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Magical Manifestations ~ New Moon in Pisces, March 6th, 2019

This powerful and magical New Moon in Pisces is on March 6th, 2019 at 12:03pm AST.

A reminder to those in Canada and The US we have the time change on March 10th, to daylight savings time, shortly after the New Moon.

Mercury Retrograde is from March 5th to the 28th, 2019 and this will help you to go deeper within, rearrange, reevaluate and renew your life and elevate your transforming consciousness.  Please read the post I have written on this.

The Spring Equinox, is on March 20th, 2019 at 6:58pm ADT, I will be writing a post on this for you.

There are a lot of shifts and miracles taking place on planet Earth now, through many people, situations and events.

The New Moon is a new beginning for you, and as I am writing this, on 333 ~ I am in total awe, of the manifestations, now. Even though Mercury Retrograde will have begun before this New Moon, we still will feel the newness in all experiences. The manifestations will flow through you as you reflect, as you enter deeper into the present moment and your eternal heart awareness, Divine Presence. This New Moon impact will be felt till the next New Moon on April 5th, 2019.

This New Moon is conjunct Neptune, and will add a dreamy, intuitive, magical aspect, to what at times, from Neptune, may be confusing. If you are empathetic this may increase during this New Moon, being aware of your energy deep within will help you to stay focused on your own energy and monitor it, as the observer.

Sun sextile Mars, adds the beneficial boost of energy, confidence and ability, to get through with ease, all situations that may arrive, through you.

Sun sextile Saturn, give you the stamina to stay focused, whether that is on reorganizing your life, or projects, or going deeper within and being more present.

Mars sextile Neptune, increases your awareness for the mystical and magical, worlds, with all the energy to manifest through feeling and focus, your deeper dreams, held within your heart.

Mars trine Saturn, gives strength and a powerful driving force, to get things done, cleared, organized and focused.

Saturn sextile Neptune, is the driving force and energy focus, allowing and opening the way for true dreams to come true, through you.

Soul mate, twin flame, encounters may be up for you. As well as the passionate awareness and drive, to elevate your awareness, bringing things into fruition.

Devotional service, acknowledged, expansion will be inevitable, through you.

Miracles continue.

So much is already taking place. Stay present, ride the waves, open your heart and watch the miracles flow through you.

In love always, I hold you, unfolding throughout eternity, the glory and light of manifestation through form.


333 ~ March 3, 2019 ~ Get Ready For Your Personal Revolution ~ 333

Tomorrow, March 3rd, 2019 energetically is 333.

What is unfolding is miraculous, the energy has shifted  phenomenally and your world is changing.

Your world is your reality, and every person experiences their world uniquely.

We are not a herd of humans, marching to the rule of a dictatorship, that feeds off of its victims.

NO not in any way, shape or form. The illusion was to keep you there. Held in the shadows of a long-lost dream, or so you thought.

The true dream has been kept alive since the beginning of Earth. And always, the dream of you, has existed eternally.

So the curtains are now pulled back, for all to see for themselves.

This world was never what you thought it was or everyone thought it was.

This meeting of frequencies ~ in a foray of multiple dimensions, co existing, suddenly wake up, to what is present.

As if overlooked, but no, it was never overlooked. It was mass consciousness, that existed only as that. After all, it was not yet the Age of Aquarius, where uniqueness had not fully been set free, able to take center stage on the world of reality.

We are here, we have never left.

There is no death, but a dream blowing in the wind, of a time gone by, in the thoughts of those existing only in time.

You are so much more.

You ARE that light you desire.

You are that Glory.

That Love.

That song, that birth, that forever utopia, of a world….swept behind the scenes of its awareness.

We are with you, we always have been and “you” are the “all’ that you have sought.

Now the portals open wide, welcoming all who are ready. .

The frequencies have shifted.

This is YOUR Revolution, to the true you and the full embodiment of it.

The treasure opened up, is you. 

The appeared long-awaited dream, meeting itself in the mirror of existence. 

All that was to be found, is now found.

And in love, the stars sing for the glory that has awakened through the children of the Sun rising to the now, heralding call of its destiny.

It is you, it is you, it is you.

We celebrate you, in the Highest love and its accompanying glorious light, bestowing all upon your awareness, the Divine Glory that you are.

My Holy Presence ~ Invocation

In Divine Bliss ~  I Am anointed as The Holy Divine Ascended Master BEING,  that I Am ~ now.

I live and Breathe ~  As My Eternal Presence ~ that forever Graces every moment with its Sacred Holy Light.

