New Moon In Taurus May17/18th 2015


A New Beginning ~ A New Way of Being ~ New Moon in Taurus 26 degrees, May 18th~ 1:13 am ADT.Β A New Birth ~ Into BEING ~ NOT DOING!

This is Taurus in its Luxurious Earthy Feminine Way with the Moon comfortable here, and with Venus (ruler of Taurus) in a Trine in its Higher Octave of Neptune! Β With Venus in the comforting sign of Cancer and with Venus Cancer taken to greater Heights with Neptune in Pisces.

This is A New Sacred Way of Being! Open and Receive and Β Allow yourself to be immersed in the Newness of Being!

And with Mercury Retrograde also Beginning close to this New Moon, we Have a New Beginning that is Comforting, supports BEING and the Deeper process of Reflecting and Going Deeper within You!

Areas of Relationships, Finances and Self Worth may arise during this New Moon, settle Deeply into Allowing and Being All That is, and All That You Are! And embrace the Newness in These Areas as they Arise, for you to see Deeply and Know Deeply Yourself!

Rest in the Newness of this New Moon! Set aside Sacred Space and Let go of all that is in the perceived Past. Β This is the Perfect New Beginning and is New and Now in Every Moment!Β 

Here are the Links to Crystal Programming Information as well as Information About This Mercury Retrograde:

Live in Harmony and Peace with what is. Spend time in silence ~ Daily. Listen to my Audio frequency Transmissions, Invocations, Activations and Initiations, they will Bathe your Cellular Consciousness in Eternal Love, Harmony and Bliss.

Happy New Moon In Taurus!!!





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  1. πŸ’™thank you!! πŸ’›just being…amazingπŸŒ™πŸ’šπŸ’œ

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