Sacred Union; Restructuring Relationships

Sacred Union, Restructuring Relationships.

What does this mean?

The Old Paradigm in 3D was based on “Till Death Do Us Part”.

Now in the New Paradigm 5th Dimension we Shift to “Our Souls as Union in Eternity”.

Sacred Union, Twin Souls.

What happens then to marriage? is it simply thrown out the window? The Old concept of “we can make this happen by Intent” no longer applies.  Love that is 3D is not based in Eternity.

Now do not get me wrong, maybe You have entered into marriage with a partner at Soul Level. If so, Perfect.

The majority of relationships have been and are based in the old model; duality, 3D.

This is why there are so many marriages and divorces. Please do not look at your divorces as failures.

It is the Desire of the Soul to Live Eternity Now.

Do divorces matter to the Soul?

Of Course Not. You may have completed things like karma while the focus was still on linear. Be You Now.

You may  have had or are experiencing many boyfriends or girlfriends and simply waiting for the right One.  You may also know deep down your twin is of the Same Sex. There are NO limits for the Soul. And No judgements in the 5th Dimension.

There is Only Freedom.

Can you Begin Life today, Now and Be Free and Exist as Your Soul Desired For You?

The Sun

Yes, and Please Do.

Your Soul is a Unique Individuation of Source. The Universe Awaits You in the Eternal Moment Now.

Now is the Time to Be Eternity. To Be Set Free.

Be Love in Union and Experience all Your Soul Desired for you at the Highest Level in this incarnation Now!

Shifting in Heart awareness to Union Now, you draw to YOU Eternity Now.

Begin by Letting go of the Past and any concern for the Future.

Begin Being Present Now.

Enter your Heart space and Live in the Center.

Your frequencies will Shift to Now.

You experience Your Soul in the Present Moment.

Release, Let go, and Simply Be.

Live in Harmony.

Harmony Frequency aligns you to Your Highest Destiny.

Listen to my meditations they Will Align you in Source Frequency of Union in the present Moment. I Love all of You. The Pleiadians Love you! The Queen of Light Loves you and Holds you In Eternal Union.

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In the Divine Union of the Eternal Now in Perfect Harmony and Love,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light

Queen of Light


copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Beautiful and So True, why have Less than the Highest!
    Love to you Deva.

  2. Beautiful and thank you!
    Love to You!

  3. Now is Ecstatic Love Bliss , <3 Is overflowing , Gods world is present , frequency is lifting all around me , my prayer 2 moths ago to God was to ask that everyone I was I contact with in my life and who I have been in contact with in my life would feel the light within their hearts as I do and in their Light they would affect all they are in connection with and with this 1000X1000X1000X1000 It will not be long till we are all in love , it dose not take much a smile saying hello to someone , All that we do with loving intention is for the good of God May all your thoughts be prayers of love , blessing and may your heart sing with joy 🙂

  4. this says it all…”Experience all Your Soul Desired for you at the Highest Level in this incarnation Now!” Not settling for a cheap imitation of total Union, vibrating to highest frequency and attracting the One I was meant to be with… experiencing Source frequency together as One.

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