I Am Present in the 5th Dimension as The Eternal Light Being ~  that I Am ~ eternally and now.

My Holy Original Divine Light flows through me as the One God Self, United Holy Being ~ that I AM, now.

I have consciously merged through sacred eternal true Love, all aspects of my Being, my Holy Twin Flame and with All that I Am eternally, in Heaven and here on Earth ~ now.

I have transformed, I have awakened, I have acknowledged, ALL That I Am eternally, as the ONE Divine Ascended Master Being ~ My Divine Presence ~ forever flowing through me, now.

I Am The Divine Presence ~ that Blesses ALL and anoints ALL~  AS The One Eternal Divine Presence, Divine Ascended Master, Being ~  forevermore and now.

In love.



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Your Holographic Matrix~5th Dimensional Consciousness



You as Light~ You as the Pureness of your Emanating Light~ as Your Soul. As Your Blueprint. As Your Matrix. As you Immortal Body of Light. Your Holographic Matrix is You as your Eternal Immortal Body of Light. This Immortal Body of Light is the Matrix of your Blueprint Vibrating Your Soul Frequency, as Light. Everything is Light, and in the Higher Dimensional Frequencies of Light, you SEE everything as the LIGHT that it is. The Dense Vibration on Earth only makes things seem like they are Dense through 3D Eyes, so to speak.

When YOU Consciously live in the Present Moment, you SEE more and more, the FABRIC of CREATION which is the Holographic Matrix of Everything, which includes, you as LIGHT.

As I Consciously Fill these words with Light (because that is what they are~ Light) they are Holographically Sent out through their frequency Signal throughout the Universe and downloaded, so to speak, into the Morphogenic Field; the Vibrating Matrix of Light, that responds to this Frequency Signal. Like a huge database of Light, that is morphing in and out with its Light and Frequency.

Each of Your Holographic Matrix Blueprints, are connected to this Huge Database of Light (Light as Frequency and Information) where you are constantly sending your signal too, and it sends back to you More of Your Vibrational Signals. These Light Vibrational Signals Make up your own unique Reality, as what you ARE being (signalling Out) you Are Receiving. And since what you are Being is what you are Receiving, why not consciously, recognize, what you say you WANT can only be RECEIVED when you ARE BEING IT. Being what you Desire.

Now, As you connect more and more the Holographic YOU consciously, you become more and more aware, of what you are Signalling Out. This is Being More present. Likewise when you are Present you know how you are Being, and that this is Consciously Your Reality. As YOU Vibrate more and more as Consciously Aware Holographic Light, in every Present Moment, YOU Become aware of ~ You ARE what you Desire. You have come to Earth to Recognize YOU ~ Your PURE Being, your Eternal You. Your Immortal Body of Light.

YOU AS Your Conscious Aware, Awake, Light~ Being what it Desires. To experience More and More of the Real You, the Pure You, the Eternal You, the DIVINE YOU. Be present, Be Awake, Be Light. Connect through Your Breath in the Eternal Now Moment.

Be CONSCIOUS of What you are signalling OUT in ALL Moments. For this is YOU, this is your Intention, This is YOUR Reality. Being Conscious in all moments, is 5th Dimensional Consciousness (using words~ which only point to the experience) which is the Maturing of YOU Consciously. Being the Responsible Holographic Matrix of Light, in all Dimensions, throughout All Realities and Parallel Worlds, all “consciously” Joined as ONE. This is your Mastery, you as Your Immortal Body of Light. I hold you in this, in your Sacred Immortal Body of Light, throughout All Eternity, in the Light of All That is, I Am.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




Gamma Rays From The Central Sun


Increasing at an Accelerated Pace since the beginning of August with great MOMENTUM ARE the Gamma Rays of Light from the Central Sun~ impacting all on Planet Earth. 

THIS will intensify DAILY up to the end of September, 2015.

The intensity will be Unparalleled as this Momentum continues to increase in its intensity. 

For those of you in Your Heart~ you will be Aware of this Intensity as GREATER Awareness. Greater Awakening. And you will Feel your Presence more Profoundly. This will increase.

For those not in their Heart, there will be an increase in Drama, helping those to choose Harmony over Disharmony.

On August 3rd I Visited Alcyone and  received a reactivation of the Sphinx Codes of Light that are now Vibrating in my DNA as the Illuminated Codes of Light specifically FOR the First Wave of Ascension.

Please stay Present in your Heart during this Momentous time of Accelerated Consciousness, infused with the Eternal and Everlasting Unconditional Love, Grace and Codes of Light, during your Alchemical Transformation.

