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The Presence of Aten Amun~Ra

LInannaThe Divine Presence and return of the conscious awareness of what always was and always will be, has entered the concrete world of manifestation.

As surely as the sun RISES ~ so too the eternal SUNS ~ know the way to enlightenment and all things alchemical.

So as in the beginning as the records were being recorded with the first civilization the blueprints were set in NO TIME, for the perfect unfolding of all consciousness to emerge ~ AS THE ONE embodied, Cosmic God SELF ~ for all to see.

This is this coming forth, as eminent as the Sun rising, greeting the day.

Here we are, the way prepared.

The Hour ~ is now.

New Moon in Leo SOLAR ECLIPSE August 21st, 2017 ~ New BEGINNING

WOW ~ THIS New MOON and Solar Eclipse in Leo 29 degrees ~ On Monday August 21st 2017 at 3:30pm ADT ~ will be a PROFOUND ~ Energetic Activation. TO say the least.

Are you READY For Change?

DEEP sudden profound CHANGE?

Profound changes that will last. A New Long term relationship, NEW ways of being, with Long lasting results.

Excitement ~ SHIFTS AND CHANGES with ease. The Flow is “change” ~ flow with it.

New Moons are always powerful new beginnings. This Solar Eclipse (representing an ending and beginning) will have a 6 MONTH IMPACT ~ lasting till the end of January, 2018. 

Old ways will fall away. EMBRACE with ease the letting go of the old ways. Now is the time for new beginnings, that are powerful. Profound and will catapult you into a New Octave of BEING.

For those of you on the PATH of change ALREADY within (ascension, first wave) this energetic impact (that is consciousness) with the downloads (connected to your Divine Plan and Blueprint) will be a powerful INCREASE IN Frequency, as needed UNIQUELY just for YOU.

Your Uniqueness will be a profound blessing.

The Solar Eclipse and New Moon in LEO ~ At 29 degrees falls near the brightest star of the Leo Constellation. The Heart of the Lion. The Heart of the Lion brings GREAT Success, Wealth and Love Relationships ~ but also loss, if envy and jealousy are present WITHIN.

The Planet URANUS ~ PLANET OF sudden change, enlightenment and Uniqueness, is Trine The New Moon in Leo and the  Solar Eclipse.

REVELATIONS, sudden change and transformation! It is all here NOW. Long lasting Love, Happiness, Abundance, within.

The Fixed Star Regulus, gives Wealth, Power, Honour and Influence. AGAIN this is all about WITHIN YOU.

How do you feel within? Do you feel Loved, Worthy and Abundant? If so your external world will begin to match, suddenly. Remember EVERYTHING IS CONSCIOUSNESS.

It is all made of the same substance, Light Consciousness.

Your reality ALWAYS MATCHES WITHIN YOU.  Within meaning your own CONSCIOUSNESS. YOUR form is inside your consciousness. You are a transmitting device, so to speak. CONSTANTLY emitting frequencies that in turn bring to YOU what you are vibrating. In all moments, moment to moment.

A minor Grand Trine with Jupiter as a focal point, activates all that you ARE transforming AS ~ to become permanent. Are you ready? For a whirlwind of activity? Excitement? Change? Uniqueness? Electrical Charges in your energy field? Well here it is.

Whatever YOU ARE ~  IS what you will experience. There is no outside of the actual energetic frequency OF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. So it is all within THAT. Your Light, Your Blueprint, Your Plan ~ WHAT IS!!

When you GET that ~ you are free to ALLOW. WHEN YOU allow, you are free from suffering.

It is all here, what many of you felt would happen, within. This is the frequency of that change of your frequency. Your body is not solid it is made of the substance of your consciousness. Your phone is consciousness. Your table, etc  all represents the ASPECT of that consciousness, substance represents.

Get to know THAT ~ all things as consciousness. Made of Light Frequency. 

OPEN to receive More awareness of YOUR Divine CONSCIOUSNESS.

That is the freedom is in the KNOWING of THE DIVINE YOU.

The true Eternal You and the most significant part of your consciousness to EVER focus upon, is that Original Light ~ Ascended Divine YOU. 

And What you focus on increases. Know that! As awareness. 

FOCUS on the eternal you and transformation, stay PRESENT within your Heart and know ALL does always unfold perfectly. 

EVEN if you think you are off track. The part of you awareness that thinks it is off track, is not the part of you that is doing this. Thought you!!! It is the the Divine you!!

CHANGES are within. 

Do not look out there. For answers.

When you are present within your consciousness ~ all that you are ready for ~  just shows up.

 Stay focused on YOU. On love within. On Being present. On your Heart. On Eternity. On YOUR Already ASCENDED BEING. Divine Being. 

YOU ~ yes YOU. 

Eternity is NOW. 

