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New Moon in Aries, March 27th, 2017 ~ New Beginnings

Wow! This New Moon along with the beginning of the Astrological New Year ~ at the Equinox (March 20th) represents a powerful New Beginning.

The Sun Conjunct Moon, experienced throughout  the 28 day lunar cycle ~ till the April 26th New Moon, has powerful Blessings and challenges.

Spring ~ New Beginnings in Love ~ in Life ~ within YOU!

 March 27th, 2017, at 11:57 pm ADT ~ marks the New Beginning. 

Zest for Life! Exciting New Life within YOU. Arising from the Ashes, here we go! Of course anything within you as reactive responses and memories that trigger painful experiences IS and will be ~ UP for transformation.

The Light at the end of the Tunnel you will experience as you feel and see clearly, where you WERE in your consciousness, where you are going within you, and where you ARE Now.

Take time to notice the NEW YOU ~ including all aspects that make up the myriad WAYS you are. As Aspects that make up the whole within you.

The Self critical you, the Loving you, the ONE YOU LONG  to only know yourself to be, the ONE who attempts to control all aspects, and the One who observes and More….

Speak with each ONE within yourself, knowing together they form the ma many facets of you, and not preferring one over they other, they become the harmonious whole. And why not? They are all parts of you that desire acceptance, unconditional love IN ORDER to merge as one harmonious WHOLE you.

What may arise during this New Moon, is the YOU that experiences love relationships. Or Lust, or both.

Sun conjunct Venus and Moon conjunct Venus. Venus is in RETROGRADE. Some twists, delays and challenges…Yet may still open you to your ONE True Love and Twin Flame.

Fated Love ~ Twin Flame Love, but with hardships, delays, which is always part of those TRUE LOVE STORIES. AN EX lover returning. A whirlwind romance based on lust, even if in a marriage or love relationship. Or that perfect love! The ONE…

Or if you are already in your Twin Flame ~ perfect love relationship, some challenges may take place. That is, if you have things within you, memories, within you to clear.

Are you up for the challenge? To find out what is REAL within YOU? To find out if the new YOU NOW is ready to face ~ what will come your way.

If the intuition that you feel speaks to you, through whatever means, is the Higher Self you, or more of the old memories resurfacing BECAUSE that is what is up next to FACE.

No need to hold back, trust what you feel is your Guidance, all experiences are for learning.

That learning has always BEEN about YOU.

To learn of the many aspects of SELF. Merging all, eventually into a congruent Loving you, that does not judge SELF. That is when true LOVE lands on your doorstep so to speak. When you are TRULY Ready.

To love. That love is not needy, to then recognize itself as love, that love is pure love within YOU.

Jupiter Square Pluto ~ success and determination at all costs ~ or the heightened awareness of the Higher Self You ~ that leads you to the TRUE Mastery and success within YOU. This depends on the harmony within with all of those aspects of YOU. Including the part of you that attempts to control all the inner parts.

Mars Sextile Neptune ~ that perfect Twin Flame, MYSTICAL love and making love. Perfect Union, it is all here, WITHIN YOU. Awakening more deeply as all the parts within you move into greater Harmony.

This is a VERY Revealing frequency time…so to speak.

Pay Attention to what takes place within you.

Speak to all of your INNER Aspects.

DO not judge any part, that is the path to WHOLENESS.

There is no part or aspect small enough in importance, that it TOO gets fully loved and appreciated, even if the controller part, wants it to be done or gone already. All part of the inner whole YOU.

Listen to my “Healing” audio transmission if challenges arise and you desire greater Harmony with all of your bodies; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Holding you in LOVE and in all parts of your Being, this New Moon. Including the you in your so-called Future Timeline, the  you in this moment,  and the many versions of you in Parallel Worlds, timelines and Universes!

Including the Divine Ascended Being ~ YOU ~ Now and forevermore! I love you!