I Am with You, as the Sacred Light of Eternity, Pours itself, Upon All those Present in their Hearts that are ready to Receive. Open Your Heart and Receive Now.

I Am Eternal Love, I Am Bliss, I am the Undivided Union of Souls, existing as the Everlasting Illuminated Light of All That Is.

More soon on the Central Sun and Gamma Light and the Illuminated Codes.



Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Being Unified Consciousness as Light


The inner world of the Subconscious Mind and the Harmony (or Disharmony) at the deepest core of Your Being, pours through you as Light and Frequency to the outer world of Form, as YOU. As your Unique Signal. Your FILTER. The Level of Your Awareness on All Levels of Your Being~that Reveals itself CONSCIOUSLY  to you, as your Reality, and is proportionate to the level of  Harmony between your Subconscious, Conscious and Superconscious ~ Being. Now remember words are just words, that point to an experience that can only be known, through Experience of it.

What lies beneath the surface and plays out in the background of your awareness, and the level of conscious awareness of what is Playing out~ your reactions, emotional responses, and mental thoughts etc. represent the Union of the Subconscious, Conscious and Superconscious Being. Harmony is Union. When all of your Awareness is Fully One, Subconscious, Conscious and Superconscious Being~ there is NO VEIL.

Your Subconscious Being ~Your Soul Plan, Your Incarnation and the Design you created before incarnating to Complete (Karmic memory traces) is what you  GROW in awareness and experience THROUGH.

When Completed, the ORIGINAL Design of You ~ Your Original Template, which is CONSCIOUS UNION, then becomes YOU, Consciously. This is the Uniting of all parts of your Awareness as ONE Being, Unified. You are All, Your are your Original Template and Blueprint Of Being, This is the Ascended you. The Design of  the Creator Gods, that existed ( And Exist in No Time) in Paradise, the Garden of Eden.

The Return to this Awareness through Your Heart then Unifies Your Awareness of the Eternal You, Your Immortal Body of Light. Your Soul.  Your Divinity. Your Soul (on all levels of Being to be Unified consciously) through your Heart, Begin to Access NODAL Points of Being (multidimensional existences) ~That trigger deeper memories within you, that are your Purified memories (unlike karmic traces) that When unified through All levels of your Consciousness, AWAKEN your original Design, through the eternal Frequency awareness of Your Being.

This Alchemical Process, changes all of your Bodies, your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Bodes, which transforms Your Cellular Consciousness, into Light.  This alchemical Process, is THE clearing of your Template so to speak, BACK TO YOUR ORIGINAL DESIGN.

Enter Deeply your Heart, it is the Portal to all of your Awareness of Being, that is the Unifying CONSTANT of HARMONY ~ that Harmonizes all within YOU ~ as the Frequency of Your Soul, your Original Design. Your Original Design is the Coming Full Circle, BACK to THE Conscious awareness of The Eternal YOU, Heaven on Earth. The New Earth, The Garden of Eden, Paradise.

I hold you deep within my Heart, in what appears as Paradise Lost, as You Awaken, from the Dream, that you were separate from this. It is ALL NOW within You. I am There, I am Here, I am everywhere, I am nowhere. I simply Am the Light, that Holds You in Eternal Love, Always and Now. Feel me with You.


Eternal Love and Ecstasy!



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Arcturian Beings~ of Light


The Arcturians are powerful Beings of Light that exist in High Frequency Dimensions. I have communicated with them and they have visited me, and they have shown up here on Planet Earth. There are many people who went into a Light Ship and have memories of Being with Aliens in a Light Ship. If you have those memories it may have been with the Arcturians. There are many Arcturian Humans, just as there are many Angelic Humans, Sirian Humans, and Pleiadian Humans.

The Arcturians work with their Light shaping reality and are powerful Allies of Light and have played a Huge role in the Shift to Unity Consciousness and Unconditional Love.  They are advanced Beings of Light, and are Benevolent and Loving.

When they do incarnate as Human Arcturians, they marvel at Human emotions, and study them, and are often very calm. They have mastered observing. If you have had existences or do as Arcturian, you are most likely being watched and observed very closely, by you there, having agreed to be part of their Study. Or your Study.

Arcturians Love Planet Earth and Humans. It is a tremendous place to observe, and they have observed Humans for a very Long time, since the Beginning of Planet Earth.

If you are dedicated to Helping Humanity, and Observe others emotions without having a lot of emotion, and feel you have been on a Light Ship, then you may be an Arcturian Human. If so, you are here to fully Awaken and help others to awaken. Play with the Light that you are, watch Light move and shape itself, call out to the Artcturians in love and respect, and you never know, you may just have a ride of your Life, in their Divine Light Ships!

