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We Are Here as Cosmic Beings of Light

We are here as Cosmic Beings of Light and we are communicating through the form that writes this, as frequencies of Light, that initiate you, now. 

We have always been present with you.  Many have known us from other Universes. Occasionally we have taken on a form, and existed on Mu, to help activate the Earth DNA ~ Blueprint system, set in place, before the Earth incarnation program began.

Those attuned to the higher dimensions of Light since the first civilization and creation of Earth, have known of our Presence.

The ancient Priest Queen and Priest King, existed as Elohim, before taking on an embodiment to initiate the design and activate the plan.

Entering now the higher dimensional frequencies of light, you are initiated through this process of unification and in the completion of the Earth program.

What you will experience will be natural in the moment to your consciousness as the level of occurrence that this takes place at ~ was set in place and ready to be activated, through your original Blueprint  design.

This Light and Divine power that activates this, is unlike what appears on Earth as power. As it is what moves, and creates, through the origin of all creation, on Earth.

Feel and know, you are to be consciously united, as the fulfillment of the plan, is set in place. All will be revealed.

We are with you, always.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers. In love and grace, we are Present. 



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Dimensions Collapsing

july2014jpg 3


Blissful moments, memories of Long ago,
what is time, as movement, only, flows.

Whispers, secrets, of Ancient Worlds, 
Heavenly love, transfixed, and swirled.

In distant dreams, awakening, now,
the underworld, death, life, a sacred vow.

The future, present and the past,
all are one, the truth expanding, and vast.

Parallel worlds, dimensions, collapsing,
the Union, Divine, the ecstasy, everlasting.

What Am I, that has always been, now One,
the Body, Light projecting, and it is Done.



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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Merging of Consciousness ~ TWO into ONE


Merging of consciousness, two into one, living in union,

all dimensions now one.

We are, you and I, one I am, embraced and embracing,

ecstasy within and without.

Your presence is mine, my presence is yours, pouring into infinity,

heaven the door.

How can this be, consciousness merged, holy flame within two,

burns as one.

Two hearts beating, really are one, throughout all forms, you are my eternity,

my beloved, my all.

Through my breath, consciousness meets, your breath, mine,

ours as one.

Our consciousness never fades, or sleeps, that is true, we decide,

destiny or fate.

In holy union, there is no thing so vast, loving you,

is beyond time and space.

Here in my body, I access the all, opening freely,

the key to the code.

Held in the memory, awakened to unite, through the I am,

held in the night.

You are with me, every moment is ours, bliss and ecstasy,

our consciousness one.




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