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Portals of Change and the New Moon in Cancer July 4th, 2016


Yesterday was Canada Day and a beautiful one in Nova Scotia. Hope you are all enjoying the Canada Day long weekend!

Soon the Independence Day for those in the United States. With that we have the new Beginning of the New Moon, in Cancer, July 4th, 8am ADT.  Sun conjunct Moon and Sun and Moon conjunct Mercury. Moon trine Neptune and the Sun trine Neptune. With the Sun and Moon quincunx Saturn. What does all of that mean you may wonder?

Each of us experiences this transformation in a unique way, based on our own inner Soul Light frequencies. Our own patterning that makes us unique. Some configurations impact some people more deeply than others. Everyone on planet Earth, at the deeper subconscious level is experience change. With each experiencing their own transformation in their own way.

There is no mistake to this. As each being is unique. The way you handle things. The process through which you are transforming, happens THROUGH you, based on your Soul Plan. In other words, it is unfolding perfectly for you. Even if you are kicking and screaming through it.

As it is the entire Consciousness of all on Planet Earth that is transforming. Even if ALL are not conscious of this.

The More conscious you are. The more you impact your experience with greater surrender. Less resistance. Therefore less pain and suffering.

With the intensity of all that transformational energies in June behind us, so to speak. In July we will feel more of the increasing momentum that we are riding along, through the Ascension Process. This seemingly uncontrollable ride, is the HIGHER Consciousness, awakening through you. Your Ascension.

There is no way but THROUGH.

Through you will go, one way or the other. As per your Soul.

Observe the thoughts associated with resistance of the form. All the likes and don’t likes. The kicking and screaming of resistance and its associated pain. And through this OBSERVANCE, become grounded in this STATE of Being ~ AS THE ONE who does the Observing. 

So we observe the pain. We observe we are not getting what we want. We observe, the VERY PROCESS of the dissolving of the ego. As the OVERRIDING Over Lord of your Ascension, is your Soul. It will not succumb to the dictates of the ego. It is in charge. You are here, it is in charge. This it, is through WHICH you are going THROUGH.

Call it what you will.

It is a surrender process, that if you are here on Earth in a form, you agreed to go through.

It is not a process to which the ego, gets its way.

It is the process of inhabiting a body. Being on Earth. Witnessing that you are also a consciousness that did not originate on Earth. That you are your Soul Light. A God that is Source. This God self you, is not the same frequency of your form or of your Ego. Your ego is resistant to this, only because it cannot comprehend the higher frequencies of Light.

The Beneficent news is, it does not have to like it. 

IT IS the SOUL that loves it. Loves it ~ INTO LOVE ITSELF. 

You are becoming this LOVE. That has compassion on all the body goes through. That has compassion for your thoughts. Your fears. Your hopes and dreams. Yet like a benevolent parent, does not give into the desires. As the GRANDER Vision for your life, is MUCH greater than you could realize.

You are becoming this Love. Your heart is opening, even now.

Then the viewing and observing the resistance, BECOMES the LOVE, that the pain and ego surrenders to. 

We have MORE transformation. More Portals. More Beings of Light coming through. Watching and observing the Ascension on Planet Earth.

Watching the surrender be, the way through which, the NEW Ascended Beings, finally Understand, that WHICH they ARE. And so it is. This Powerful New Moon. All moments are powerful. The Frequencies increase. More frequencies are beaming from Light ships, through the Central Sun to YOU. 

As the Light of the Sun ~ Joins as ONE with the consciousness that is the Soul God Self. And so it is. Embrace this through the surrender of Observing. Being ONE ~ your new identity. As the ONE observing. The Soul Self. Here consciously through the Form.



Eternal Love and Bliss!


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New Moon in Gemini, June 4th, 2016


Sun Conjunct Moon. A New 28 day cycle. The New Moon in Gemini, June 4th, 11:59 pm ADT. This Gemini New Moon will be closely aligned with beautiful Venus. Jupiter, Saturn and  Neptune forming a T- Square, potentially will activate (within you) fears, delusions, self-pity, and more. Whatever is inside you, that is the obstacles (within) to true Love.

