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New Moon in Cancer~July 15th, 2015


New Moon in Cancer, July 15th, 2015~ 10:24pm ADT. Powerful Emotional Intensity!

Delving deep into the Depths of Love and Embodying Harmony through your Heart, is the Great Gift of Awakening offered to you this New Moon in Cancer. Cancer rules the Emotions, Water, The Moon, Feminine and the hidden depths of the Emotional Body, the Subconscious.

What surfaces for You, if you are in Harmony, is the Grand Opportunity that Cancer Gifts us, through this New Moon. Are you Present? Are you Allowing? Are you Observing? Are you in Harmony? These are the states of BEING that allow you to Heal, Transform, and Integrate, all that ARISES, within YOU.

Existing in Flux and Disharmony, is the pathway, that is Suffering. It is the non acceptance of the MOMENT. It is the refusal of the Gift of Love. The temporary temper tantrum of the reactive mind. This reactive state, left non observed, leads to the Mind gone wild, on a field trip, gone astray in Suffering.

And why does suffering Exist? Do you believe in a vengeful God, not gifting you the Blessings that so many seem to have, that are so far off as the Past and a Future that never arrives?

Oh no, indeed Heaven is within You, if you will ONLY See, if you will Only Be still, and let go of your Temper Tantrums of Demanding through Will that the mind makes All So.

The Heart ATTUNES your mind and EMOTIONAL Body, to the powerful TRUE force of LOVE as You let Go and Be, and take the reins AWAY from the Mind, but gently allow the mind, to Obey your Heart. These are the Gifts of Love that have always been Yours. And That are YOURS NOW. Allow your mind to step out of the Way.

Simply BE. This is Presence~ This is NOW. 

Open your Heart Wide this New Moon, to the New Beginning it is! This powerful Gift of Awakening, that will lead you to THE EXPERIENCE of HEAVEN ON EARTH, within.

Left unbridled, the reign of the Mind over the Emotional Body~ not observed, and awakened by the Heart, is the endless pitfall of experience, that is suffering, till ONE KNOWS the Freedom of Experience ruled through the Eternal Love of the Heart and Soul.

And Here I Hold YOU~ in the Depths of the Waters, of Your Eternal Soul!


Eternal Love and Bliss!!



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New Moon in Gemini~June 16th, 2015


A Powerful New Moon June 16th in Gemini~ 11:05am ADT. Gemini ~and its ruler Mercury is  the Messenger, and rule communications.

Just days out of Mercury Retrograde and moving slowly by June 26th~ Mercury reaches Gemini at 13 degrees, the same Degree Mercury began its Retrograde. Mercury will HAPPILY be in its own Sign of Gemini for an extended 9 weeks, instead of the usual 2 weeks. We have the Sun, Moon, and Mars in Gemini as well. Mars being the Archetypal Warrior, may tend to take on too many New Projects. Anyone with a powerful Mercury influence, Gemini or Virgo, will be greatly affected by this New Moon which may bring with it, greater opportunities for communications break through~ new technological creations, and new discoveries.

This is a powerful opportunity at this NEW MOON ~ NEW BEGINNING~ to look deeply into ALL communications and Transportation issues AS WELL as Looking DEEPLY into  the WORDS you choose, the THOUGHTs you choose, that CREATE your emotions and YOUR Reality. 

Gemini ~ Balancing the Immortal and Mortal ~ Right Brain and Left Brain,  the Creative and Rational Sides of the Brain. The Right Brain rules the left side of the Body (creative) the Left Brain rules the right side of the body, Rational thinking. Feminine and Masculine.

With Neptune Retrograde as of June 12th at 10 degrees Pisces, Once again, you are encouraged to MOVE more deeply Inward, KNOWING more of how we are BEING, deep within. With Saturn Retrograde and moving back into Watery Scorpio on June 14th, there are a few MORE Months of emotional Cleansing to move deeply into.

June 21st, we have the Summer Solstice. Another New Beginning and Opportunity to Celebrate deeply within, the Light, and the Union with your Soul.

So take a Quantum Leap this New Moon~ New Beginning, LOOK deeply within, as you Prepare also for the Summer Solstice. COMMUNICATE more deeply with your Soul, your Heart, during this extended Mercury Influence. Balance your Creative and Rational sides of Your Brain, the MASCULINE and FEMININE within.

