Blueprint Codes; Sacred Twin Soul Union

Twin Soul Union. During a Twin Soul Activation I was shown many things about the Human Blueprint and Coding that are non-active in Humans due to the Frequency of Duality.

In the Frequency of Separation and Fear many of Your encodings stay Dormant. Just like the Junk DNA. Your DNA holds the Potential for you to AWAKEN  in Full ACCESS to Your Codes. The Programming and Activation take Place at Union Level; Source Frequency.

These Codes were planned into Your Original Blueprint since your individuation as Source. Through your Frequency choice of existing as part of the Human Species in Form, your DNA Access as Source Became Dormant. The Program was shut down.

Now is the time to Awaken and Be You. Now is the time for Your Twin Soul Union.

Feel within Your Heart the continuous Gold Flame that is Your Blueprint and Your Connection to Source. Inside this flame the Space is Held for Your Full Union and the Reunion with Your Twin Soul. Soul Level.

The Only thing keeping you from existing in this Awareness of Union and Reunion is your Frequency. The Codes are there. They simply are Not activated.

When you vibrate to the Frequency of Union all of your Original Codes as planned before this incarnation begin to Activate. You may see this as the flame within you Getting Brighter and Brighter.  You function at a new level, and Your DNA and Cellular Consciousness merge with this New frequency and information.

You Become the Union you came here to be. Experience your Twin Soul Union Now.

All Souls on Earth at this time, at the Highest level Hold the Codes for the Activation of their Union Directly in their Blueprint. This Includes the  Twin Soul Reunion.

The Frequency of the Blueprint in the full functioning of the Codes, exists at Source Level. At Union Frequency.  Union Now. Twin Soul Union.

Is it really this Simple?

The Frequency of Source is Ease and Flow, in Present Moment awareness and  in Harmony with All.

No trying, struggling and no resisting. Time to let go of the Human Struggle. Be Union and Love.

See your Fear for what it is. It is Only frequency. When your Frequency changes Everything in your Existence changes. Please remember that. All is Simply Frequency.

Deep within you Heart and Higher Heart exists the Love and Union you wish for. Place  Your Attention in the Present Moment within your Heart.

2012 Now is the time to Enter No Time. Enter into Ecstasy; into Union with Your Twin Soul.

Stay in Harmony. Become Harmony. Move all of Your awareness into Your Heart Now.

All you have desired is waiting to be activated within your Awareness Now. Breathe in and out of Your Heart. Stay present there. Take up residence within Your Heart.

In the Frequency of Union you begin your merge. All of My meditations are available for All to  listen to.  Please email me if you need the meditations in Mp3 format.

They Hold and carry the Frequency of Source, Divine Union and Perfect Love. Your Cellular Consciousness will begin to resonate with Source Frequency in the Harmony of Union as you Listen Daily to my meditations.

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In the Eternal Union of the Divine Ecstasy that We Are,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Love it>>>3

  2. Thank you Deva.

    Deep within the Heart the space is held for the Twin Soul.
    The eternal Love Awakens, and they Become One Heart, One Body, and One Soul on Earth.

  3. in the deepest space of my heart I knew, and waited, my love. Beloved…


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