True Love starts with Self Love. It cannot exist apart from Self Love. As ALL of your experiences are within YOU.

The effects of what you start during the first 2 weeks of a New Moon Phase, lasts till the following New Moon, July 4th, 2016. The first 2 weeks of the New Moon phase, that is the waxing phase, lasts till June 20th, 2016.

Although you may have your lists ready (for the New Moon) with your New Moon, desires. Remember, the true influence of all of your experiences, is WITHIN YOU.

Not to confuse your Heart with your Emotional and Mental Body. When in Harmony, yes the heart rules, there is a complete harmonious alignment, with all bodies.

When in disharmony, the dictator of your life experiences, perceives itself, through the rule of the mental and emotional body, not fully aligned (consciously) with the heart. That is, the guiding force  of your life is not consciously through your heart.

The beliefs then become the loud-sounding voice, that believes it is, those beliefs. Which is the loud disharmonious dictator. That blames others, that feels victimized. Poor old me, if only. A life lived, not through the heart.

Your Heart is harmonious. Your Heart is Love. Your Heart is your Presence. When you live through your heart, you live in JOY. You know how you are and feel, has NOTHING to do with anyone else. It is You. Within YOU. You stop blaming and you start living in your Essence. Your Soul Presence.

This is when life, becomes the miracle. Living is a miracle. All experiences are miracles. Your Heart. The Love of your Soul. AS IS. Nothing to change. Simply to Be. Being Present.

Be present with what arises through you. It is your experience. Breathe, love into it. In all moments. Even when you temporarily allow your old beliefs to become the leader of your life. When you step back into the old patterns. That seek justification. Answers. Blame.

Move your awareness into your Heart. Stay present. Practice being Present. Feeling your Body, WITHIN.

Let go of being the Victim. Even if, all the people around you, live in victim consciousness. FEEL THE LOVE, within you.

It is ALWAYS PRESENT. It is always LOVE.

It is the alignment, through your will, with YOUR HEART, that allows you to know this, live this. be this. It is simple. It is pure. It is Love.

In truth, there is nothing to clear. No Soul of you to HEAL. Those are beliefs of a mental and emotional body, not in Harmony, that desires you to continue supporting those beliefs. So that its dictatorship, may continue to rule. Misery, loves company.

In 5th dimensional consciousness, there is NO SUCH thing, as the need to clear the Heart. There is a stepping out of the old beliefs. And living your LIFE THROUGH YOUR HEART. That is it.

The heart already is PURE.

When and if things arise, that seem to support your beliefs in a world where you are the key victim. Stop what you are doing. Get quiet. Breathe. Feel. It is a decision, to end the battle with life. Often this comes at a major breaking point. It does not have to be that way.

You no longer need to support those beliefs.

Gently, instead, turn your awareness, within your body. Within your life. It is the choice, to be conscious within your own heart. And feed that, as a way of being. Rather than feed, the victim consciousness, that only wants more of its victim ways.

Your Heart is pure. Has always been pure. When you lead with your Heart. Your mental and emotional bodies, align with this pureness.

You are already Ascended. You are already pure Love. You are already a master, SIMPLY turn your attention to your Heart and live THROUGH Your Heart. Your Heart is Present. Your Heart is the Soul of you that IS The Harmony and Miracles of Being your Higher Self, that you desire.

Celebrate this New Moon. All that you see and experience, is within you. Go to the Source of all your experience. Live in the Beauty of your Soul. The Presence of the Glory of God. Your God Self. The heart dissolves all the pain. All the old beliefs. It is in this purity. That you realize, it was always, you. You were simply waiting, to know the Pure You. The Divine You. And to live, your life, through your Divine Self. Receive this transmission. Feel your Presence Now. Live there, in your Heart. I hold you in this Glory of Divinity. All Now. All Love, and so it is. Beloved Souls of Light.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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New Moon in Aries, April 7th, 2016 ~ Change and Transformation


Every New Moon is a Portal into Newness. This is a powerful New Moon in Aries. Aries marks the Beginning of The Astrological year.

