Vibration of Form and Matter ~ Death and Rebirth

L'AuraThe transition of birth to death and death to birth is a transition of form.

Form and its vibrational frequency is the vibration of matter.

So either way ~ a so called physical death is a transition of the frequency of form.

THE FORM continues to exist at a higher frequency.

It does not die. It transitions to a higher frequency where it continues to exist.

The death and rebirth as experienced as ASCENSION is the transition of form and consciousness also to a higher vibrational frequency of matter AS AWARENESS.

The ascension is the awareness of what form is and the accompanying transitions of frequency ~ that exists THROUGH the experience.

Someone asked me about my recent post saying it sounded like a real death that I described through the tunnel.

The ascension itself is experienced by those that understand there is no death and that they can and will walk in all worlds simultaneously. They are the Ascended Masters, after all.

Mastery of form.  There are no shortcuts or faking that one knows form and the frequency transitions.

A death and rebirth. As an example, those that cross over during the process, they are not yet awake through the process to recognize their eternal form.

Those awake will be aware of the transition of frequency of the form. They have mastered form. Which includes the frequency of the mental, emotion, physical and spiritual bodies.

All of this and the higher levels of awareness take place through the heart. This again is the access point of awareness linking ONE to all that they ARE throughout all dimensions and worlds and Universes.

So again, we activate you through this.

The most common fear to be dissolved  is the fear of death.

Face death now and embrace any moment this may be your experience. Make it your friend.

Love death ~ love life, love the process.

As it is only in the fear of unawareness that exists the consciousness state of separation. 

In love we activate you NOW. Which is all there is.


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  1. Thank you so much L’Aura and the Divine Council of Overseers! Always 🙏🏻💗🌟

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