New Moon in Gemini~June 16th, 2015


A Powerful New Moon June 16th in Gemini~ 11:05am ADT. Gemini ~and its ruler Mercury is  the Messenger, and rule communications.

Just days out of Mercury Retrograde and moving slowly by June 26th~ Mercury reaches Gemini at 13 degrees, the same Degree Mercury began its Retrograde. Mercury will HAPPILY be in its own Sign of Gemini for an extended 9 weeks, instead of the usual 2 weeks. We have the Sun, Moon, and Mars in Gemini as well. Mars being the Archetypal Warrior, may tend to take on too many New Projects. Anyone with a powerful Mercury influence, Gemini or Virgo, will be greatly affected by this New Moon which may bring with it, greater opportunities for communications break through~ new technological creations, and new discoveries.

This is a powerful opportunity at this NEW MOON ~ NEW BEGINNING~ to look deeply into ALL communications and Transportation issues AS WELL as Looking DEEPLY into  the WORDS you choose, the THOUGHTs you choose, that CREATE your emotions and YOUR Reality. 

Gemini ~ Balancing the Immortal and Mortal ~ Right Brain and Left Brain,  the Creative and Rational Sides of the Brain. The Right Brain rules the left side of the Body (creative) the Left Brain rules the right side of the body, Rational thinking. Feminine and Masculine.

With Neptune Retrograde as of June 12th at 10 degrees Pisces, Once again, you are encouraged to MOVE more deeply Inward, KNOWING more of how we are BEING, deep within. With Saturn Retrograde and moving back into Watery Scorpio on June 14th, there are a few MORE Months of emotional Cleansing to move deeply into.

June 21st, we have the Summer Solstice. Another New Beginning and Opportunity to Celebrate deeply within, the Light, and the Union with your Soul.

So take a Quantum Leap this New Moon~ New Beginning, LOOK deeply within, as you Prepare also for the Summer Solstice. COMMUNICATE more deeply with your Soul, your Heart, during this extended Mercury Influence. Balance your Creative and Rational sides of Your Brain, the MASCULINE and FEMININE within.

As I Move Deeply into this New Moon,  I Breathe and Draw Deeply The Silver Feminine Light of My Being, the Moon, into My Being, Into my Third eye.

As I Move Deeply into this New Moon, I balance the Feminine and Masculine within Me. The Left and Right, the Creative and the Rational. The Above and the Below, the Within, and the Without.

As I move Deeply into this New Moon, I  breathe and Draw Deeply The Golden Masculine Light of My Being, The Sun,  into My Being, Into my Third eye, where the Silver and the Gold, the Feminine and Masculine, the Right Brain and the Left, meet and Join as One.


Eternal Love and Bliss!!



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  1. With my sun at 10 degrees Pisces and Mercury squaring my Mars – also Saturn in late Scorpio in trine aspect to my moon this article is SO helpful. Thank you very much.

  2. Is a wonderful and powerful message, dear L’Aura ❤ ❤ I ❤ ❤ Love ❤ ❤ You ❤ ❤ Eternal Love ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    Yesterday was a very special day, I felt a lot of energy and the divine presence within me, and in the twilight I went out to walk to the park of the church, I sat on a bench at the foot of a large tree and when I present felt a strong odor as these liquids using carpenters, I stood with almost mareandome smell and looking to see what was out there about, I saw nothing, I went there and kept walking, I went to the park owl at the foot my house, when I was finishing walking and passing by a large tree, I felt again that smell, but fainter, I feel it is the presence of the Master Jesus; Also yesterday suddenly clearly I perceived your presence, I saw you very clear. Now in the morning before I got up, I had a lucid dream, like another I had some time, I dream that I enter a large house or white mansion, I uploaded one stands as the highest main body and home, this Once again that the keys to the suitcases, not how to interpret this dream. Also in meditation last night said "change the name" I think they are asking for changes. I saw me with another person on a golden platform that rose.

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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