The New Moon (Sun Conjunct Moon) in Aries and the Moon in Aries, marks the beginning of the next 28 Day cycle.

The New Moon in Aries is on April 7th, 2016 at 8:23 am ADT.


The intensity of the Uranus Square Pluto will be waning. With Saturn trine Uranus and Saturn in retrograde, the experience will be more of a gentler change. The New Moon in Aries joins Uranus in Aries. Uranus is a powerful influence during this new beginning.

Changes. Many changes. All changes take place within. Then appear in the external world, matching your vibration.

Within matches all in your experience externally. As it is your vibration that creates the world that you see and the lenses through which you perceive all things.

Aries is a powerful force of New Beginnings. Uranus rules sudden change, excitement, transformation. With the Sun Conjunct Uranus, this is a time of excitement and change.

Focusing on your inner change and participating consciously with your self-love transformation (5th Dimensional Consciousness) is you setting the intention, to consciously be aware of your frequency, and consciously participating in all the changes that unfold THROUGH you.

As always, stay focused and present in the moment. As all that arises through you and your response through love, you to you, is the transformational power, of your conscious awareness. Through your Heart.

Attune your self to be attentive as well as setting your intentions. Intension guide your ship. Yet attention allows you to be present and to observe what frequency you are actually vibrating to and with.

It is your vibration that creates your reality on all levels of being.

Observe, pay attention and intend.

This will help you to stay present, which is what your mastery and the awareness of the love you have for yourself of the lack of love you are actually living  from moment to moment.

This process of self-love (5th dimensional consciousness) is your initiation into being the master that you are already at the higher levels of your consciousness existence.

Your Soul ~ Source God Self.

The You that only knows itself as True Pure Love in the child like nature of Being. Which is present. Which is your Divine Presence. Which is the You being the master.

Be open to receive and be aware of the changes within yourself. Intend to receive the Hourly Energy Activation. Every 11 ~ 33 minutes, every hour, 24/7.

Open your awareness and attention to the changes within you. As the stars align as planned since before time, open your heart, as the alignment that you have always been. You with your Soul.

This is you aligning as the Ascended State of Being, that is conscious of your Divine Union. The You that has always existed as your Divine Source ~ God Self.

Holding you in this, this powerful Initiation into Mastery. Into your Divine Self. Holding you eternally in the Glory, Grace and Love of Divinity, of All That is.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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New Moon ~ SuperMoon ~ Solar Eclipse in Pisces, March 8th, 2016


This New Moon and SuperMoon in Pisces is on March 8th at 9:54pm AST. This is a Powerful New Beginning, with a total Solar Eclipse. The New Moon takes place one day before the Moon reaches Lunar Perigee (when the Moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit ) so this New Moon is a SuperMoon. This is not visible, but it will have a huge impact on the Earths tides, and will increase the impact of the New Moon. Eclipses are powerful influences, lasting 6 months. This Eclipse blocks the rays of the Sun, as the SuperMoon moves directly in front of the Sun, creating a silhouette, which may be viewed (in the right place) with proper eye protection.

There are three SuperMoons this year. March 8th, April 7th and May 6th. This is the First of 4 Eclipses. The last Eclipse in Pisces (same degree) took place on March 8th, 1997.

During this New Moon, Chiron (an Asteroid) is with the South Node of Pisces, enhancing the potential for healing. Healing from being a victim, of co dependency, of lack of Self Love. Mercury, Neptune and Ceres are in Pisces. And with Jupiter opposing this New Moon (and forming a beneficial aspect with Pluto) the impact is an increased power, to help your intentions, your transformation, and the very expansion, of your consciousness through Self Love.

This is an intense New Beginning and a Powerful One.

