New Moon in Gemini, June 4th, 2016


Sun Conjunct Moon. A New 28 day cycle. The New Moon in Gemini, June 4th, 11:59 pm ADT. This Gemini New Moon will be closely aligned with beautiful Venus. Jupiter, Saturn and  Neptune forming a T- Square, potentially will activate (within you) fears, delusions, self-pity, and more. Whatever is inside you, that is the obstacles (within) to true Love.

True Love starts with Self Love. It cannot exist apart from Self Love. As ALL of your experiences are within YOU.

The effects of what you start during the first 2 weeks of a New Moon Phase, lasts till the following New Moon, July 4th, 2016. The first 2 weeks of the New Moon phase, that is the waxing phase, lasts till June 20th, 2016.

Although you may have your lists ready (for the New Moon) with your New Moon, desires. Remember, the true influence of all of your experiences, is WITHIN YOU.

Not to confuse your Heart with your Emotional and Mental Body. When in Harmony, yes the heart rules, there is a complete harmonious alignment, with all bodies.

When in disharmony, the dictator of your life experiences, perceives itself, through the rule of the mental and emotional body, not fully aligned (consciously) with the heart. That is, the guiding force  of your life is not consciously through your heart.

The beliefs then become the loud-sounding voice, that believes it is, those beliefs. Which is the loud disharmonious dictator. That blames others, that feels victimized. Poor old me, if only. A life lived, not through the heart.

Your Heart is harmonious. Your Heart is Love. Your Heart is your Presence. When you live through your heart, you live in JOY. You know how you are and feel, has NOTHING to do with anyone else. It is You. Within YOU. You stop blaming and you start living in your Essence. Your Soul Presence.

This is when life, becomes the miracle. Living is a miracle. All experiences are miracles. Your Heart. The Love of your Soul. AS IS. Nothing to change. Simply to Be. Being Present.

Be present with what arises through you. It is your experience. Breathe, love into it. In all moments. Even when you temporarily allow your old beliefs to become the leader of your life. When you step back into the old patterns. That seek justification. Answers. Blame.

Move your awareness into your Heart. Stay present. Practice being Present. Feeling your Body, WITHIN.

Let go of being the Victim. Even if, all the people around you, live in victim consciousness. FEEL THE LOVE, within you.

It is ALWAYS PRESENT. It is always LOVE.

It is the alignment, through your will, with YOUR HEART, that allows you to know this, live this. be this. It is simple. It is pure. It is Love.

In truth, there is nothing to clear. No Soul of you to HEAL. Those are beliefs of a mental and emotional body, not in Harmony, that desires you to continue supporting those beliefs. So that its dictatorship, may continue to rule. Misery, loves company.

In 5th dimensional consciousness, there is NO SUCH thing, as the need to clear the Heart. There is a stepping out of the old beliefs. And living your LIFE THROUGH YOUR HEART. That is it.

The heart already is PURE.

When and if things arise, that seem to support your beliefs in a world where you are the key victim. Stop what you are doing. Get quiet. Breathe. Feel. It is a decision, to end the battle with life. Often this comes at a major breaking point. It does not have to be that way.

You no longer need to support those beliefs.

Gently, instead, turn your awareness, within your body. Within your life. It is the choice, to be conscious within your own heart. And feed that, as a way of being. Rather than feed, the victim consciousness, that only wants more of its victim ways.

Your Heart is pure. Has always been pure. When you lead with your Heart. Your mental and emotional bodies, align with this pureness.

You are already Ascended. You are already pure Love. You are already a master, SIMPLY turn your attention to your Heart and live THROUGH Your Heart. Your Heart is Present. Your Heart is the Soul of you that IS The Harmony and Miracles of Being your Higher Self, that you desire.

Celebrate this New Moon. All that you see and experience, is within you. Go to the Source of all your experience. Live in the Beauty of your Soul. The Presence of the Glory of God. Your God Self. The heart dissolves all the pain. All the old beliefs. It is in this purity. That you realize, it was always, you. You were simply waiting, to know the Pure You. The Divine You. And to live, your life, through your Divine Self. Receive this transmission. Feel your Presence Now. Live there, in your Heart. I hold you in this Glory of Divinity. All Now. All Love, and so it is. Beloved Souls of Light.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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  1. Thank you for your marvelous light and love. ❤ ❤ I ❤ ❤ Love you Beautiful and Lovely Queen of Light ❤ ❤ Eternal Bliss and Love ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    Meditation on Wednesday June 1, was wonderful connection I had with my soul, with the light of my soul. I felt that the light took me to several places, Atlantis and Thebes. Malakiur arose names and Luke.
    I saw my soul blance up or sliding down between light. I saw Jesus in a white robe, saw some old pictures as ancient Egypt, I perceived Thoth, also saw a great Being of Light moved his large golden and shimmering wings, felt the presence of angels with me, I saw a light waves , as the shape of the DNA.
    Also sensed a kind of spaceship.
    Also I saw to Sat Nam Kaur.
    End the meditation and I felt one with my soul and my physical body, I felt within me a lot of light, love, peace and great satisfaction and happiness.

  2. Mary Sunshine

    Adorable Light!
    Abundant Joy and Bliss!
    Magnificient Explanation!

    Thank You!

    I love You!

  3. Mary Sunshine

    Adorable Light!
    Abundant Joy and Bliss!
    Magnificient Explanation…

    So Helpful.

    I Love You!

  4. Thank you very much, L’Aura! 💛

  5. Marja Thibaudier

    💛🌙Miraculous Joy💛✨Sooo beautiful
    Adore New Moon🌙 And You💛
    Thank you💛

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