Dragons~ Beings of Light


Sacred Beings of Light include the Ancient Lineage of the Species ~Dragons. They Mystically awaken the Powerful Fire Energy of Love, and true Power, that exists as the Pure State of Being, in Unconditional Love and Union.

Experiencing the Dragon Realm of Being, is to the Enter the Sacred Power of Beings, that are the Guardians of True Pure Ancient Power, Wisdom and Love. Powerful Kundalini Awakenings, may come forth through the Power of contact with these ancient Beings of Light.

There are Angelic Humans, and Pleiadian Humans, etc. and there are Also Dragon Humans. All Aspects are aspects of YOU as LIGHT. YOU as your Soul. YOU may be Here Now to unite with their eternal Being and to Bring Forth here and in the New Earth (Now) the Ancient Light of the Eternal Dragon.

Have you always been drawn to Dragons? Have you Dreamt of Dragons? Have you Transformed your Awareness over and over~And Experienced profound Kundalini Experiences~ And Fire up the spine?

Dragons can also be Experienced in Sacred Ancient Waters. And Sacred Lakes. They can appear to YOU and take you to their Realm of Being. It is a Frequency Dimension of Pure Love and Transformation.

If YOU exist and existed as a Dragon, you are Being called to your Ancient Lineage of True Love Power, and will Merge with this aspect of Your Soul, Being, all that you Are, carrying your Love and Message with you, as the intention and Love of You, helping all Beings, through your Presence.

Your Soul has many aspects, through which you Incarnate. These incarnations may include YOU as many species.  They all exist Now. Stay Focused in your Heart, and all that you Are, Eternally, will merge in your consciousness, as the Being that you Are, in your uniqueness, and in All That you Are here to Be.

Being the Light that you Are ~ through your Heart, releases expectations that include comparison. For All you have ever Desired is to Be YOU ~ the Eternal you, embracing all that you Are. In the Sacred Here and Now. And in this Sacred Light, I have always held you in My Eternal Heart.

dragons beingsoflight

Eternal Love and Bliss!



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  1. Love you Facies!! ❤

  2. Sacred Love and Bliss! Yes all are Evolving to their Original State of Being!! ❤

  3. In the here and now💙thank you always💛I love you💜

  4. Marja Thinaudier

    Wowww so Sacred💞 Besutiful and powerful Dragon Species💞 Thank you💞 Love you L’Aura

  5. Marvelous, Magical, powerful and loving post. ❤ ❤ I ❤ ❤ Love ❤ ❤ You ❤ ❤ Victoria Elohim ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    If several days ago I dreamed I was a dragon and flew, I found it strange but I saw very clearly in the dream, have always attracted me stories with dragons and I always come in large numbers. Also reflected, if there were dragons and could do so many amazing things that human beings pursued their ?

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