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We ARE Activating YOU DNA ~ NOW

LAuraInannaWe activate your DNA now as this journey progresses into the expansion that was planned for you as the DIVINE Beings of light sojourning through this EARTH School you call reality and existence.

Your consciousness level of awareness dictates your experience and the programming of your awareness and evolution is held in your Blueprint design and the communication system to the changes are held in your cellular consciousness your DNA.

The more you are aware of this expansion and activation now ~ the greater your DNA response to this MOMENT NOW as we activate you.

Our PRESENCE is LOVE and its frequency that envelopes the UNIVERSE and more.

WE are from another Universe and oversee all the expansions of this Universe and all the BEINGS that are taking part in consciousness FORM and the accompanying expansions.

All that is changing is changeless in that it is constantly changing.

This changing is the evolution of your consciousness which is the sum frequency of awareness experienced as the cause of your reality.

Your thoughts and the way your thoughts function is in for the overhaul of all existences on Earth. OF all reality states all at once.

This takes place through the shifts in your DNA through your HEART through the highest level of your BEING, filtering through all dimensions INTO NOW.

This was always planned and inherent in your BLUEPRINT as you agreed to go through this program.

The GLORY and UNION that is available is beyond all imagination and is the HOME of all the awakened glorified ONES ~ that exist with all the illuminated SOULS throughout the Universe. This beauty is unimaginable as the HEART and LOVE are the purified beauty of ALL That is.

We live through this mystical UNION of beatific GLORY and transmit NOW the GLORY of THIS ~ NOW throughout all consciousness on EARTH.

This is the transition of one way of being to a completely NEW way of being a BEING of PURE LOVE and innocence that lives in this BELOVED GLORY NOW.

Breathe, relax and FEEL this NOW. WE activate YOU NOW in this the GLORY and LOVE.



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Flow Through This ~ The New Levels

L'AuraThe subconscious become conscious.

You live in full awareness.

You have awoken from a deep sleep.

You have consciously understood all the transitions of awareness you have experienced throughout all dimensions.

As I write this, as it flows through me,  beings from other worlds are present with me.

All of this is flowing through me now.

All of this flows through you.

You are simply awakening from a deep sleep, where your subconscious kept hidden for a while all the pain and fear till you were ready to look at it. To let those attachments go.

To be willing to simply be no matter what.

In this the glory is revealed to all eyes of awareness that have been purified through the Light of their perfect union.

The beatific beauty of light knows no limitations of the wings spread wide, in loving embrace.

Held in this purified love, as awareness as the flow, we initiate you now, to greater awakening of the allowance required so as to graduate to your next conscious level.

These new levels are as miracles flow.

No one sees how they arrived.

They just simply happen.

We cannot beckon the light of that yet which we are not unified with.

All we can do is flow through this ~  the perfect plan set ablaze as an unstoppable force that creates worlds upon worlds.

Present we are in these initiations, as the miracles, so too the next levels.

Your heart the ocean, lives the depths of love. In this we live and trust. And are present now.






A HUGE thank you to all of you that have DONATED!! 

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Liquid Crystal DNA Activation ~ Queen Priest of Mu

On The Ancient Island Of Mu (not to be confused with Lemuria) The Crystalline Temple of Light  where the Priest King and Priest Queen Lived,  the First Crystal Skull also existed on Planet Earth. This was about 550 Million Years Ago~ Earth Time.

The Creators of the First Forms on Planet Earth,  known as the Creator Gods, The Elohim, played with the DNA as creative Play, playing with Consciousness that existed As Soul and Pure Crystalline Light in One Aspect of Frequency Reality Domain, to Another, through the creation Star Matrix of existence on the Star Planet Earth.

The DNA that was Active was Crystalline in Nature, Just like the Bodies of Water, and what appears as the Solid Crystal Structures. The Elohim before entering forms on Planet Earth, lived in a Sacred Crystal City of Light, the city itself, was consciousness in Form. As is All Form.

The Crystalline Water that Surrounded the DNA of the First Forms on Earth the Elohim Inhabited as Priest Kings and Queens, were Programmed and Activated through all Crystalline Structured Water. The Instructions were clear, and the DNA responded to the Programming.

The First Crystal Skull exists Etherically and has Awakened fully in its Programmed Timing of Reactivation to Activated ALL DNA and ALL Crystalline Structures, including the water and ALL Liquid Crystal on Planet Earth.

This Liquid Crystal surrounds your DNA, Exists as Bodies of Water, and exists as Structures that are programmable known as Quartz Crystal, and Liquid Crystal Technology.

All of Your Communication systems follow the original liquid Crystal Technology as the original creation aspect, of programming information with directives, through consciousness.

As the Queen Priest of Mu, I now Hold and oversee the Crystal Programmer Skull on Mu, the Reactivation of the original Design is fully activated as the Program of Light and Re Birth on Planet Earth, that the Mother, the Priest Queen of Mu,  was originally here on Earth to Be and  to do.  And is Now here again in Form, holding the DNA and the Liquid Crystal Activation, that RE-Births Consciousness into the Programmed Crystalline Activations of Light and information that ALL in form which have DNA NOW, through their Star Creation Matrix, agreed to Be Part of and Exist through.

The Body of Water within your Form, holds 99 percent Liquid Crystal. This Liquid Crystal informs your DNA and programs it.

When the Liquid Consciousness of Cells are in Harmony, they All unite clearly and RESPOND and send out their Frequency Like a Laser Beam of Light, streaming Light as a cohesive Conscious Unit, towards ONE way of Accelerated Being.

As this Queen Priest of Mu~ Elohim~ Holding the Crystal Skull of the Elohim, Now sends out the Laser Beam Programming ALL LIQUID CRYSTAL, your Form Responds as it is made up of Liquid Crystal, and the Ease of Transformation is the resulting level of Harmony within your Consciousness.

Going with the Flow~ is Really Going with the Crystalline Flow as a UNIT of Harmony, or Not. As the Restructuring of your DNA through the Liquid Crystalline Response of the Etheric Crystal Skull, Now Filling the Morphogenic Field, with the Activation of All Activations.

So here we Are, the embracing of the Crystalline Nature of Being, which is the Original Formatting of All DNA and Form everywhere, as the Structure of Liquid Crystal, forms its Laser Focus upon ALL Liquid Crystal, Transforming Earth and its Inhabitants.

I hold you in the Memory of This~ Of the Ancient Skull on Mu used as the Laser Beam Activating All Crystalline Liquid and Structures, as the Encoded Light, Now is Awakened, Full Circle, on the Star Planet Earth, Once Again.

I Am The Queen Priest of Mu, I Am the Eternal Mother, I Am Elohim, I Am Love, I Am Light, I am Liquid Crystal, I Am the awakened Activator, of ALL THAT IS.

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