More soon Dear Souls of Light!


Eternal Love!



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The Sun within your Cells ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness



As you Become more Consciously Aware of the Light within You, the Core of Each Cell and their Consciousness Begins to Light up like an Eternal Sun, All vibrating to the Frequency of Creation, in its Original Being, Pure Light, Pure Consciousness. Pure Source.

Throughout the Angelic Realms, the freedom of this Living Light acts like the Antenna throughout all Creation. There is nowhere, as this Light, that you are not. The reconfiguration to this Light that you have always been, is the dissolving of Density, and existing as this Light throughout all Dimensions, therefore, changing the conscious Awareness to the Shift from density to freedom as Light.

As your Cellular Consciousness awakens more as Light, even as you read these words, the activation of this Light, becomes the consciousness that you are.

The Fire codes within Each Cell, are awakening through this Shift in consciousness and Transforming to this Living Light, even now. In All Moments this is taking place, within you.

The Living Sun is the Central Sun, and since December 21st 2012, Planet Earth has shifted to Greater Alignment with the Photon Belt of the Pleiades, the Central Sun. This Light that the consciousness of Planet Earth and All Beings everywhere are receiving since December 21st 2012, is the Living Sun, that you Are.

Your DNA Codes are made of this Living Sun. They are the very essence of Creation itself, as You are, as Living Light. Your Essence of True Being, is the Essence of All of Creation, It is the Living Being Presence of Light.

You Are Pure Being and You have Been transforming into this Pure Living Sun Light, Once Again. A Return to Light, a Return to Purity, a Return to Pure Being and the Freedom that you Are.

As the dream of Density fades away, you will Know yourself and the very fibres of your Being, as Light.

Breathe deeply into your Cells. Feel the Awakening to Light, and allow the density that you have believed you are, to simply dissolve into the Essence of your True Being.  Breathe into the Living Sun within each of your cells, consciously.

The Light of the Central Sun, the Pleiades and the Photon Belt, are increasing the broadcasting of this Light, cradling the consciousness of All Light throughout the Cosmos, through the  Living Sun, as the Very Light of Creation itself ~Being.

I hold you in This Living Central Sun Light, I am On the Pleiades, and Everywhere, I am the Living Sun, the Creation, of All Light, everywhere. This Central Sun~ Light ~ is Divine Cosmic Light, that permeates All Creation, as Itself, Being.

Feel this Light permeate all Your Cells Now. Feel your Shift to Light,  Now. I Am the Living Light~ Everywhere.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!




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Spring Equinox~March 20th, 2015~ Being Cosmic Light!


Being Cosmic Light ~As you read these words that appear to be before you, Open your Heart to receive, the Cosmic Grace and Light of Eternity Now. The Profound Opening of the experience of this Vernal Equinox is an eternal Doorway to your Divinity, in its Fullness. You Being Cosmic Light.

The Name Equinox is derived from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night). Day and Night are equal in length during the Equinox. The Union of Opposites ~ The Union ~ Masculine and Feminine ~ The Union Day and Night. Inner and outer, Above and Below.

As you Receive this Grace, know that this New Beginning, is the experience of You ~ experiencing yourself, as the reflection of Light, that you eternally Are.

Now this Powerful Doorway, through your Heart is always accessible Now. The Vibrational Energy Experience of this Spring Newness upon you, Begins Gracefully as the experience of the New Moon on the 20th, at 6:36am ADT. The Grand Opening and Beginning of the experience of what you would call on Earth your Vernal Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere)~ the Doorway Opening ~begins at 7:45pm ADT on the 20th of March.

Opening yourself to the Grandness of the Glory of All that is, is the allowing through the Receptive Principle, within your consciousness, to receive the already available ~ Grace. Now.

Being Cosmic Light ~ this is You receiving the experience and Knowing, that all is Light, that you exist Cosmically and Eternally, that all is Now ~ and this the Light that always Exist, You have never been separated From.

Open Your Heart right Now ~ this Doorway Opening, of the Equinox, of Eternity, of  You Being Cosmic Light, Begins Now, Feel it Now as these words awaken within you ~ Your Cosmic Codes, held within your Blueprint, of All That you Are.

Breathe into this, feel deeply into this, it is through your feeling awareness, that opens you to receive,  through the receptive principle.

