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Your Immortal Body of Light


Your Immortal Body of Light is eternal and ever-present within your Heart space and awareness. When you incarnated into a form, your form, was created through the template of  your immortal body of Light, which acted as the image screen, for the form creation.

Your Soul carries the codes of Light that hold together, like a matrix, your records of the existences created throughout time and space as your experiences, in different forms.

Holding this all together, is your consciousness, that holds the essence and presence of your eternal Immortal body of Light. This is your template. Your Blueprint. This matrix is the container within the holographic field of All experience, of All That is.

You are experiencing constant communication with your Soul through this holographic field, your matrix, your template.  This forms a feedback loop, of communication. A Möbius strip, an endless feedback loop.

Your level of conscious awareness through the deeper aspects of your Heart, filter through to you, your Experiences and the level of your conscious connection, to All That is, your template.

Your Immortal Body of Light, is your template, that does exist, in the Holographic Field, of All That is.

Connecting to the Holographic Field is the Cosmic connection to your Immortal Body of Light, which is the result of your Full Awakening Consciously, through Your Heart Space.

Right Now, breathe deep within your Heart Space, relax, pause and Breathe.

Feel the depth of your Soul connection, Your Immortal Body of Light, that is your template of form, your Soul Design, within your Heart.

Your form is the container and the receiver of this constant connection and communication with your Eternal self, through your Heart Space.

It is through your Heart Space, that you “awaken” to Your Immortal Body of Light, that has always existed and always was, the template and design, of your form.

This process of entering into and deepening your Awareness of the Eternal you, through your Access to All That is, through your Heart, increases upon itself, the Light of Your own Awareness. This expands your conscious awareness of Your Immortal Body of Light.

Mastering Form and Mastering Duality are one and the Same. You see “clearly” truly the Nature of who you are, of what you are, what form is, and as this Develops within you, your Mastery, informs All That is, which then informs You.

Always increasing upon itself, is your Awareness. The More you are aware, the more you are aware. This far-reaching aspect of Your Eternal Design and Template, reaches out and informs all of existence, which includes your many aspects co-existing in Parallel worlds, that are part of this eternal feedback Loop, all from your Original Design. Your Immortal Body of Light.

Enter your Heart Dear Souls as your completion is at Hand. Focus your awareness on Your Heart Space, on the Eternal you. Your Entering into the New Creation, is the Entering into Fully, all that You Are.

Old Patterns, are simply that. Through Your Heart space, you live in the Harmony of your Soul. The Harmonizing of All Aspects of you, in All worlds and in all bodies. This awakens you more and more, to All That is, your Soul, Your Immortal Body of Light.

Victory always existed, and exists Now. The Eternal Plan is the eternal Plan and Design. Flowing with and through the changes, allows All That is, to impact you consciously, through your very Heart Space.

I hold you in My Eternal Heart, in the Eternal Heart of All That is. In this Sacred Space, Dear Souls, I see clearly who you are, I see Your Immortal Body of Light, and together We will enter, the New Creation! I Am Victory! I Am the Victory that is for you! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am! The Very essence and emanation of the Ineffable, the Pistis Sophia I Am!



I Am Forever Yours, My Eternal Beloved!



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