Sacred Union; Dominant or Submissive?

Sacred Union; Dominant or Submissive?

So much has come up recently about Twin Souls. Also in relationship to that, the Hot Topic of S&M. Gender Roles. Dominant and Submissive roles. I am writing and will write more on this subject as I receive questions daily about this topic.

First understand there are many different types of Species. You may be holding in your Blueprint a combination of Species; a mixture or you may be pure human species.

Know that all species ARE Source. They, we all originate as Source Frequency. Each Soul is an individuated Soul of Source. Source sourcing itself.

When we talk about Submissive to many of you this conjures up Passive. This is not what I am saying here. To be Submissive one experiences at the highest Level Pure Surrender. There is a difference. This is commonly experienced as more natural to the female gender, this is not always the case.

The role of passive may be more commonly experienced., and may be the result of not fully being attuned to the Sacred core of being.

At the level of Dominance I do not mean control. This may be experienced as an exertion  of Sexual Desire and Power without restrictions, boundaries, and the concepts of right or wrong.

To truly be Dominant one would be in tune at a high level with Self Awareness. Control may be more commonly experienced out of the feeling of not knowing self Power.

Do you see, know and feel this play out or attempt to play out in your life on a small-scale or huge scale?

Do you know and understand if you are more Dominant or Submissive, or neither?

Are you passively living your life in all areas?

Do you experience the freedom to not feel any judgement about this.

Do you constantly need to control everything? Can you let go Now.

Will  you allow your True Desire to emerge judgement free?

There are levels to all things. Of course I am referring to human experience at a level of Trust and Love and the ability to Feel and know the Primal Energies that may or may not be inherent within YOUR own energy. And those of Your Partner.

When you do meet your Twin you may begin to realize more deeply the inherent desires to play Out the Masculine and Feminine Creative interplay. You may also begin to see, know and feel, more about your Inner nature in relationship to the opposite sex, or potentially same-sex. The Gender roles.

This may include the Higher awareness of Dominant and Submissive roles. At Soul Level we have the Soul holding the male and female frequencies. There are some Souls that are androgynous and may hold both, they do not have a Twin holding a polarity.

At the level of your Blueprint your Design is held and the agreements you made involving your Design.

To make myself clear, I am not suggesting if this is not familiar to you to go out and immediately find out. I am suggesting for your Development and preparation for your Twin you do begin to SEE how you are playing out your Masculine and Feminine and observe your feelings without judgement.

Be more present with your current partner and see what comes up naturally, your responses, feelings and judgements. If you do not have a partner, watch your natural responses during the day.

Let go of judgment and the NEED to figure things out.

Understand YOU.

Love Yourself.

Do not judge yourself or others.

Move into your Center and Be Present and Begin to Know yourself within at Soul Level. Do not judge your Desires. All yourself to Be present and see what is, for YOU.

As you become True to YOU, all you wish within your Heart will be Drawn to You at Soul Level.

Staying in Harmony is Paramount for this transition of full acceptance and Love at Soul Level. Listen to my meditations daily.

Move into your Heart space as often as possible during the day!

Commit today to YOU. Your Transition, Your Becoming YOU, Now.

I Love all of You and I am Here to Help You as you transition to the 5th Dimension Frequency.

Loving Yourself, Staying Centered in Your Heart, Accessing your Original Blueprint, Letting go of the old Programming and Upgrading your DNA to Source Frequency is Paramount in  your Transition to the 5th Dimension Frequency.

Love yourself Now. Be Love.


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In The Divine Union in Harmony, Love and Ecstasy,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light

Queen of Light

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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  1. Reblogged this on My Blog.

  2. Yes Perfect Union, Soul Perfection, Male and Female Aspects.
    Love to you Deva!

  3. Yes and the awareness of Pure Being.


    I read that when the core aspect of a person’s soul (male or feminine) is not developed, or underdeveloped–meaning the male aspect is muted in the man, and feminine aspect is muted in the woman; then the feminine in the man will express itself as Passive and for the woman the male would express as domineering. interesting post all my love—keep up the good works Laura

  5. Simply a stripping of all Judgement and Expectations to its Purest form of infinite limitations.

  6. Yes and True Knowing of oneself fully as Pure Being in Awareness.

  7. The underlying Message is all about Love and levels of Love and Connection of Trust ,,just like you said.. Yin / yang, Control, Ego, Dominance Submission, Role play, S & M. Or by any other definition can it be able to be simply left Undefined and left at face value in a simple term as an expression of playing in the field of PURE Love and Insatiable desire ? Yes , I think it can be.

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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