Being Unified Consciousness as Light


The inner world of the Subconscious Mind and the Harmony (or Disharmony) at the deepest core of Your Being, pours through you as Light and Frequency to the outer world of Form, as YOU. As your Unique Signal. Your FILTER. The Level of Your Awareness on All Levels of Your Being~that Reveals itself CONSCIOUSLY  to you, as your Reality, and is proportionate to the level of  Harmony between your Subconscious, Conscious and Superconscious ~ Being. Now remember words are just words, that point to an experience that can only be known, through Experience of it.

What lies beneath the surface and plays out in the background of your awareness, and the level of conscious awareness of what is Playing out~ your reactions, emotional responses, and mental thoughts etc. represent the Union of the Subconscious, Conscious and Superconscious Being. Harmony is Union. When all of your Awareness is Fully One, Subconscious, Conscious and Superconscious Being~ there is NO VEIL.

Your Subconscious Being ~Your Soul Plan, Your Incarnation and the Design you created before incarnating to Complete (Karmic memory traces) is what you  GROW in awareness and experience THROUGH.

When Completed, the ORIGINAL Design of You ~ Your Original Template, which is CONSCIOUS UNION, then becomes YOU, Consciously. This is the Uniting of all parts of your Awareness as ONE Being, Unified. You are All, Your are your Original Template and Blueprint Of Being, This is the Ascended you. The Design of  the Creator Gods, that existed ( And Exist in No Time) in Paradise, the Garden of Eden.

The Return to this Awareness through Your Heart then Unifies Your Awareness of the Eternal You, Your Immortal Body of Light. Your Soul.  Your Divinity. Your Soul (on all levels of Being to be Unified consciously) through your Heart, Begin to Access NODAL Points of Being (multidimensional existences) ~That trigger deeper memories within you, that are your Purified memories (unlike karmic traces) that When unified through All levels of your Consciousness, AWAKEN your original Design, through the eternal Frequency awareness of Your Being.

This Alchemical Process, changes all of your Bodies, your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Bodes, which transforms Your Cellular Consciousness, into Light.  This alchemical Process, is THE clearing of your Template so to speak, BACK TO YOUR ORIGINAL DESIGN.

Enter Deeply your Heart, it is the Portal to all of your Awareness of Being, that is the Unifying CONSTANT of HARMONY ~ that Harmonizes all within YOU ~ as the Frequency of Your Soul, your Original Design. Your Original Design is the Coming Full Circle, BACK to THE Conscious awareness of The Eternal YOU, Heaven on Earth. The New Earth, The Garden of Eden, Paradise.

I hold you deep within my Heart, in what appears as Paradise Lost, as You Awaken, from the Dream, that you were separate from this. It is ALL NOW within You. I am There, I am Here, I am everywhere, I am nowhere. I simply Am the Light, that Holds You in Eternal Love, Always and Now. Feel me with You.


Eternal Love and Ecstasy!



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  1. Yes!!! Opening to All LEVELS of Being!! Sacred

  2. A wonderful and sacred pic. ❤ ❤ I ❤ ❤ Love ❤ ❤ You ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    In a recent meditation listen to music that is in the space of planets, I also heard you singing one of the Languages of Light, I feel it great

  3. Sacred Love and Bliss!!! 💗💗💗💗

  4. Sacred Love and Bliss!!! 💞💞💞

  5. You and the sacred, powerful truth you share guides me within, always, I love you!!! Thank you so much!! ❤️

  6. 💛feeling you with me💛sacred💛so blessed💛I love you💛

  7. Amazing, Divine, Sacred Bliss. ❤ ❤ I ❤ ❤ Love ❤ ❤ You ❤ ❤ dear Pistis Sophia Angel ❤ ❤ Eternal Love ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    I feel now my divinity, my I Am Presence, and see al with other eyes too and yes, As above so below, I understand it now and know all is perfect and divine

  8. powerful reading every letter of every word guiding, all leads back to the heart for the way home. i love you Victoria Elohim ❤ ❤

  9. Marja Thibaudier

    💛Sacred💛 Powerful releasing at all levels💛 To the original Soulplan💛 Divine L’Aura💛 I love you💛

  10. Marja Thibaudier

    YES ❤ up to the NEW and original soul plan through releasing of all karmic traces ❤
    This is powerful ❤ Thank you L'Aura ❤ I love you ❤

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