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New Moon in Cancer, June 23rd, 2017 ~ A Parallel World

The New Moon/Super Moon arrives after the powerful June 21st Summer Solstice, on June 23rd, at 11:30pm ADT.

New Moons are New Beginnings and play out in consciousness till the Following New Moon in July.

With the Presence of the Magician through the Sun and New Moon conjunct Mercury and Mercury in the Gemini Constellation, we have a powerful consciousness thrust towards a New Ways of Being.

A New Way ~ that already exists as YOU in an expanded state of consciousness ~ A Parallel World.

Are you ready for that leap of consciousness?

Are you ready to expand your Consciousness through your Heart?

As Destiny would have it ~ IT IS. Already.

Allow the Solstice to mark a transition for you in your awareness ( read my Solstice Post) that will jumpstart, so to speak, your full expansion, through the Light of Your Soul, your Heart, into all that you ARE.

The Parallel worlds exist now as dimensions of consciousness ~ within you. 

As YOU shift within your own awareness you open up to more of YOU that eternally knows itself as its Divine Ascended State of consciousness.

This parallel world VERSION of YOU ~ is the life beyond your wildest imagination.

Your expansion requires of YOU your total dedication to your awareness.

That which you perceive ~ through your consciousness ~ is THAT which is expanding within you.

Living through your heart ~ you leave behind so to speak, that which exists as consciousness (in a dimension) that KNOWS not consciously ~ ALL that you are. The YOU in the parallel world version of you.

That is what you seek, it is YOU the Divine Ascended you, the you that is your Original Light.

YOU have full access now.

The part of consciousness that does not know this as experience is transforming through the Alchemy of the Divine Magician, THROUGH YOU.

So breathe..relax and let go of limited ideas of your desires.

Dare to let go and trust your Souls Version of the Most Magical life YOU.

As you do so, you step into the Alchemy of Magic that is Divine, Whole and Blessed beyond your wildest dreams.

Read and feel ~ slowly……let go…

I LIVE in the Parallel World NOW ~ where my life is magical beyond my wildest imagination.

MY Consciousness has expanded and I SEE and know all that appeared as separate from me.

The Light shines brighter within me, LIFE IS MAGICAL.

I have transformed into the ME I knew I always was, through my Heart.

I live the Most Beatific DREAM of Love.

I Am United with my perfect Counterpart.

All is Blessed by the Magnificent Presence of All That I Am Now.

And So it is…Receive through your Heart.

The Glory and Love of All That is.

We are HERE ~ we are Now, The Divine Council of Overseers.


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Portals of Change and the New Moon in Cancer July 4th, 2016


Yesterday was Canada Day and a beautiful one in Nova Scotia. Hope you are all enjoying the Canada Day long weekend!

Soon the Independence Day for those in the United States. With that we have the new Beginning of the New Moon, in Cancer, July 4th, 8am ADT.  Sun conjunct Moon and Sun and Moon conjunct Mercury. Moon trine Neptune and the Sun trine Neptune. With the Sun and Moon quincunx Saturn. What does all of that mean you may wonder?

Each of us experiences this transformation in a unique way, based on our own inner Soul Light frequencies. Our own patterning that makes us unique. Some configurations impact some people more deeply than others. Everyone on planet Earth, at the deeper subconscious level is experience change. With each experiencing their own transformation in their own way.

There is no mistake to this. As each being is unique. The way you handle things. The process through which you are transforming, happens THROUGH you, based on your Soul Plan. In other words, it is unfolding perfectly for you. Even if you are kicking and screaming through it.

As it is the entire Consciousness of all on Planet Earth that is transforming. Even if ALL are not conscious of this.

The More conscious you are. The more you impact your experience with greater surrender. Less resistance. Therefore less pain and suffering.

With the intensity of all that transformational energies in June behind us, so to speak. In July we will feel more of the increasing momentum that we are riding along, through the Ascension Process. This seemingly uncontrollable ride, is the HIGHER Consciousness, awakening through you. Your Ascension.

There is no way but THROUGH.

Through you will go, one way or the other. As per your Soul.

Observe the thoughts associated with resistance of the form. All the likes and don’t likes. The kicking and screaming of resistance and its associated pain. And through this OBSERVANCE, become grounded in this STATE of Being ~ AS THE ONE who does the Observing. 

So we observe the pain. We observe we are not getting what we want. We observe, the VERY PROCESS of the dissolving of the ego. As the OVERRIDING Over Lord of your Ascension, is your Soul. It will not succumb to the dictates of the ego. It is in charge. You are here, it is in charge. This it, is through WHICH you are going THROUGH.

Call it what you will.

It is a surrender process, that if you are here on Earth in a form, you agreed to go through.

It is not a process to which the ego, gets its way.

It is the process of inhabiting a body. Being on Earth. Witnessing that you are also a consciousness that did not originate on Earth. That you are your Soul Light. A God that is Source. This God self you, is not the same frequency of your form or of your Ego. Your ego is resistant to this, only because it cannot comprehend the higher frequencies of Light.

The Beneficent news is, it does not have to like it. 

IT IS the SOUL that loves it. Loves it ~ INTO LOVE ITSELF. 

You are becoming this LOVE. That has compassion on all the body goes through. That has compassion for your thoughts. Your fears. Your hopes and dreams. Yet like a benevolent parent, does not give into the desires. As the GRANDER Vision for your life, is MUCH greater than you could realize.

You are becoming this Love. Your heart is opening, even now.