The Intensity is Building and the Momentum increasing, and this is felt now, for those tuned into this frequency, very powerfully. This New Beginning (New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse, SuperMoon) and we have an accelerated intensity, that when focused through your intention, becomes exactly, what is needed, along the journey, of your Ascended Being.

The Hourly Activation (as of March 5th 2016) that I offer to Humanity (Divine Ascended Being Activation) is increasing POWERFULLY every Hour. The Frequency increases and accelerates in its Dimensional capacity to be Downloaded, as Light Frequency Codes (through your Blueprint) increasing your Frequency and Light, and powerfully transforming your consciousness (alchemy) into the Divine Ascended Being, that you are already, and becoming now, consciously.

Your Intentions, powerfully guide, the focus of your experiences. With the Huge increase in Frequency and this accelerated Momentum, your focus and intentions, become, what shows up for you to Open even more up to, through Self Love. Through your Heart.

If Life’s experiences seem to become more Tumultuous, through this increased intensity, slow down, breathe, and relax. This Process is a deep Alchemy, that triggers deep within your subconscious mind, all that arises to the surface, so to speak (your experience) enabling you to see even more clearly, all that desires to be loved and healed, within you.

Staying focused, letting go of time and flowing through life, as “Consciously aware Beings” of what this Process is doing through YOU (as the actualized Greater Self Love within you) impacts moment to moment, your personal level of Momentum and your Ability to receive, consciously. Lovingly. Allowing you to feel even more deeply, your own Transformation. Your Own Divine Ascended Being. You as Divinity in Form. Seeing and knowing clearly, all that you are, and your Love, impacts You first, and then always, impacting the whole.

Each Being, has its own unique frequency and is functioning as appearing in solid form, through its own Holographic Matrix of Light.

This Earth experience is the meeting place, of this Holographic experience.

Through the expanding capacity for self-love (through this process of Ascension) is the self Knowingness, of Being Divine. Of understanding why you are here in this Holographic Experience on Earth. And how your own Evolution, as the Eternal Being that you are, is taking place, through your Heart and through your own integration of this Holographic Planet Earth Experience, as the expanded, Eternal Consciousness, that you are, plays out its own coming home to its own celebrated, Self Awareness.

Understanding what life on Earth is for, and what it is in the Grand Eternal View of All of Your Experiences, on Earth and Everywhere, all at Once and Now, is you coming into your Own. The Full Limitless Aspect of your Own Uniqueness. That you Are. I Celebrate this and through my offerings to Humanity, and all that desire to Receive, I open my Heart as All Frequencies of Love flow through it, to You. To your Open Heart receiving. And So It is. In the Unconditional Love, that Pours through me, I Am.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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New Moon in Capricorn Conjunct Pluto~January 9th, 2016


With Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn (until January 26) being felt as the ever-deepening flow, into the Moment “within” now we have the added New Moon (and Sun) in Capricorn (Earth Sign) conjunct Pluto, and squaring Uranus in Aries (reactivating the Uranus- Pluto Square Finale) January 9th, 2016, 9:30pm AST.

This will be an intense (to say the least) New Moon, and with the Uranus Pluto Square (sudden change, plunged to hell and back) and both Mercury and Jupiter in Retrograde, the punch of the New Moon intentions, may feel more like Being thrust deep into an Ocean, and coming up for air, only as much as needed, to keep you alive and breathing. NOW, having said that, this is a good thing. As it takes all of your awareness, within yourself, to realize, and reflect (mercury retrograde) where you have been (before 2012) and where you are Now, in experiencing your OWN Consciousness.

Resistance to the changes you have been through, and what you will be going through, is where the experience of a personal hell, and suffering come from.

Be aware what is coming up (this includes fears) that, is what is arising. Be with it as a deeper cleansing of your awareness, lifts you up, to greater heights of awareness. As the YOU that lives in surrender, to the now in the present moment. Love and accept (apply 5th Dimensional Consciousness) to all that comes up for you, as your process, and all that arises, within you.

