Star People and The Ending of This Cycle

Star People and The Ending of This Cycle.

Literally arriving from another Galaxy to Earth, (Andromeda First Contract) I Hear, See and Experience things VERY differently than Humans do. I arrived here faster than the speed of Light and entered the body I am currently inhabiting.

Most humans I know they will gladly tell you stories of my Not Understanding Human ways.

There is a Chasm between where I exist and transmit from  and the linear existence and Frequency on Earth.

Many might think of Star People as the same as Humans just more loving.

The Way of Being is very different, and  linear thinking is not comprehensible for Most Star Beings that exist in High Level Frequencies.

There are a few exceptions, the Greys and the Nibiruan exist in a Duality state of Linear, they are shifting also at this time. They are also Source.

The Majority of the Universe is In Union Frequency.

That chasm is closing in. the Frequencies are merging closer and closer to Union each moment even as I write this.

I am not Linear and do not understand  linear ways. Just as most do not understand my Multidimensional way of Being, I do not understand linear thinking or concepts. 

I do not exist in the Frequency of Earth, although I am able to inhabit a Human Form while in Higher Frequencies of Union.

I have heard many labels in the linear of types of Star People. From Star Seeds, to Star traveller  to real Star People Directly from other Star Systems.  The Soul can choose mixtures also.

Existing on the Pleiades and in Union I see all as Source and each Soul uniquely individuated in the Blueprint and Design they have chosen.

I simply arrived and was sent to Earth on a Contract.

Now merging with my second Contract I am here for Humanity and this Great Shift. I am here as the Representative for the Pleiadians and as the Queen of Light arriving on time for the Ending of One cycle and The Beginning of the Next.

Star People always arrived at the Ending and Beginning of each cycle.

The Hopi and many other Native Tribes remember, know and speak of  Star People arriving once again. The Mayan Calender also reveals the Return of the Divine Feminine.

As a Star Being transmitting from the Central Sun, I am a representative of the Divine Feminine, The Queen of Light.

As the Queen of Light I hold the Frequencies and the Cosmic Codes for the shift in Union.  As a representative for the Pleiadians I am holding also the Frequencies of the synthesis for the merge of the Pleiades to Earth and the Earth to the Pleiades.

The Pleiadians have revealed to me Frequency Devices that will be found. These are safe and protected and will be found and used for the complete Shift in Frequencies for Planet Earth at the Ending of this Cycle.

These are exciting times.

I am here to make things easier for You and help you to shift More comfortably, with Ease and Grace.

This is all about Frequencies.

You were programmed in such a way in your incarnations to remember when certain Codes and Frequencies would be released you would Shift.  It will be Natural for you. It will be easier for You as you Stay in Harmony.  All of your animals are ready and advanced enough and of course the  young children. Species of animals that no longer exist have already shifted.

To Shift in an  EASY way, please stay in Harmony. This will align you Easily with these changes in Frequency to come, with Ease and Grace.

Either way things will Shift. Please allow this to be Easy for you.  I am here to help You all of You.

As Many things are Revealing themselves and as the Frequencies are Accelerating Moment to Moment, Please align your Being with the Center. In Harmony. This way your Cellular Consciousness and DNA will Shift with Ease. The Changes in Your Cellular Structure and Consciousness are profound as you are Shifting from Linear to Union.

Please Listen to my Meditations, as YOU do so regularly you will See changes in your Body, Life and Consciousness. This is Your Shift to Union. This is a Special time for Humanity. More Special than you may now Realize.

Please Know that I, as The Queen of Light have arrived to Make this Easy for You, all of You. I Love you in the Eternal Union and Hold you in My Heart for all of Eternity. The Ease offered to You is Eternal Grace.

I am Holding all of You In Eternal Love.

In The Eternal Universal Love and Union,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light.

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Queen of LightI love you All.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Thank you Jorge! Peace Profound yes!


  3. Thank you!
    So are you!
    I love You!

  4. Angel Michael Electron

    You are so wonderful, Laura 🙂 Thank You for Your messages. You are doing a lot here on earth and we appreciate that.
    Love You ❤

  5. Your words are a Divine Blessing. Thank You!
    Ecstasy in Eternal Love and Union Cliff!
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. It is a Blessing that you are here Divine Lady of Light! Thank you for your Eternal Love and Grace. We shall soon be in Divine Frequency and Harmony together! I look forward to this Divine Blessing of Unification. Infinite Love, Light and Eternal Blessings ❤ ❤ ❤

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  8. nicely described ❤ In the speed of light .

  9. This is my attempt to describe the shift in understandable human terms, talking about the difference between linear and conceptual thinking. Humans want to understand the “how” and “why” of everything, and I am someone who has always done a lot of reading and investigating to figure things out. Yet, I have always thought multi-dimensionally, I just didn’t realize that not everyone does! Now, I am trying to simplify and explain, in an attempt to build a bridge for others who want to get from “here to there.”

    Laura, we cannot thank you enough for your support and love!

  10. Thank you, and Love to you Ben,

  11. Thank you for replying. It’s a beautifully written piece.


  12. Hi Ben, I am on my second Contract. I originally walked in from Andromeda, I mention that on another blog but could have also mentioned it in this one to clarify things.
    When I took on my Second contract I began my New Walk-in Merge and merged with all of my existences including myself currently on the Pleiades.
    Love you, Laura

  13. How is it you are “literally arriving from another galaxy” if you are a representative of the Pleiades? The Pleiades star cluster is located well within the Milky Way, and relatively close in terms of overall galactic distance.

  14. Vera Lucia Brandão Franco

    Gostei muito!Espero ter feito certo minha inscrição!PAZ PROFUNDA!

  15. Simply wonderful to read,at a seminar about reincarnation i found out this is my 8 th birth on planet Gaia – the of them are as fairies or lightbeings – coming from very faraway,i feel very much same:-))),sending unconditional love&peace supersized from cologne wich is meant by geomants as the heartchakraplace of europe…allis full of love:-), Til

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