Changing “How” You Create

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You are an Eternal Being, yet it may seem to you that you are living an endless struggle to experience your true freedom, to enter the awareness of your Full Divinity. To Truly Create, all that your Heart deeply longs for and desires!

Are you duality focused?
Stuck in the concepts of the mind?
Trying to figure it all out?
Are you creating through your responses and reactions that are old patterns?
Do you wonder why something new has not yet occurred in your Reality?
Wondering why you have not yet manifested what you desire?

If you answered yes to the above, then take a few moments, relax and Breathe, enter your Heart, and read on.

Duality consciousness is an immersion into the “sense” of limitation. Bound by the concepts of Gravity and Appearance, the level of creation that takes place, through duality consciousness, is just that. One of limitation and struggle, that follows the concepts of working hard and creating through that means.

Yet who you Are and your Form, was created, through the higher realms of creation, not steeped in concepts or appearances. The Level of conscious Creation at the level of Creation, is one of Limitless Freedom and Omnidimensional Light.

You as Light, your Soul, the template of your Form, your Immortal Body of Light, is this Omnidimensional Light, which is eternal Light, not immersed in the concepts of duality and time.

So what does all of this mean? And how can you access this Eternal Aspect of yourself, now, so that you can live in freedom and Full Mastery of Duality?

This means, if you Truly Desire to create for yourself a New Life, to experience the true fulfillment of your heart, and a new way of Being, you must enter into this eternal Aspect of yourself, as this is the part of you, that can create anything you truly desire. This is the YOU THAT IS LIMITLESS. Your form on Earth, was Created from this Limitless part of you!

Your old patterns have continued to create the same old ways. Until you are free from creating through Duality, your old ways, you will continue to create the same things, immersed in duality. Duality is separation consciousness. Duality is limitation.

So ask yourself do you really want to become all that you truly Are? Do you truly want to know yourself as the Limitless Being that you are?

If you answered yes, then take a few moments, and set the intention to be Free. To create from the level of your Limitless Being, now.

Maybe Pause, write down the date and time of this intention you set, so that you can observe the changes that begin to take place as of THIS Moment!

The Key word here is “Observe” What you will be beginning to do, is observe yourself, your thoughts, your emotions, your Life and how you have lived it. You will become a detective of yourself, so to speak, you will get to know yourself, your patterns, and all those things you have avoided to look at.

As you observe and see the old ways, remember your Intention and use the power of your FOCUS to attune yourself DAILY to your Heart. To your Desires and to your Eternal Being as Light, your Immortal Body of Light.

Now, how do you enter the awareness of Yourself as an Eternal Immortal Body of Light?

I am happy you wondered that! It is very simple, and isn’t it always the simple things that change everything? That one moment when everything changes! Have you observed that?

Take a few deep Breaths, relax consciously, use your power of Focus, and turn your awareness to your Heart Space. Breathe consciously in and out of your Heart. Feel Light move in and out of your Heart as you Breathe. Do this for a couple of minutes, now.

Now see, or sense yourself as a Being of Eternal Light, Now. This is your Immortal Body of Light, the template which is your emanation.

Now see and FEEL yourself, creating through your Eternal Immortal Body of Light. Your feeling consciousness is the most powerful avenue for creation, through your Heart.

Do you sense yourself in Joy, and sense that you are LIMITLESS not limited by the boundaries of Duality. Can you FEEL THAT?

Now, Create from Here, feel yourself as this Immortal Body of Light, with you all Day long. Observe when you do this and when you forget. YOUR FOCUS is the power you have to use your Free Will!

Feel yourself as often as you can AS YOUR IMMORTAL Body of Light. And soon that is all you will feel and you will be Free and create consciously from that Eternal level of Creation, the Eternal Light of Your Soul.

Please note, a state of  being that is coherent, Harmony, is the WAY to feel the frequency of your Immortal Body of Light, your Eternal Soul.

Please listen to my Audio Frequency Transmissions on YouTube if you would like help to Enter a Coherent State of being Daily and to get access to Your Eternal Limitless Coherent state of Being, and consciously, live from there! You as the Limitless Being of Your Eternal Soul that you are, your Immortal Body of Light.

Entering these states of Coherent Being, through your Heart, and living consciously as Limitless Awareness itself, is YOUR Master of Form, Is Your Completion, is ALL that YOU Are!

I love you Dear Souls and hold you eternally in the Victory that is Yours! In your Mastery! In your Limitless Being! IN All that You Are! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am!

More soon! I love you Dear Souls!


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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  1. In your post today you do some questions, I really feel that I can not answer yes, I acknowledge that I have changed in a very big way and now I understand how things are, without worrying sometimes if my mind or my reason understand some things. The biggest thing that happens to me is to feel your love intensely nonetheless. Last night I think I was listening to the first meditation of the language of light and suddenly you look and saw your physical face, but as I saw a great light or your light body; I appreciate immensely your guide and your teachings to correct what we must correct. In meditation today when I heard it for the second time, I felt great ecstasy, seeing you, hearing you and feeling you intensely. ❤ I ❤ Love ❤ You ❤ LOVE ❤ ❤ always ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Marja Thibaudier

    Such a beautiful blog post ❤ Feelnthe lightbody and the light pouring through me
    Thank you so much
    Will read this again and again to integrate this all
    I love you ❤

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