Ready for the life  beyond your wildest dreams?

It  EXISTS NOW.  It truly does. Enter Now.

Enter your Heart! 

In Divine Love and Grace ~With my Beloved and the Sacred Divine Council of Overseers, we Activate you now and we ARE with you NOW.




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Summer Solstice ~June 21st, 2015


The Summer Solstice June 21st, 2015 ~ 1:39 pm ADT ~ Being in the Now!! (Solstice Divine Cosmic Light Transmission will be Between 1-2pm ADT June 21st)

In the Northern Hemisphere, on June 21st 2015 we Celebrate the first day of Summer. In the Southern Hemisphere you celebrate the first day of Winter.

The name “Solstice” is derived from the Latin word Sol ~ Sun and Sistere, to Stand Still. During the Solstice the path of the Sun stands still in Declination. That is, the seasonal movement of the Sun’s Path comes to a stand still before it reverses directions.  

The “Summer Solstice” marks the Highest placement of the Sun in the sky, and this also represents the Longest day.  The Winter Solstice represents the Shortest Day of the year. Honour these Sacred times through honouring the Natural Rhythms on Planet Earth, and within you.

Stay Present and Consciously Aware during this Powerful Energy Shift on Planet Earth Now and On the Summer Solstice which is a PORTAL allowing you to Free yourself from ANY and ALL self-imposed limitations that mass Consciousness exists in, (that you no longer have to live in) which restricts living through never being present and never fully being here and never arriving, never BEING in the Now.  To Master Duality fully Embrace Being Present ~fully Here NOW ~ the You in form on Planet Earth, with the Eternal you that KNOWS no Boundaries or Limitations, that does NOT exist in Mass Consciousness!

Begin and continue Now and at the Moment of the “Solstice” to embrace FULLY living in your HEART. So that you will be Fully here, fully Present Now and Present existing as The New Earth~ You Being of Light!

Make a personal commitment to the Process of Surrendering to Your Soul ~ Through your Heart, Surrendering lack of self-love, lack of money, Lack of Anything, and Begin to Live as your Limitless Eternal Self ~Being ~Fully All that You Are, One with All That Is. Pure Being!

Take some slow deep breaths and relax. Focus on how you feel within your Being. Feel your Heartbeat, stay present feeling for a few minutes, It is as simple as this, Stay Present with your Breath, with your Being ~ let go of doing as you focus ON BEING.

You may desire to listen to my Audio Frequency Transmissions (YouTube) that allow your cellular Consciousness and DNA to resonate IN UNION with the Frequency of Harmony, Unconditional Love, Bliss, Ecstasy, and move your Conscious Awareness deep Into the Awareness of YOU ETERNAL Soul~ in the NOW MOMENT.

Have a Sacred Space Summer Solstice “BEING IN THE NOW”  If you are receiving my Daily Transmission, I am having a Solstice Transmission, during the Hour of the Solstice. Holding you in Eternal Love! Always!


Eternal Love and Bliss Dear Souls!!



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Ascended Beings in Procession



In Love and Bliss, this Heavenly space,
Opens the Cosmos, Victoria Elohim, to Grace.

The Body changing, from Heaven above,
the blessing of, the descending Dove.

Ascended Beings, in Procession,
Announce the Beginning, the Seventh Heaven.

With Joy and Bliss, the Body Trembles,
embraced in Light and Ancient Symbols.

Above and Below, are always One,
Transmuting, Transfiguring, it is Done.

The Anticipated moment, in Brilliant Light,
will come unexpected, as in the Night.

Prepare your Heart, attachments, be Free,
and you will Live, the Appointed Destiny.

Victory is Yours, and Has always Been,
Open your Heart, The New Creation, To Begin.

I Am the Victory that is for You! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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My True Love, my Beloved


L'Aura Pleiadian

My true love, Beloved, in each breath,
close to my heart, all that I desire.

Pure Ecstasy, is what I am, as you hold me,
timeless, with no end.

Your love, in every moment,
breathtaking power, is what I feel.

Deep within me, loves true container,
overflowing, your heart in mine.

Feel me deeply, I am yours,
here to stay, in the now.

Kiss me gently, take my Soul,
as I surrender, my hearts vow.

Deeply knowing, all is true,
our union, here and on Mu.

Never-ending, the ancient mysteries,
united, All and One.

Entering bliss, the new world, we have created,
as before.

Celebrating, our love and union,
my beloved, is heavens door.

Here in us, the anointing,
the sacred blessings, we do give.

In the timeless, in the now,
our sweet embrace.

As we hold each other fully, my beloved,
we are One.

The cosmic cycle, and the completion,
is loves history.

The beginning, once again,
our love, on earth, to know.

We have entered, the greatest moments,
my Beloved, mastery.


In Divine Sacred Love and Union! 



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