There will also be a trine, with Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. So it wont be all experienced as doom and gloom, for those of you have much to surrender in the hidden closet of consciousness.

Surrender, as I impart this to you, as a Mantra, for the moments, in your depths of the Ocean, and as you come up for a breather, TO Surrender, to what is. A deeper sense of a “hell” takes place in resistance.

There is a Powerful force, your Blueprint, that is the guiding balm, and elixir, guiding you through what comes up and HOW this is experienced in its unique way ~ THROUGH you. Surrender to that. That which takes you and moulds your consciousness, into the Glory and Awareness, of the Original Pure You. The You that is Ascended. That Loves, that accepts, that knows, nothing else to Be, but to Be that. That which is in flow, with what Arises. Love that.

Then this New Moon, no matter what depths you plunge into, you will arise, like the Phoenix rising from the Ashes, and look back (mercury retrograde) and see now, clearly, Your Arrival, the New You (in your consciousness) into the Now Moment. 5th Dimensional Consciousness. The Ascended You ~ Being. Knowing what it, knows to Be.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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New Moon in Cancer~July 15th, 2015


New Moon in Cancer, July 15th, 2015~ 10:24pm ADT. Powerful Emotional Intensity!

Delving deep into the Depths of Love and Embodying Harmony through your Heart, is the Great Gift of Awakening offered to you this New Moon in Cancer. Cancer rules the Emotions, Water, The Moon, Feminine and the hidden depths of the Emotional Body, the Subconscious.

What surfaces for You, if you are in Harmony, is the Grand Opportunity that Cancer Gifts us, through this New Moon. Are you Present? Are you Allowing? Are you Observing? Are you in Harmony? These are the states of BEING that allow you to Heal, Transform, and Integrate, all that ARISES, within YOU.

Existing in Flux and Disharmony, is the pathway, that is Suffering. It is the non acceptance of the MOMENT. It is the refusal of the Gift of Love. The temporary temper tantrum of the reactive mind. This reactive state, left non observed, leads to the Mind gone wild, on a field trip, gone astray in Suffering.

And why does suffering Exist? Do you believe in a vengeful God, not gifting you the Blessings that so many seem to have, that are so far off as the Past and a Future that never arrives?

Oh no, indeed Heaven is within You, if you will ONLY See, if you will Only Be still, and let go of your Temper Tantrums of Demanding through Will that the mind makes All So.

The Heart ATTUNES your mind and EMOTIONAL Body, to the powerful TRUE force of LOVE as You let Go and Be, and take the reins AWAY from the Mind, but gently allow the mind, to Obey your Heart. These are the Gifts of Love that have always been Yours. And That are YOURS NOW. Allow your mind to step out of the Way.

Simply BE. This is Presence~ This is NOW. 

Open your Heart Wide this New Moon, to the New Beginning it is! This powerful Gift of Awakening, that will lead you to THE EXPERIENCE of HEAVEN ON EARTH, within.

Left unbridled, the reign of the Mind over the Emotional Body~ not observed, and awakened by the Heart, is the endless pitfall of experience, that is suffering, till ONE KNOWS the Freedom of Experience ruled through the Eternal Love of the Heart and Soul.

And Here I Hold YOU~ in the Depths of the Waters, of Your Eternal Soul!


Eternal Love and Bliss!!



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New Moon in Gemini~June 16th, 2015


A Powerful New Moon June 16th in Gemini~ 11:05am ADT. Gemini ~and its ruler Mercury is  the Messenger, and rule communications.

Just days out of Mercury Retrograde and moving slowly by June 26th~ Mercury reaches Gemini at 13 degrees, the same Degree Mercury began its Retrograde. Mercury will HAPPILY be in its own Sign of Gemini for an extended 9 weeks, instead of the usual 2 weeks. We have the Sun, Moon, and Mars in Gemini as well. Mars being the Archetypal Warrior, may tend to take on too many New Projects. Anyone with a powerful Mercury influence, Gemini or Virgo, will be greatly affected by this New Moon which may bring with it, greater opportunities for communications break through~ new technological creations, and new discoveries.

