Ancient Initiations of The Heart

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The Portal of Your Heart is a very real accessing Point for you to experience.
Inside this Portal is the everlasting awareness space that is beyond time and space, yet in it. For those of you who have accessed it, you know the everlasting Bliss of Union that accompanies the conscious awareness of you as the experiencer.

Your Immortal Body of Light is held as the Flame and Sacred Temple within your Heart Space, for you to experience. The Mysteries of the Ancients through a series of Initiations awakened One into these Sacred Mysteries and spaces.

The Union of the Masculine and Feminine, occurs within this accessing Space within your Heart. And Many Sacred Sexual Rituals of Old, as on Mu, initiated many into the conscious awareness of this Union, with the eternal Divine, within.

Many Tantric Practises through the awareness and acceptance of the Body turn the focus away from results, and into the Moment, where All resides, within you. These Ancient rituals experienced THROUGH the body, are the accessing spaces of NO time, in time.

As you become MORE present within your Heart, know that you are Accessing the Key to your awareness of ALL That YOU Are. Your Divinity in Form, as a Conscious participant in your Reality Selection.

The Experience of Your Reality, is the Projection of the Screen of Images within You. The images within you, Flow as the Frequency that YOU are in every moment, that allows all to Arise within you. Through your Allowing of all to arise, you consciously surrender, to All That You Are. As nothing takes place, that is not within You already. As you Consciously Enter your Heart space, and LIVE from that space, All that Arises will Be Bliss and your Completion will be Complete.

In the current world of Appearances on Planet Earth, use your Will consciously and choose your Reality, through your Heart Awareness. Turn the focus always back to the Inner you as that is where all truly Originates From. Harmony within is Harmony within all of your Bodies, your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Bodies.

Your Heart is a Powerful Force of Awareness and Memory, that Allows your New Birth to be with Great Ease. It is in this space of Divine Surrender that your receiving of Grace is as Natural as Breathing.

Initiations in the Now, birthed within you through Your Heart Space. As you Read these words, take a few breaths and feel the Light Pour into your Heart. This is not magical, this is simply as Reality truly is. Now feel Bliss enter you deeply and allow your Body to receive as the Eternal Love and Bliss floods your Being now. Breathe Deeply and Receive.

Within your Sacred Blueprint is the Knowing of All that is True within you as Eternal Love and Memory. We have done this Before Great Souls of Living Light. Mu was Birthed through the conscious Creation of Form and all that was true then is true Now and you hold this Living Memory. I am here and Awaken within you, through your Heart, your Memory, as it is held in your Immortal Body of Light, All That You Are. The time of the Divine Feminine is the time of the Reemergence of the Great Union in Form, of Mastery of Form, The Mastery of Duality and of your Ascension and Rebirth.

This exists within you now, through your Heart, as you are Emerging as the Great Masters of Form, through your Immortal Body of Light. And as this Great Union and Initiation takes place within You, Know that it was always so. Victory was always for You! I am here initiating and Birthing you into the Wholeness that You Are. Into Union. Into your full experience of Divinity, that you Are. Into your Full Awareness and Memory of All That You Are, through your Heart.

Flow deeply with the currents of Your Living Light, and allow the initiations to flow through You Now, and in THIS Breath and your next pause and RECEIVE, and Surrender more To the Grace that is for you.

Listen to my Audio Frequency Transmission (the link is below) they Are Commissioned initiations for You!

Breathe and feel Deeply, All that is to be felt WITHIN you, NOW, and Receive the initiations through Your Heart! That is truly,  All That you Are. The Inner and Outer are One.

I Am with YOU! I Love you! I am The Victory that is for You! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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  1. Marja Thibaudier

    I can feel the light flooding my body
    Thank you thank you thank you
    This is so powerful ❤ I love you ❤

  2. Thank you for the amazing love work u do precious Queen of Light I am so very thankful I cross paths with you n for the enlightment u gave us during 2013 n 2014 have been intensive by your side n in divine union darling Laura tkuuuu ♥

  3. Reblogged this on Spiritual Warrior Path and commented:
    The Portal of Your Heart is a very real accessing Point for you to experience.
    Inside this Portal is the everlasting awareness space that is beyond time and space, yet in it. For those of you who have accessed it, you know the everlasting Bliss of Union that accompanies the conscious awareness of you as the experiencer.

  4. I listen a pleasant voice today in the meditation, I was surprised but I like it. ❤ I ❤ Love ❤ YOU ❤ Sweet Heart ❤

  5. Yes dear Victoria Elohim, so it is, I feel great ecstasy with everything is happening in my life, in my heart, I connect with the LOVE, the source and YOU that is within my heart, I send you a holy kiss, ❤ I ❤ Love ❤ You ❤ LOVE ❤

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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