As I Move Deeply into this New Moon,  I Breathe and Draw Deeply The Silver Feminine Light of My Being, the Moon, into My Being, Into my Third eye.

As I Move Deeply into this New Moon, I balance the Feminine and Masculine within Me. The Left and Right, the Creative and the Rational. The Above and the Below, the Within, and the Without.

As I move Deeply into this New Moon, I  breathe and Draw Deeply The Golden Masculine Light of My Being, The Sun,  into My Being, Into my Third eye, where the Silver and the Gold, the Feminine and Masculine, the Right Brain and the Left, meet and Join as One.


Eternal Love and Bliss!!



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New Moon In Taurus May17/18th 2015


A New Beginning ~ A New Way of Being ~ New Moon in Taurus 26 degrees, May 18th~ 1:13 am ADT. A New Birth ~ Into BEING ~ NOT DOING!

This is Taurus in its Luxurious Earthy Feminine Way with the Moon comfortable here, and with Venus (ruler of Taurus) in a Trine in its Higher Octave of Neptune!  With Venus in the comforting sign of Cancer and with Venus Cancer taken to greater Heights with Neptune in Pisces.

This is A New Sacred Way of Being! Open and Receive and  Allow yourself to be immersed in the Newness of Being!

And with Mercury Retrograde also Beginning close to this New Moon, we Have a New Beginning that is Comforting, supports BEING and the Deeper process of Reflecting and Going Deeper within You!

Areas of Relationships, Finances and Self Worth may arise during this New Moon, settle Deeply into Allowing and Being All That is, and All That You Are! And embrace the Newness in These Areas as they Arise, for you to see Deeply and Know Deeply Yourself!

Rest in the Newness of this New Moon! Set aside Sacred Space and Let go of all that is in the perceived Past.  This is the Perfect New Beginning and is New and Now in Every Moment! 

Here are the Links to Crystal Programming Information as well as Information About This Mercury Retrograde:

Live in Harmony and Peace with what is. Spend time in silence ~ Daily. Listen to my Audio frequency Transmissions, Invocations, Activations and Initiations, they will Bathe your Cellular Consciousness in Eternal Love, Harmony and Bliss.

Happy New Moon In Taurus!!!





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Uranus Direct/Solstice/New Moon December 21st, 2014

july2014jpg 3

As I Sit here with candles lit surrounding me, amidst the hustle and bustle of the Christmas Season, I feel the warmth of the Sacred Light within. In the Stillness within, the Sacredness of Life and Its meaning, Graces my surroundings, as it organizes itself, as Light, around and within me. Filled with overflowing love, I feel all of you that will read this. Holding you in my Eternal Presence.

Light as Divine, as Source, as All, emanates within You,
as multicoloured Flames of Glorious Light, beckon you,
this day and Solstice Night.

Embracing the Darkness in the Light, in Stillness,
and quiet, emerging as new, in the New Moon ~ Light.

As the whispers of Angels, summon you, Now,
remembering your plan, your Divinity, your Vow.

Before Earth was created, you existed as Light,
synchronized, entrained, in timeless, Holy Delight.

For what you are, you will forever Be,
embracing your transformation, your Destiny.

As Uranus steps forward, the rebel of change,
enter your Heart, immersed in your Ecstatic, Soul Flame.

For, as Light you exist, in Heavenly Bliss,
in Love ~ Unite, with your Soul, this Solstice and Christmas.

This Powerful initiatory Phase you will be entering into, Begins with:

Uranus in Aries going Direct at 6:45pm AST. Expect Sudden Shifts and Changes. 

Then the Solstice Begins on December 21st, 2014 at 7:03pm AST. Embrace the Dark as you emerge as Conscious Light. 

Then the New Moon Begins on December 21st, 2014 at 9:36pm AST in the First degree of Capricorn. Look deeply into what your experience is Now and your New Intention, which is always You. 

This Powerful initiatory Phase into the revolutionary changes, experienced within, is a Powerful New Beginning, and involves within you, the releasing of old patterns and ways, that you no longer desire, to hold within you.

