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Your Virtual Reality ~ Is Becoming The Consequence


What you Focus Upon You Experience. It truly is that simple.

What you May Desire to be aware of, is WHAT YOU ARE “Actually” PLACING your Attention UPON?

Are you Focused on outer perceived Barriers to what you Desire?
Are you focused upon your Fears and have allowed those FEARS to dictate to you, how you will live, who you will be close to or not, based on PERCEIVED ease in the OUTER world?

The Outer World only reflects what you are experiencing within you.
So if YOU SEE limitation and Fear, your world will show you more of THAT.

IF YOU experience EASE and Allowing within you, DESPITE so-called outer Challenges, then your WORLD will begin to show you JUST HOW EASY IT CAN BE. How effortless it is, when you let go.

There is no huge puzzle here to figure out on Earth. It really is SIMPLE.

Focus on the LOVE you Desire, the Lover, the PASSION and the Flow WITHIN YOU. Your Outer world will then be of the PASSION of your Soul, effortlessly playing out as the Holographic Vision it is.

Reality on earth is the perceived substance of Solid Form. It really is NOT.
IT really is the Projection of how you are feeling and experiencing within yourself. This is the SPIRIT of YOU.

When you truly get this, you will go deep within yourself and dream away, in the Beauty of All That Exists, in the Ecstasy of your Soul.

Is this a little like Virtual Reality?  Is what you experience the RESULT of your INNER WORLD?

Either your Ecstasy in Limitless Being, or Your Limitation based on doubt, sadness and Fear?


SEE IT, Feel it, Taste it. OWN it!

If you get one thing from this, LOOK Deeper within yourself, at your beliefs, your fears, your beliefs of limitation. They don’t EXIST except within yourself.

If you say well it is obvious I have limitations because of this and that, ASK YOURSELF WHY you would believe it? Believe your MIND?

Change your Beliefs. Release outdated modes of Behaviour that simply are you patterns of PERCEIVED mental Limitations. They are NOT YOU!!!!!

And Surrender into the Limitless Nature that you truly Are.

You Truly ARE all that you Desire to Experience ~ ALREADY.

All of the Experiences that you experience are in Alignment with what you are vibrating and experiencing within yourself.

Simply Surrender to the Eternal Flow of Your Heart, to your Immortal Body of Light. And Stay Focused on the Bliss and Ecstasy that you already Are. When you stay focused upon this, your outer world of experience will match it. It is always about Vibrational Alignment!

I love you Dear Souls!




The Foundation


If you read “FEAR BASED” Posts about disasters and enemies and all things out “there” like Disclosure, etc:

You may desire instead to Spend time in silence, listening to the voice of your Heart ~ listening to The Voice of your Soul, Living within your HEART.

RECOGNIZE though, nothing impacts You UNLESS IT IS WITHIN you ALREADY.

It has to be within you to influence you, there is NO OUT THERE!

If you are NOT in Harmony ~ LISTEN TO MY Audio Frequency Transmissions!!!

When in Harmony and Fear comes up, it actually is an EXCITING thing ~
Embrace fear like this:

Isn’t this beautiful, there is something in me, that is not yet Loved within me, this is what this fear is, this is a great opportunity for me to SEE IT and LOVE it within me.

This is LOVING yourself to FREEDOM ~ through the use of your own free will!! Apply it, that is what free will is for!!!

Listen to these Audio Frequency Transmissions to help you :

Releasing Fear ~ The End of Suffering ~ Miracles ~ Healing ~ THEY ARE all ON YouTube!!
They do “Actually” work and Move you into your Heart Space as well as activate Light Codes within your original Blueprint and Harmonize all of your Bodies,Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Bodies.

Remember what is “WITHIN YOU’ Creates Your “Out There”
(Write this down as a reminder if you need to, if you keep forgetting and lose your Heart FOCUS within)

The Foundation for your jumping off point into FREEDOM and for your Heart awareness and Shift is in KNOWING THIS and living this within your Heart:
(And I mean TRULY knowing this, not imagining you do)

The Within = The Cause
The Viewed External Reality = Result of the Cause (your within)
Your Use of Free will needs to be APPLIED CONSCIOUSLY. This is your Awakening Foundation!

When viewed from the Higher Dimensions 4th and Up, Heaven on Earth already exists!!! I see it, I know it, I live it within my HEART ~ NOW!!

It is only the DRAMA and immersion in FEAR and the sense of Separation that creates your own version of your CHOICE of suffering.

Do You really want to be free from suffering?

Feel any fear and see it for what it actually is!!
Accept it, Face it, Breathe into it and Love it!!!!!!

Fears are areas within yourself that need Love.
Fears are the “sense” of Separation.
Fears do not exist within your Heart.

Are you Living within your Heart or Not?

Love is within your Heart.
Your Soul is Love.
Your Soul and Heart know ONLY LOVE.

Please remember, it comes down to the use of your FREE WILL.

Monitor how you are doing with your level of Harmony, Through your conscious awareness of Living in your Heart.
Live within your Heart Constantly ~ This is not a part-time thing!

I love you Dear Souls and Hold you Forever in your Freedom from Suffering, IN Eternal Love and In The Victory that has always been for YOU! I Am Victory! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am!




I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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