This is a powerful opportunity at this NEW MOON ~ NEW BEGINNING~ to look deeply into ALL communications and Transportation issues AS WELL as Looking DEEPLY into  the WORDS you choose, the THOUGHTs you choose, that CREATE your emotions and YOUR Reality. 

Gemini ~ Balancing the Immortal and Mortal ~ Right Brain and Left Brain,  the Creative and Rational Sides of the Brain. The Right Brain rules the left side of the Body (creative) the Left Brain rules the right side of the body, Rational thinking. Feminine and Masculine.

With Neptune Retrograde as of June 12th at 10 degrees Pisces, Once again, you are encouraged to MOVE more deeply Inward, KNOWING more of how we are BEING, deep within. With Saturn Retrograde and moving back into Watery Scorpio on June 14th, there are a few MORE Months of emotional Cleansing to move deeply into.

June 21st, we have the Summer Solstice. Another New Beginning and Opportunity to Celebrate deeply within, the Light, and the Union with your Soul.

So take a Quantum Leap this New Moon~ New Beginning, LOOK deeply within, as you Prepare also for the Summer Solstice. COMMUNICATE more deeply with your Soul, your Heart, during this extended Mercury Influence. Balance your Creative and Rational sides of Your Brain, the MASCULINE and FEMININE within.

As I Move Deeply into this New Moon,  I Breathe and Draw Deeply The Silver Feminine Light of My Being, the Moon, into My Being, Into my Third eye.

As I Move Deeply into this New Moon, I balance the Feminine and Masculine within Me. The Left and Right, the Creative and the Rational. The Above and the Below, the Within, and the Without.

As I move Deeply into this New Moon, I  breathe and Draw Deeply The Golden Masculine Light of My Being, The Sun,  into My Being, Into my Third eye, where the Silver and the Gold, the Feminine and Masculine, the Right Brain and the Left, meet and Join as One.


Eternal Love and Bliss!!



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New Moon In Taurus May17/18th 2015


A New Beginning ~ A New Way of Being ~ New Moon in Taurus 26 degrees, May 18th~ 1:13 am ADT. A New Birth ~ Into BEING ~ NOT DOING!

This is Taurus in its Luxurious Earthy Feminine Way with the Moon comfortable here, and with Venus (ruler of Taurus) in a Trine in its Higher Octave of Neptune!  With Venus in the comforting sign of Cancer and with Venus Cancer taken to greater Heights with Neptune in Pisces.

This is A New Sacred Way of Being! Open and Receive and  Allow yourself to be immersed in the Newness of Being!

And with Mercury Retrograde also Beginning close to this New Moon, we Have a New Beginning that is Comforting, supports BEING and the Deeper process of Reflecting and Going Deeper within You!

Areas of Relationships, Finances and Self Worth may arise during this New Moon, settle Deeply into Allowing and Being All That is, and All That You Are! And embrace the Newness in These Areas as they Arise, for you to see Deeply and Know Deeply Yourself!

Rest in the Newness of this New Moon! Set aside Sacred Space and Let go of all that is in the perceived Past.  This is the Perfect New Beginning and is New and Now in Every Moment! 

Here are the Links to Crystal Programming Information as well as Information About This Mercury Retrograde:

Live in Harmony and Peace with what is. Spend time in silence ~ Daily. Listen to my Audio frequency Transmissions, Invocations, Activations and Initiations, they will Bathe your Cellular Consciousness in Eternal Love, Harmony and Bliss.

Happy New Moon In Taurus!!!





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Uranus Direct/Solstice/New Moon December 21st, 2014

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As I Sit here with candles lit surrounding me, amidst the hustle and bustle of the Christmas Season, I feel the warmth of the Sacred Light within. In the Stillness within, the Sacredness of Life and Its meaning, Graces my surroundings, as it organizes itself, as Light, around and within me. Filled with overflowing love, I feel all of you that will read this. Holding you in my Eternal Presence.