As you Prepare for this Powerful time, gather your crystals, cleanse and restore them, reprogram as desired and Program under this powerful energy influence. Creating crystal water, during this time, is a beneficial way, to anoint your awareness, therefore your surroundings, with and through your intention.

To read more on this:

I have included a Solstice Invocation, that you can use as you create the Sacred Space within you, experiencing the Ritual of Your New Beginning.

The Questions you may desire to ask yourself BEFORE this Sacred Powerful Time Are:

Are you ready for a Sudden Life Change?

Do you spend time in Stillness of Being?

Do you Live in your Heart?

Do you Experience Yourself as Light?

Are you still Holding Old Patterns you “thought” you have released?

Those areas within you, that you no longer desire to experience, will be held in the Light of Uranus Direct, The Solstice and The Capricorn New Moon.

This is a NEW BEGINNING for YOU, it is up to you and your Free Will, how you choose to respond to this New Beginning.

Set aside time daily, feeling within you the Stillness of your Eternal Soul. The Stillness of the Solstice.

Staying present with your Presence and Your Light, through the Love of Your Heart and Soul, will enable you to embrace the sudden changes and insights, that you may experience, on December 21st 2014.

Remembering 2 years ago, the Solstice of 2012, and the Galactic and Solar Alignment, was a momentous breathtaking experience. This was the Portal, that you entered through and Aligned with, within you.  Now in 2014, this Solstice, what you experience will be a momentous increase in what is Within you, now. As you Embrace the change within, the New Beginning within you.

Disharmony always creates more Disharmony. It is victim consciousness and always leads you to MORE of what you do Not desire, yet it is your experience.

Harmony fills you with  Grace and Love, of Harmony and Beauty, and creates more of itself, within you.

If you are NOT in Harmony please listen to my Transmissions, Activations and Initiations, access them here:

As you Embrace this Momentous time of Change, and this PROFOUND NEW BEGINNING know that  everything you experience is already within you. As you Embrace the Change within, the New Beginning Within, the Silence within, and the Stillness within, you will open the floodgates of your Consciousness to the everlasting Flow of your Eternal Body of Light, your Immortal Body of Light, as You Welcome in, the Return of Light.

Feel yourself as Light.

Experience yourself as Light.

Embrace what is Eternally Real within you, through your Heart, Your Light, Your Love, your Eternal Soul. Move deeply into the Stillness of the Solstice, which lives deeply, within you, through your Heart, eternally.

I love you Dear Souls!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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New Moon in Sagittarius ~ November 22, 2014

july2014jpg 3

The New Moon is in Sagittarius on November 22, 2014 8:33am AST (Atlantic Standard Time)

A New Beginning! Once again, here we Are!

My New Moon Poem:

Enveloping your Heart, this Sagittarius New Moon,
awakening your Destiny, as your Vision Blooms.

In Pure Delight, in Love and Friendship,
immerse your awareness, in the pleasures, that are Endless.

And as you are blessed, by the Archer, remember to Focus,
Live as your Soul, through your Heart, it is the Sacred Lotus.

For you are the Creator, of All your Experiences,
remember to surrender, as you let go of Appearances.

For the Truth of Your Soul, and Your Desired Expansion,
is Cosmic Consciousness, immersed in the freedom, of Passion.

Embracing the Now, this Sacred New Moon,
play as a child, anointed, and eternally Attuned.

Here is the Link with the information on Programming Crystals and Making Sacred Crystal Water:

And Now after emerging from the Depths of the intense waters of Scorpio, we Have the Fiery, Visionary, expansive Playfulness of Sagittarius the Archer!

With the New Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun and Venus also in Sagittarius, the Powers that Be, are Filled with Love!

The Potential of Soaring to New Heights of Conscious Awareness ~ Fills the Air ~ And fills You, as you Embrace the Eternal Bliss and Joy of Your Soul!

Embrace the Pureness of Being through your Heart, this New Moon, and KNOW that is supports you, as You Immerse your Awareness in Eternal Expansion of Consciousness.  Uranus in Aries supports this New Beginning also! And with Jupiter in Leo in a wide Trine, completing the Fire sign constellation, know your expansion through Creative Alignment with your Soul, through your Heart, is the Magic, is the Bliss, is the VISION of your Soul. Let the Fire that you are, be the Very awareness of the Spark of Your Soul, of the Light, that is you, Your Immortal Body of Light.

