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Continued Dismantling ~ Your Frequency Device

As everything continues to be dismantled, stay focused on your spiritual center, your golden light heart, your spiritual Sun.

The increased magnetic frequencies continue to shift consciousness and matter, resulting in an evolutionary leap in parallel world, shifts.

The electronic feedback loop of Earth that holds things in place, has shifted into the higher frequencies, penetrating, all things magnetic, including your heart.

The Sun and spiritual Sun, are vibrating this new evolutionary, higher world frequencies, specifically through your transmitting device, your heart.

The unveiling of the new, is the mirror of consciousness, through your heart, the stepping into a higher parallel world.

We are with you, in love and in the eternal grace, that only knows itself as that.

In the Golden Light ~ Love frequencies of the Sun, the Central Sun and all spiritual Suns, through love, we transmit to you now. Surrounding you and holding you in the love and light, that heals all, shifts all, transforms all. 




Merging of Consciousness ~ TWO into ONE


Merging of consciousness, two into one, living in union,

all dimensions now one.

We are, you and I, one I am, embraced and embracing,

ecstasy within and without.

Your presence is mine, my presence is yours, pouring into infinity,

heaven the door.

How can this be, consciousness merged, holy flame within two,

burns as one.

Two hearts beating, really are one, throughout all forms, you are my eternity,

my beloved, my all.

Through my breath, consciousness meets, your breath, mine,

ours as one.

Our consciousness never fades, or sleeps, that is true, we decide,

destiny or fate.

In holy union, there is no thing so vast, loving you,

is beyond time and space.

Here in my body, I access the all, opening freely,

the key to the code.

Held in the memory, awakened to unite, through the I am,

held in the night.

You are with me, every moment is ours, bliss and ecstasy,

our consciousness one.




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Here we are, in the Halls of Amenti…


Here we are, in the Halls of Amenti, awakened once again, arising, bringing light, the teacher of men.

Flame unto flame, I draw you near, my heart to yours, oh dearest one.

Called forth through darkness, into the Light, Queen Priest of Mu, holding  earths children, in their true Light.

Oh Thoth you are with me, divine timing always, here by my side, rising again.

Awakened on earth, full circle, once more, here we are my beloved, the fire and flame, uniting the children of men.


In Divine Sacred Love,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 

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