Arcturian Beings~ of Light


The Arcturians are powerful Beings of Light that exist in High Frequency Dimensions. I have communicated with them and they have visited me, and they have shown up here on Planet Earth. There are many people who went into a Light Ship and have memories of Being with Aliens in a Light Ship. If you have those memories it may have been with the Arcturians. There are many Arcturian Humans, just as there are many Angelic Humans, Sirian Humans, and Pleiadian Humans.

The Arcturians work with their Light shaping reality and are powerful Allies of Light and have played a Huge role in the Shift to Unity Consciousness and Unconditional Love.  They are advanced Beings of Light, and are Benevolent and Loving.

When they do incarnate as Human Arcturians, they marvel at Human emotions, and study them, and are often very calm. They have mastered observing. If you have had existences or do as Arcturian, you are most likely being watched and observed very closely, by you there, having agreed to be part of their Study. Or your Study.

Arcturians Love Planet Earth and Humans. It is a tremendous place to observe, and they have observed Humans for a very Long time, since the Beginning of Planet Earth.

If you are dedicated to Helping Humanity, and Observe others emotions without having a lot of emotion, and feel you have been on a Light Ship, then you may be an Arcturian Human. If so, you are here to fully Awaken and help others to awaken. Play with the Light that you are, watch Light move and shape itself, call out to the Artcturians in love and respect, and you never know, you may just have a ride of your Life, in their Divine Light Ships!

More soon Dear Souls of Light!


Eternal Love!



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  1. They have also visited me since 2004. They first appeared in the evening when I was trying to watch tv…Their energy is so pure, high frequency, euphoric, cool, crisp and very loving.. They have given me gifts and continue to be with me.

  2. Huvaldo Mollinedo

    Thank you Dear Queen for filling me with beauty, love and light in the moments of the meditation and activation, I felt very connected with you and all others that were present. I feel overwhelming and happy

  3. Thank you very much for your dedication to spread the light and love on this planet now. If I remember I was on a ship, where I was with several beings sitting in a large purple table, I feel I have been in contact with them.
    I understand my mission and my awakening and the deployment of my mission in this difficult density.
    I feel you deeply in my heart, ❤ ❤ Love ❤ ❤ You ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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