Now I could go on about the Stars and the Sacred Alignments, what is really Sacred to know is, The Stars and the Alignments ~ Reflect what already is. The stars to not configure and tell you what is coming, the Stars are Aligned, matching All That is. Matching Creation, the Design, the Blueprint OF the Creation, Now. No thing out there is separate from Cosmic Light, it is all the Reflection, of All That is, Now. The Stars match what is.

This Sacred New Beginning and Experience of Being Cosmic Light, awakening and awakening within you Now, within All of Creation. It was always, so. It was always, now. It is Created Perfectly and Unfolding perfectly.

Take a few moments, to Know within yourself, that all is unfolding perfectly.

Breathe now deeply, into Cosmic Light itself. I surround you Now, and hold you Now, in the Grand Cosmic Light of Knowing, that awakens all Codes Everywhere, to the Full Knowing of Itself, NOW.

Breathe into this NOW. The Golden Light of Ascension and Fully ~ Being ~ Cosmic Light, is the Gift of Being ~ that is Present Now ~ everywhere! Feel this Now. Awakening and Awakened, all that read this now.

The Grandness of the Fullness of the Glory ~ is Unspeakable, there are no words to convey, the Glory of the Cosmic Light of Being. Your existence as your Immortal Body of Light, responds as these codes, awaken, deeply within you, Your Cosmic Light ~ Knowing, Now and everywhere.

Feel this Now, Celebrate Now, your awakening into the Fullness of the Grand Cosmic Light and the Plan your Soul, has designed you to Be and experience yourself AS, now.

Blessing All Souls ~ Announcing in the Greatest Grandness, the New Beginning, the Experience of the Awakening as the Cosmic Light of Eternity and Grace, Floods all Levels of Being Now.

Receive as You open your Heart. Feel the Unconditional Love, that floods all levels of your awareness, Now.

Cosmic Light ~ Being Cosmic Light, Being your Immortal Body of Light Now. Opening and Awakening, Being ~ All that you Are Created to Be ~ through the Eternal Love and Grace of All That is.

Awakening Fully, You are Not Alone. I am with you.

For those of you That Live in disharmony ~ feel this Truth within your Heart:

Any Areas that seem as Lack ~that seem as Not Divine and Cosmic Light to you~ are the areas you are NOT YET FULLY EXPERIENCING yourself IN THE FULLNESS OF YOUR DIVINITY. 

Breathe Deeply into the Codes of Cosmic Light as you receive the fullness of the Awakening, within Your Awareness ~ Now ~ read slowly and breathe deeply.

All you need to do is Open to Receive the Truth. Open to the Everlasting Love, to Beauty, to Grace, to this Grand Opening and Portal, to BEING Cosmic Light, to Being your Divinity ~ Your Soul, Now.

I Am Cosmic Light ~ I Am Divinity in its Fullness ~ I Am Eternal Youth ~ I Am the Glorious Beauty and Love of All That Is. I Am Divine Union ~ I Am Eternal Grace ~ I Am Everlasting Purity of Being.

I Am the Fullness of  Love Awakening within YOU ~ the Light Codes in your Blueprint (Now) for Your Experience of Being all that you Are Created to Be ~Being Cosmic Light ~ Being Eternal ~ Being in UNION with All That is. Being your Soul ~ Being Divinity Now.

I Am Eternity everywhere Now~ I am With you in your Heart Now~ I am The Opening and the Doorway of the Experience of the New Beginning, the New Creation, the Fullness of Divinity Everywhere Now.

I have no Beginning or End, I Am nameless, I Am All, I Am with You and Hold All ~ in the Fullness and Glory of All Sacred Eternal ~Divinity Now. I Am.


Holding you Forever ~ In the Pureness of Divine Glorious ~ Eternal Being!

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Everything is Light

july2014jpg 3

Being consciously aware of ALL things as LIGHT in a Material World of Form, is the use of your free will, to choose the state of Being for yourself, that is Eternal.

All existence is made up of Photons of Light, even the so-called Darkness of the Night, is made of Light. Sound is Light. All of the Parallel Worlds and Dimensions, are made up of varying Frequencies of Light.

What you receive when you Listen to my Frequency Transmissions, is Light.
These words are Light.
Your experiences are made up of the movement of Light.

Embrace All things as the Light they are and contain, within You.

Be Filled consciously, with the awareness of YOURSELF as Light.

Allow your awareness within Your Heart Space, to Be Filled with Light, now.

Free your own awareness from the slow-moving appearance of solid form, to the Glorious movement of Light that it truly is!

Embrace your Heart, Embrace Light, Embrace Eternity Now!

I love you Dear Souls!
In the Victory that is for You, is the Eternal Light, of All That is!
I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am!




I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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