Synchronicity and Frequency

Synchronicity and Frequency.  Would you like to experience greater Synchronicity? Greater Harmony?

Vibrating In Harmony moves you to Your Center. Living in Your Center; Your Heart, Allows what is and the Flow of Synchronicity into Your Life, and Activates your DNA in Harmony with the vibration of Union.

DNA Center

What does Synchronicity mean to you?

Does it represent the Higher Order of your Life Plan?

There are many levels to everything, and many different frequencies and levels of  Souls.

The Synchronicity will be representative of YOUR Frequency;  Your current Vibration.

There are levels of the frequency in the Synchronicity which represent Where you are in relation to Your Blueprint. Your Highest Frequency of Union, 5th Dimension.

When I see people I see their Blueprint. I see their Vibration and how close or how far away they are to the Vibration their Soul Desires in this incarnation. What are you vibrating with? Look within.

Is Synchronicity showing you More of the same?  Or are they Revealing Greater and Higher Frequencies;  Your Union your Highest Destiny?

Synchronicity may seem to be  a series of events that  show the same meaning and verify your thoughts, your experiences, and your current desires.

They may also show endings and beginnings that were planned before your incarnation by Your Soul in Your Soul Plan, as agreements and contracts.


Synchronicity; Your Mirror.

They also Show YOU  clearly; what YOU are vibrating to and with. They mirror Your vibration. Source showing You what you are Predominantly vibrating.

If you are thinking about books and going through a phase of learning,  books may show up as Synchronicity.

If you Live in Harmony with Your Twin Flame;  Synchronicity may draw Your Twin to You during your current  Life on Earth.

Dreams may also give Synchronicity. Remember they are Revealing your Frequency, Your Vibration, What is.. with You in the Now. They act as a powerful Mirror.

Queen of Light

Harmony. It always comes down to Frequency.

If you are Living in separation and fear Synchronicity will show you this.

If you Are vibrating in Harmony Frequency, all YOUR Soul Desires will come to You and be revealed to You through synchronicity.

Union. Divine Sacred Love. Twin Soul Love. Abundance. Miracles. Enlightenment. All these are frequencies of the Soul.

They are Frequencies that resonate with Source Frequency, with Union.

Do You Desire Source Frequency in Your Existence Now? Harmony, Love, Twin Soul Love, Abundance and Enlightenment?  If So, begin to Vibrate in Harmony. There are no techniques that will gift you of Your Divine Inheritance. It simply is Frequency.

It is all Frequency; Your Frequency, your Mirror.

For Your Highest Destiny, vibrate NOW, begin Now, with Harmony.

Harmony LInks  Your Heart to Your Soul, and your Life Plan. Abundance, Twin Soul Love, Enlightenment ARE the Frequencies of Union. Harmony with Union, Now.

Listen to My Meditations. They will Shift Your Frequency.

Allow the Frequency of Union, Harmony and Source to Permeate your Cellular Consciousness. My Meditations will Shift your Cellular Consciousness to Source Frequency, to Divine Union. Your Life will Shift to the Shift your Soul Desires, 5th Dimension Union. Love, Bliss, Divine Union Now.

You then Become the Union You Desire and all is Yours through Source Frequency.

Begin Now.

Be Harmony, Love and Union.

To Listen to my Meditations, and to order the Pleiadian Activation, Light Transmissions, Pleiadian 12 Strand DNA Activation, Pleiadian Twin Soul Activation and Healing Sessions Please Visit my Website Now:


In Source Frequency of Perfect Divine Union, in Love, Harmony, Bliss and Ecstasy,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light.



copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.


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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Love in Divine Union Deva.
    Thank You!

  2. Very few i’ve read are capable of bringing together the realities of our Divine purpose here Laura. But you consistently make the words come alive. Feeling blissful & centered…



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