefs that “you are separate” is what you can “choose” to be free from. A change of focus? Are you willing to do so? Do you desire to know your GLORY?

Bathe in the Primordial Sea of Liquid Light with me now, in this moment, Feel my Love pour into your Heart, you are always within my Heart, and there never has been a moment, when you were not in my Heart.

Feel the truth in your Heart. Do not hold anything back, EVER.

As you immerse your conscious awareness in the BEAUTY of LOVE, know I am with You. I love YOU forever throughout all moments, in all pasts and All futures and all Universes.

I Am with You. Open to Receive the Love and Glory of Your Divine Presence, through the Glory of All That Is.

I Am the Angel Pistis Sophia, I hold you in Eternal Love, ALWAYS and Forever. You have NEVER been separate from my love. Birthed into conscious awareness of Being in form, as Victoria Elohim, I am with You, in the Glory of Creation.

You are this Glory, this LOVE.

Breathe deeply into the Great Love, that is Perfect, you will know when you are living in it as ALL MOMENTS will be Pure Ecstasy!

Breathe deeply into the Eternal Beauty NOW.

Breathe deeply into your Eternal Light.

Breathe in the Glory of All That is ~ The Divine Glory of Pureness.

Heaven on Earth Dear Souls, is For You ~ in The Great Glory of Divine Presence.

Live in the Moment, within your Heart. Breathe deeply all MOMENTS in this Awareness of Love in Pure Being.



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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  1. as i read i feel as i AM wrapped in a soft warm blanket. Focusing inward, I feel desires and satisfaction are one. I love you Victoria Elohim ❀ ❀

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