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Winter Solstice December 21st/22nd 2019 ~ From Darkness to Light

L'AuraWe are approaching the frequency shift of the Winter Solstice on the 22nd AST at 12:19 am, for many of you this will be on the 21st.

Here we are on the brink of total freedom and ascension.

Going from darkness to Light. From fear to freedom.

From that which has been hidden NOW brought to the conscious awareness of every day life. This then becomes the death and rebirth that the Ascension is.

What are you fears? of poverty, of loss of beauty, aging, the body loosing the ability to function? Death? Rejection?

FACE those fears NOW.

As things intensify those who have not faced their fears will through circumstances FACE their fears. After all, our frequency is creating our reality.

The energies are benevolent in that, things play out in accordance to our frequencies. ALWAYS (underlined one million times) everything is playing out for our good, for out evolution.

Only if you could see it and you will one way or the other.

Reflect on the hidden deep fears you have.

Then as the Light increase NOW ~ your rebirth will be tangible and real.

A being who has faced their fears is empowered through being the one that is free that the eternal self then flows through.

We are to be the Masters that walk the Earth.

All fears must be faced. Enter your heart and let the balm of true love, dissolve all for you, through your conscious awareness.

Look deep within during this darkness period and then the celebration of the return to light, will be auspicious for you. For you have found yourself prepared, for all that is to BE through you.

And in this we activate YOU now, your death and rebirth. The return to greater LIGHT, within and without, above and below. So it is ~ all now!


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We Are Not Alien to The World ~ You Call Earth

L'AuraInannaWe have visited planet Earth many times since it was/is  birthed into its own experience of myriad levels of Light consciousness.

Some of us have taken on roles here as we have walked into forms of consciousness you call bodies.

The Blueprint design, was organized into levels of recording, to which; continual rebirths were designed into its own self constructed organism.

This includes the varying worlds of perception, often referred to as parallel worlds of experience/awareness.

The many worlds and beings of other planets, watched closely as the new project of Earth was conceptualized into being.

All beings throughout the Universe were highly attuned to the making of this project as beings from another Universe took a predominant role in the overseeing of the making of a new form of consciousness, to which you have called hu man.

The Hu man was an identifier of a creation/form, to which the embodiment would be fulfilled through a uniqueness of thought/awareness/perception ~ actualized consciousness.

The substance of form for those on Earth are made of the very same fabric of consciousness that those who attend the schools of this universe ~ are well taught, into.

The very act of creation, is that of creativity.  The varying degrees of awareness throughout the universe, holds the face of creativity itself.

We are not alien to Earth, to those to who we appear unknown, is simply the fabric of unification, appearing to have some threads undone. Those loose threads being that which we are here and present to connect again.

The heart as a central living force of connectivity in the hu man, has reached a peak unification level, to which thought through its own level of subjectivity, is catching up to.

The heart and its connectivity, includes the non location awareness throughout the many worlds and Universe, eliminating any perception of time or distance.

This threshold of connectivity, is the full embodiment of the self actualized hu man. The ascended being that you perceive  as ~ transcendent of;  its own self coonceptualized limitations of mind.

In this we are present and activate you now.

With the presence of The Divine Council of Overseers, all now, through the heart of love/connectivity.




A HUGE thank you to all of you that have DONATED!! 

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3D Does Not Change, it is a Dimension ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


So many are STILL attempting to view the frequency SHIFTS through the FILTER and changes viewed externally  in 3D consciousness.

3D is a DIMENSION of consciousness and will continue to exist, for those at the level in this Earth SCHOOL, that still need (as part of theirs Souls journey) to go through initiations and experiences, that ONLY exist in 3D.

We do NOT change 3D. Again, it is a DIMENSION of consciousness that is NOT a mistake. IT is a school of consciousness. 3D level of consciousness.

When you GRADUATE and are INITIATED and Activated within YOU, you shift in awareness to a higher DIMENSION.

This may be 4th or 5th. words on Earth are JUST a translation. Do not get caught up in their 3D meaning.

Again, WHEN you shift and experience initiations (and graduated, so to speak) You THEN See a different world.

The 3D world has not changed, YET you live in a different world than your 3D friends, etc. This is WHY it is a futile attempt to transform the 3D version of Earth as you know it in 3D as it does NOT change.

YOU shift Dimensions and exist in a (supposed) New Earth in the 5th Dimension that in Fact EXISTS now. I cannot emphasize this ENOUGH.

That NEW world is A PARALLEL world to the ONE you saw in 3D.

Things are CHANGED in this NEW WORLD.

YET ~ (this is important) IT is not new at all!!!! It already exists.

ALL Dimensions EXIST NOW.

Allow this ETERNAL Truth to activated your SUBCONSCIOUS (NOW) and conscious mind. Attempts to change 3D, EXIST ONLY IN 3D.

So when you think of CHANGE look WITHIN.

IT is YOU that changes, NOT out the 3D out there externally.

YET you will see a NEW out there when you change and shift within. A NEW Earth. A new World. That is NOT 3D it is a higher DIMENSION. 

These are parallel worlds. 

Parallel Universes!

All so-called future WORLDS are Present NOW in the expanded LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS. Dimensions! 

I KNOW this. I exist in all of them and see it all. I see YOU there. It is perfect! It is a trip, so to speak through all the dimensions. That were created ALL at ONCE.

They play out in what appears as time. YET it all exists now in NO TIME. In Eternity.

SO take off those BLINDERS this Full Moon, Super Moon Day. Prepare for the Winter Solstice ~ a RETURN to Light. And allow this darkness you have been in, to be the stepping stone, to the ENLIGHTENED you that EMERGES like from a cocoon and SEES, KNOWS itself, in the Expanded 5th Dimensional realm of Being. A Dimension of consciousness.

May your Initiations be PEACEFUL, I am with YOU.

The Overseers are present through all the activating of the FORCES of consciousness, the dimensions. Parallel Worlds, I am there on the Council.

Expand, Open, and be ready for the PROFOUND initiation of LIGHT that is at ALL levels of CONSCIOUSNESS ~ NOW. All Parallel Worlds! Universes! This is the Divine Council of Overseers! We are HERE NOW! 




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