Below is the “New Moon” Invocation! Set Aside some Quiet time, at the exact Moment of the New Moon (if possible) and Embrace the Sacredness of Being, that comes to you, as you immerse yourself within Your Heart Space.

If you are new to Entering your Heart, Listen to my “Sea of Light” Breathing and the “Sacred Chamber of the Heart” Frequency Transmission, as well as ALL of the other Activations, Transmission and Initiations. They are All timeless and Move you deep within the Sacredness of You, Deep within your Heart, connecting you consciously with the Eternal Light, Love and Bliss of Your Soul.  Your Immortal Body of Light.

Remember to Live as though, YOU ALREADY are the Expanded Blissful Awareness (because you actually are) of All that you Desire, as You enter the Light, and the Magic, of this New Beginning, This Sagittarius New Moon!

I Am Forever Holding you in Your Eternal Greatness, in the Sacred Light of Your Soul, in the Infinite Light of Grace and Unconditional Love, that forever is, All That is.

I Am with You, Always ~ In Sacred Endless Love and in the Eternal Victory of Light ~ That is for You! I Am!



I am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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New Moon in Scorpio/Eclipse October 23rd, 2014!

july2014jpg 3

New Moon in Scorpio October 23rd, 2014 6:57pm ADT with Partial Solar Eclipse at 0 Degrees Scorpio!

“Embracing the Dark, within the Light,
Do this, deeply, the Scorpio New Moon, Night

As the Hallowed Eve, approaches Soon,
remember to embrace, the Dark of the Moon.

Within you lives, the death and Rebirth,
enter the mystery, there lives, the cauldron and Hearth.

Within the ancient waters, of the depth of the Soul,
the Solar Eclipse, embraces the Whole.

Take time to enter, the worlds of the Unknown.
surrender to the Sacredness of living, and you will be Shown.

All that is One, already exists,
enter your Heart, and you enter, eternal Bliss.

The mysteries of completion, through Life and Death,
then powerfully awaken within you, through each Breath.”

Right now during the Dark of the Moon, we move deeper into the quietness of the Soul. The Darkness of the Night. Only to soon emerge within the New Beginning of this New Moon, giving all that we have, to this beginning. Mercury Retrograde in the sign of relationships (libra) has us looking back and standing still. Hopefully also slowing down and going with this flow, till Mercury goes Direct October 26th.

The powerful theme for this New Moon is Death and Rebirth, from Darkness to Light. The Cauldron of the Soul which embraces all that you are, all existence’s, everywhere, Of course the Darkness also contains light. Even your thoughts that seem dark are still composed of Light that you are transmitting and creating your Reality with.

Deep into the recesses of the Soul and subconscious one may emerge as the powerful state of Being that purely Is. All That is. Giving all of your Life, to All That you Are. The energies of Scorpio and the Solar Eclipse provides the stage, for your emergence as the Powerful consciousness and Light of your Soul, that you are.

This Eclipse is a Partial Eclipse and to find out more about the Eclipse visit here:

This lunation is also known as the Lunar Samhain. The Pagan New year is celebrated on the Day of the Thinnest Veil (Halloween) which is the space between the worlds, the dark and the Light, the other side.  All Eclipses have a profound charge, this one in Scorpio helps you to go deep within.

In the Light of Scorpio embrace Life and Death and the meaning you carry within you about your eternal Soul. We have a powerful Uranus- Pluto Square, which is the reflection of the transformation that is taking place within the Whole. Know that deep within you, the Stars and Their positions in the sky are the reflection of what is…They are not creating these things, they are within You.

Allow the Death to the old way, one ruled by the mind, and your rebirth into your true personal power and New creation, through your Heart, to be fully focused upon, within you during these sacred and Profound moments.

Scorpio rules water, allow yourself to embrace your emotions, and allow the healing to take place within you, as you stay present through your Heart.