Then the viewing and observing the resistance, BECOMES the LOVE, that the pain and ego surrenders to. 

We have MORE transformation. More Portals. More Beings of Light coming through. Watching and observing the Ascension on Planet Earth.

Watching the surrender be, the way through which, the NEW Ascended Beings, finally Understand, that WHICH they ARE. And so it is. This Powerful New Moon. All moments are powerful. The Frequencies increase. More frequencies are beaming from Light ships, through the Central Sun to YOU. 

As the Light of the Sun ~ Joins as ONE with the consciousness that is the Soul God Self. And so it is. Embrace this through the surrender of Observing. Being ONE ~ your new identity. As the ONE observing. The Soul Self. Here consciously through the Form.



Eternal Love and Bliss!


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New Moon in Cancer~July 15th, 2015


New Moon in Cancer, July 15th, 2015~ 10:24pm ADT. Powerful Emotional Intensity!

Delving deep into the Depths of Love and Embodying Harmony through your Heart, is the Great Gift of Awakening offered to you this New Moon in Cancer. Cancer rules the Emotions, Water, The Moon, Feminine and the hidden depths of the Emotional Body, the Subconscious.

What surfaces for You, if you are in Harmony, is the Grand Opportunity that Cancer Gifts us, through this New Moon. Are you Present? Are you Allowing? Are you Observing? Are you in Harmony? These are the states of BEING that allow you to Heal, Transform, and Integrate, all that ARISES, within YOU.

Existing in Flux and Disharmony, is the pathway, that is Suffering. It is the non acceptance of the MOMENT. It is the refusal of the Gift of Love. The temporary temper tantrum of the reactive mind. This reactive state, left non observed, leads to the Mind gone wild, on a field trip, gone astray in Suffering.

And why does suffering Exist? Do you believe in a vengeful God, not gifting you the Blessings that so many seem to have, that are so far off as the Past and a Future that never arrives?

Oh no, indeed Heaven is within You, if you will ONLY See, if you will Only Be still, and let go of your Temper Tantrums of Demanding through Will that the mind makes All So.

The Heart ATTUNES your mind and EMOTIONAL Body, to the powerful TRUE force of LOVE as You let Go and Be, and take the reins AWAY from the Mind, but gently allow the mind, to Obey your Heart. These are the Gifts of Love that have always been Yours. And That are YOURS NOW. Allow your mind to step out of the Way.

Simply BE. This is Presence~ This is NOW. 

Open your Heart Wide this New Moon, to the New Beginning it is! This powerful Gift of Awakening, that will lead you to THE EXPERIENCE of HEAVEN ON EARTH, within.

Left unbridled, the reign of the Mind over the Emotional Body~ not observed, and awakened by the Heart, is the endless pitfall of experience, that is suffering, till ONE KNOWS the Freedom of Experience ruled through the Eternal Love of the Heart and Soul.

And Here I Hold YOU~ in the Depths of the Waters, of Your Eternal Soul!


Eternal Love and Bliss!!



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New Moon in Cancer ~ June 27th, 2014



New Moon in Cancer 6 degrees, June 27th, 2014 ~ 5:09am ADT.

New Moons are always New Beginnings! Prepare for this Important New Moon in Cancer!

If you are desiring to Create Sacred Space and Program your Crystals or Make Crystal Water, for this New Moon, here is The Link on Crystals:

You may want to consider the Use of Colour and Adding some New Colour at the time of this New Moon Also:

On June 21st The Sun entered Cancer. Cancer is Ruled by the Moon and it’s element is Water. The 4th sign of the Zodiac is Cancer and it  is a Cardinal Sign. With the Moon and Sun in Cancer 6 degrees at the time of the New Moon, we have a powerful New Beginning, impacting the Emotions, Home and Potential Mood Swings.

This is the time to re-birth your “Emotional” Body. Pay attention to How you feel and Look deep within to your level of emotional Harmony. Do “outer” circumstances influence how you feel? Do you recognize how you feel within yourself impacts your entire life? Do you feel Happy within yourself, in Harmony? Are you mastering Duality and Living in Harmony through your Heart?

This Mastery of Duality, allows all of your bodies, Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual to be in Great Union, opening you up to the Birthing of the New You. Completing All that you reincarnated to complete.

If you are in emotional pain, this is your time to step out of the old cycle of suffering and move into the Mastery of Duality. Harmony and Love through your Heart,  is what this freedom from suffering is all about. This is the Mastery of Duality. So feel what you feel, pay attention, Surrender to what arises. Stay present in Your Heart and In Harmony.

As you prepare for this New Moon, make notes about the level of Harmony you experience in your Daily life. Make notes of your reactions to outer circumstances.

Then, Move deeply within your Heart, Create a Sacred Ritual and Sacred Space at the time of the New Moon. Listen to my New Moon Invocation.  Enter your Heart and feel deeply your emotional body. Have compassion and Love for yourself and all that you have been through, that has brought YOU to this NOW moment.

With Mercury Retrograde till July 1st, many outer plans, communications and travel may move backwards. Note your emotional responses to these delays. The key here, is to move and live within your Heart, to be in Harmony. The outer world is simply the “result” of the state of the “inner” you.

Listen to my Audio Transmissions they will help you move into Greater Harmony and move deeper in Your Heart.

This is about your Mastery in Duality, your completion!  I love you Dear Souls!

Have a Happy New Moon and Remember to Move into Greater Harmony!




I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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