My True Love, my Beloved


L'Aura Pleiadian

My true love, Beloved, in each breath,
close to my heart, all that I desire.

Pure Ecstasy, is what I am, as you hold me,
timeless, with no end.

Your love, in every moment,
breathtaking power, is what I feel.

Deep within me, loves true container,
overflowing, your heart in mine.

Feel me deeply, I am yours,
here to stay, in the now.

Kiss me gently, take my Soul,
as I surrender, my hearts vow.

Deeply knowing, all is true,
our union, here and on Mu.

Never-ending, the ancient mysteries,
united, All and One.

Entering bliss, the new world, we have created,
as before.

Celebrating, our love and union,
my beloved, is heavens door.

Here in us, the anointing,
the sacred blessings, we do give.

In the timeless, in the now,
our sweet embrace.

As we hold each other fully, my beloved,
we are One.

The cosmic cycle, and the completion,
is loves history.

The beginning, once again,
our love, on earth, to know.

We have entered, the greatest moments,
my Beloved, mastery.


In Divine Sacred Love and Union!Β 



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copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2016.Β 


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  1. Your poetry is filled with deep, infinite love and incredible wisdom. This is one of my favorites! xoxo

  2. This conjures worlds upon worlds, timeless love repeated and opening anew. I felt like I was watching a ancient, and eternal love unfolding. But at the same time, as if I was on that journey.

    magnificent Laura!

    I Love You Priest Queen of Mu xxx

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