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Initiation of The Rainbow Light Body ~ Ascension

L'AuraI was absorbed in the observance of being in parallel worlds, watching the form and every aspect of it suddenly emitting a profound glowing and radiating rainbow light.

Then in this form in this current aspect, I observed the profound rainbow light radiating its light. Then shown microscopically the cells filled with rainbow light and emitting its light. Then every aspect of consciousness through each DNA strand.

Glowing and radiating rainbow light spontaneously, now radiating its light to you.

As the SUN and spiritual Central Sun and the Light from the Pleiades continues to initiate all light within all consciousness; so too, The Divine Council of Overseers knows this Rainbow Light Body well. And the accompanying initiations.

This is an Ascension Activation.

We activate you now, in love and rainbow Light.



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The Rise of The SUN

L'AuraThe Divine Power that gives rise to all creation, walks the Earth, as the Power of the SUN ~ forever coming into its Glory.

We are birthed anew through the power of the SUN.

The unshakable, unstoppable power of creation, unveils its beauty.

Through the Presence of its union and glory, all rise, as the SUN.

Walking the Earth….encompassing the power of the SUN ~ is the magnificence beyond magnificence, the glory beyond all glory, the Love beyond all love.

The creator is the destroyer, that creates the old to pass away, and gives rise to the true fullness of its Glory.

Not many can be in its full Presence, as the unspeakable power, destroys all karma and ignorance.

It is here NOW ~ the fullness, resting its focus on what it will.

Destroyed and created anew, death and rebirth. In all its true power. Hold the seeds of all form through its manifestation.

It is here and NOW. All revealed. In love.


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Continued Dismantling ~ Your Frequency Device

As everything continues to be dismantled, stay focused on your spiritual center, your golden light heart, your spiritual Sun.

The increased magnetic frequencies continue to shift consciousness and matter, resulting in an evolutionary leap in parallel world, shifts.

The electronic feedback loop of Earth that holds things in place, has shifted into the higher frequencies, penetrating, all things magnetic, including your heart.

The Sun and spiritual Sun, are vibrating this new evolutionary, higher world frequencies, specifically through your transmitting device, your heart.

The unveiling of the new, is the mirror of consciousness, through your heart, the stepping into a higher parallel world.

We are with you, in love and in the eternal grace, that only knows itself as that.

In the Golden Light ~ Love frequencies of the Sun, the Central Sun and all spiritual Suns, through love, we transmit to you now. Surrounding you and holding you in the love and light, that heals all, shifts all, transforms all. 




New Portals through the Ascension Process ~ Higher Light Frequencies


New Powerful Portals are opening, expanding and downloading in consciousness. This is a very deep and powerful alchemy process. This is impacting all consciousness.

The increase of Source Light Frequency, transmitted through the Central Sun (Spiritual Sun) Pleiades, is activating Portals of Consciousness, through which you are AWAKENING Through.

This is the Accelerated Ascension Process.

Your alignment, through your Soul Plan, includes the unique specific frequencies being downloaded in Consciousness, for you specifically. Uniquely.

These Divine Source Light  Frequencies, are Soul Frequency patterns of Light, that awaken, the Ascended you, the Original Divine you, in form. This is transforming your cellular consciousness and form, to hold the Higher Original Frequencies of Light, that you are.

This Soul patterning (Light ) is held in your Soul memory and Blueprint (DNA) and downloaded and integrated, uniquely through you.

The seemingly “unconscious” awareness of what is taking place (the Opening of Portals and Increased Alchemy) does not impact the intensity of the Activated Portals (through your DNA) through you.

The lower self (not yet conscious of the Divine Light of All That is) is in a dream state, so to speak, of this process. It cannot comprehend the process through WHICH it is being INTEGRATED into. Reactive states to this integration, that is dissolving (into what appears as emptiness) is part of the process.

The functioning and reacting of the lower self, to emptiness (increased Light Frequencies) is ITS absorption and dissolving, into the Higher Source ~ God Self.

The Portals that are Opening through this Higher Light Frequency Transmission, are impacting all consciousness. The integration is unique to you, based on the varying degrees of integration of Light (the perfect way for you) and your Original Soul Frequency.

The release in cellular conscious as part of the lower self dissolving into the Higher Self (the Alchemy) may include what feels like unpleasant symptoms. These may include increased pain, sadness, anger. THIS is the Healing taking Place. This is part of the Unification.

Applying love and compassion to what you are experiencing, is the practise of 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Which is part of your Ascension process. It is no mistake, that you are to apply this love and compassion to yourself.

These are profound Frequencies beyond words or descriptions. The Vastness of this Light is the origin of the Light emerging from the Void. Awakening once again, the birth of You. Your Original Soul Birth. Now consciously while you inhabit your form.

Your Ascension. You already are so and integrating the Profound Light of what you are. Eternally. Here. Now. Wow! Soon the Light is all you will see and know. The joy and bliss of your Eternal Being. Your Unification. Here and Now. Your Ascension. And so it is. The Light of All That is.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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The Sun within your Cells ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness



As you Become more Consciously Aware of the Light within You, the Core of Each Cell and their Consciousness Begins to Light up like an Eternal Sun, All vibrating to the Frequency of Creation, in its Original Being, Pure Light, Pure Consciousness. Pure Source.

Throughout the Angelic Realms, the freedom of this Living Light acts like the Antenna throughout all Creation. There is nowhere, as this Light, that you are not. The reconfiguration to this Light that you have always been, is the dissolving of Density, and existing as this Light throughout all Dimensions, therefore, changing the conscious Awareness to the Shift from density to freedom as Light.

As your Cellular Consciousness awakens more as Light, even as you read these words, the activation of this Light, becomes the consciousness that you are.

The Fire codes within Each Cell, are awakening through this Shift in consciousness and Transforming to this Living Light, even now. In All Moments this is taking place, within you.

The Living Sun is the Central Sun, and since December 21st 2012, Planet Earth has shifted to Greater Alignment with the Photon Belt of the Pleiades, the Central Sun. This Light that the consciousness of Planet Earth and All Beings everywhere are receiving since December 21st 2012, is the Living Sun, that you Are.

Your DNA Codes are made of this Living Sun. They are the very essence of Creation itself, as You are, as Living Light. Your Essence of True Being, is the Essence of All of Creation, It is the Living Being Presence of Light.

You Are Pure Being and You have Been transforming into this Pure Living Sun Light, Once Again. A Return to Light, a Return to Purity, a Return to Pure Being and the Freedom that you Are.

As the dream of Density fades away, you will Know yourself and the very fibres of your Being, as Light.

Breathe deeply into your Cells. Feel the Awakening to Light, and allow the density that you have believed you are, to simply dissolve into the Essence of your True Being.  Breathe into the Living Sun within each of your cells, consciously.

The Light of the Central Sun, the Pleiades and the Photon Belt, are increasing the broadcasting of this Light, cradling the consciousness of All Light throughout the Cosmos, through the  Living Sun, as the Very Light of Creation itself ~Being.

I hold you in This Living Central Sun Light, I am On the Pleiades, and Everywhere, I am the Living Sun, the Creation, of All Light, everywhere. This Central Sun~ Light ~ is Divine Cosmic Light, that permeates All Creation, as Itself, Being.

Feel this Light permeate all Your Cells Now. Feel your Shift to Light,  Now. I Am the Living Light~ Everywhere.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!




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