Enter the Cauldron of your Soul, and slow down during this New Moon and during this Dark of the Moon while Mercury is in Retrograde, so you can process, be with, all that does Arise Within you. As you Stay present within your heart, all that needs to surface in your conscious awareness will, and as you do this, you embody the Light of Your Immortal Body of Light, your Soul.

Stay focused in your Heart in Harmony. If your life feels in Disharmony take special time out for yourself, spend time by the water or in the water, listen to my audio Transmissions, they will help you move more deeply into the sacredness of Your Heart and Soul.

Here is the link to Program your Crystals during this powerful time, and for you to prepare some crystal water:

Below I have included the New Moon Invocation, which is a powerful way, to embrace the sacredness of the Moon.

Holding you in the Light of Your Soul, your Eternal Being, Now and Always!!




I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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New Moon in Virgo ~ August 25th, 2014

july2014jpg 3

New Moon in Virgo 3 Degrees, on August 25th, 2014, 11:13am ADT. Creating your Reality, Focusing Within your Heart!

To start off Here is the link to my Crystal Post, which will help you to program your Crystals, and to make Crystal Water, if that is something you would like to do!

I have also included in this post, the “New Moon Invocation” on YouTube!  Please take the time, to set apart some quiet time during this New Moon, and move deeply into the Sacredness of Nature, Rhythms, and recognize the Importance of Sacred Rituals and the Honouring of the Divine within you.

Here is the Link to the New Moon Poem:

This Virgo New Moon is a Powerful New Beginning, which will help you to Clarify your Intentions, and Sharpen your Focus. There is a Yod formation, during the New Moon, which is a very powerful energy influence, more about that later, for now, more about the Virgo sign itself, which is ruled by Mercury.

Virgo is a mutable Feminine Sign, the sign of the Goddess. Her awareness within, prepares us for the Harvest.

Ask yourself, before this New Moon, What needs to be refined within your awareness? What is it you have neglected you can improve on? Are you grounded and clear on your Path and your Destiny, through your Heart? How deeply connected to the Earth are you, and how do you show this through Your daily patterns and habits, that include Harmony within and with all of Nature and its cycles and Rhythms?  Feel into areas of Refinement, Improvement, and increase your Inner awareness and focus through your Heart. What are you producing in your Life, through your heart? through your thoughts? Awaken! and Move more deeply into your Heart!

You may desire to also ask yourself, Are you Mastering Duality or battling out old programs through your thoughts and emotions  that are in Disharmony?  If so, this is an Auspicious time to recommit, to dedicate your awareness, your Light, to your Heart awareness within you.  This is a cosmic restart, Take the opportunity, to reflect within your Heart, be aware and increase your focus and awareness to what already is, within you.

Move evermore deeply, Dear Souls, into your Mastery!! Your Completion, preparing the way for The Harvest, Your Rebirth!

The Planets involved in the Yod, are Uranus in Aries, Mercury in Virgo, Saturn conjunct Mars in Scorpio, all at 17 degrees. This Yod configuration is also known as the Fate of God, or Finger of God. The Sun and Moon will be in Virgo 3 Degrees, opposing Neptune in Pisces. Those of you with your Sun or Moon in Virgo at 0 to 6 degrees, will feel this powerfully.

So what does all of this actually mean to you? You give meaning to whatever arises within you. So once again, what does this mean to you? “Will” you use your free will, and receive the Fresh Start this New Moon and Yod Formation, provides for you?

ALIGN yourself with the Stars Dear Souls, with the Vast overflowing, awareness within you, that ALL is WITHIN. And then your completion will be complete. Recognize it is You, that has created. Surrender, Allow, and flow into the constant flow of the Divine, within your Heart Space.

As you create your Reality, please recognize, it is you that chooses, either, a world that needs to be fixed, a world that is neutral, or a New World filled with Glorious Love and Bliss. Choose through Your Heart Dear Souls and Align yourself with your Soul and the Natural flow of the Stars. This New Moon, allow it to be within you, the impetus, to Align and Surrender completely, with that you have not yet known, but is the Pure Bliss and Love of your Soul!

I love you and Hold you in the Endless Love and Bliss of Your Soul, Now and forevermore!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



For MORE information on the Birthing of The New Creation Please go to: and read the Archives, here are some links to a few of The New Creation Posts:

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