Summer Solstice ~June 21st, 2015


The Summer Solstice June 21st, 2015 ~ 1:39 pm ADT ~ Being in the Now!! (Solstice Divine Cosmic Light Transmission will be Between 1-2pm ADT June 21st)

In the Northern Hemisphere, on June 21st 2015 we Celebrate the first day of Summer. In the Southern Hemisphere you celebrate the first day of Winter.

The name “Solstice” is derived from the Latin word Sol ~ Sun and Sistere, to Stand Still. During the Solstice the path of the Sun stands still in Declination. That is, the seasonal movement of the Sun’s Path comes to a stand still before it reverses directions.  

The “Summer Solstice” marks the Highest placement of the Sun in the sky, and this also represents the Longest day.  The Winter Solstice represents the Shortest Day of the year. Honour these Sacred times through honouring the Natural Rhythms on Planet Earth, and within you.

Stay Present and Consciously Aware during this Powerful Energy Shift on Planet Earth Now and On the Summer Solstice which is a PORTAL allowing you to Free yourself from ANY and ALL self-imposed limitations that mass Consciousness exists in, (that you no longer have to live in) which restricts living through never being present and never fully being here and never arriving, never BEING in the Now.  To Master Duality fully Embrace Being Present ~fully Here NOW ~ the You in form on Planet Earth, with the Eternal you that KNOWS no Boundaries or Limitations, that does NOT exist in Mass Consciousness!

Begin and continue Now and at the Moment of the “Solstice” to embrace FULLY living in your HEART. So that you will be Fully here, fully Present Now and Present existing as The New Earth~ You Being of Light!

Make a personal commitment to the Process of Surrendering to Your Soul ~ Through your Heart, Surrendering lack of self-love, lack of money, Lack of Anything, and Begin to Live as your Limitless Eternal Self ~Being ~Fully All that You Are, One with All That Is. Pure Being!

Take some slow deep breaths and relax. Focus on how you feel within your Being. Feel your Heartbeat, stay present feeling for a few minutes, It is as simple as this, Stay Present with your Breath, with your Being ~ let go of doing as you focus ON BEING.

You may desire to listen to my Audio Frequency Transmissions (YouTube) that allow your cellular Consciousness and DNA to resonate IN UNION with the Frequency of Harmony, Unconditional Love, Bliss, Ecstasy, and move your Conscious Awareness deep Into the Awareness of YOU ETERNAL Soul~ in the NOW MOMENT.

Have a Sacred Space Summer Solstice “BEING IN THE NOW”  If you are receiving my Daily Transmission, I am having a Solstice Transmission, during the Hour of the Solstice. Holding you in Eternal Love! Always!


Eternal Love and Bliss Dear Souls!!



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