Light as Divine, as Source, as All, emanates within You,
as multicoloured Flames of Glorious Light, beckon you,
this day and Solstice Night.

Embracing the Darkness in the Light, in Stillness,
and quiet, emerging as new, in the New Moon ~ Light.

As the whispers of Angels, summon you, Now,
remembering your plan, your Divinity, your Vow.

Before Earth was created, you existed as Light,
synchronized, entrained, in timeless, Holy Delight.

For what you are, you will forever Be,
embracing your transformation, your Destiny.

As Uranus steps forward, the rebel of change,
enter your Heart, immersed in your Ecstatic, Soul Flame.

For, as Light you exist, in Heavenly Bliss,
in Love ~ Unite, with your Soul, this Solstice and Christmas.

This Powerful initiatory Phase you will be entering into, Begins with:

Uranus in Aries going Direct at 6:45pm AST. Expect Sudden Shifts and Changes. 

Then the Solstice Begins on December 21st, 2014 at 7:03pm AST. Embrace the Dark as you emerge as Conscious Light. 

Then the New Moon Begins on December 21st, 2014 at 9:36pm AST in the First degree of Capricorn. Look deeply into what your experience is Now and your New Intention, which is always You. 

This Powerful initiatory Phase into the revolutionary changes, experienced within, is a Powerful New Beginning, and involves within you, the releasing of old patterns and ways, that you no longer desire, to hold within you.

As you Prepare for this Powerful time, gather your crystals, cleanse and restore them, reprogram as desired and Program under this powerful energy influence. Creating crystal water, during this time, is a beneficial way, to anoint your awareness, therefore your surroundings, with and through your intention.

To read more on this:

I have included a Solstice Invocation, that you can use as you create the Sacred Space within you, experiencing the Ritual of Your New Beginning.

The Questions you may desire to ask yourself BEFORE this Sacred Powerful Time Are:

Are you ready for a Sudden Life Change?

Do you spend time in Stillness of Being?

Do you Live in your Heart?

Do you Experience Yourself as Light?

Are you still Holding Old Patterns you “thought” you have released?

Those areas within you, that you no longer desire to experience, will be held in the Light of Uranus Direct, The Solstice and The Capricorn New Moon.

This is a NEW BEGINNING for YOU, it is up to you and your Free Will, how you choose to respond to this New Beginning.

Set aside time daily, feeling within you the Stillness of your Eternal Soul. The Stillness of the Solstice.

Staying present with your Presence and Your Light, through the Love of Your Heart and Soul, will enable you to embrace the sudden changes and insights, that you may experience, on December 21st 2014.

Remembering 2 years ago, the Solstice of 2012, and the Galactic and Solar Alignment, was a momentous breathtaking experience. This was the Portal, that you entered through and Aligned with, within you.  Now in 2014, this Solstice, what you experience will be a momentous increase in what is Within you, now. As you Embrace the change within, the New Beginning within you.

Disharmony always creates more Disharmony. It is victim consciousness and always leads you to MORE of what you do Not desire, yet it is your experience.

Harmony fills you with  Grace and Love, of Harmony and Beauty, and creates more of itself, within you.

If you are NOT in Harmony please listen to my Transmissions, Activations and Initiations, access them here:

As you Embrace this Momentous time of Change, and this PROFOUND NEW BEGINNING know that  everything you experience is already within you. As you Embrace the Change within, the New Beginning Within, the Silence within, and the Stillness within, you will open the floodgates of your Consciousness to the everlasting Flow of your Eternal Body of Light, your Immortal Body of Light, as You Welcome in, the Return of Light.

Feel yourself as Light.

Experience yourself as Light.

Embrace what is Eternally Real within you, through your Heart, Your Light, Your Love, your Eternal Soul. Move deeply into the Stillness of the Solstice, which lives deeply, within you, through your Heart, eternally.

I love you Dear Souls!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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