September 22nd 2012; The Fall Equinox.

Fall Equinox, Saturday September 22, 2012 11:49am, Halifax Nova Scotia.

The Tilt of the Earths Axis during the Equinox is neither inclined away or towards the sun.

Do pictures of the External come to mind when you think of the Harvest; The Fall Equinox.

Although it does include the celebrations and thanks for the External Harvest, this is also a time for focusing on the Internal You, your Inner Self, the World of the Soul.

The Human Species are going through Dramatic changes of Being. The Outer External Place you VIEW as your Reality is Shifting. You Know this.

And in Earth time, this would be called “FAST”.

Taking the time and acknowledging Points of reference as  you Shift would be helpful as you progress.

What reference Points do you have? Are they all Located in Time?

The Sequential events you follow on your Calender can also be experienced  as Frequency Points of Access.

Begin to Monitor your Progress by your Dominant Frequency.

When you Focus on  monitoring  your Frequency you will create a New Reference Point.

How do you feel Daily? Hourly? Moment to Moment? Your Predominant emotional state will influence your Frequency. Your Predominant emotional state will influence your thoughts.

The Emotional Body of Humans is Upgrading. Your Emotional Body will  no longer  fluctuate when you live in the 5th Dimension. As your Emotional Shifts so will your Mental Body.

There will be a steady Frequency of Harmony, Love and Bliss. As you align your Emotional Body to Harmony the Frequencies of the Brain and Mental Body also merge in Harmony to the New Frequencies. 5th Dimension.

Aligning with Your Heart Frequency will keep you Up to Date with all the Current Downloads of Frequencies.

Harmony is Union. It aligns you with the Center.

Do Not take my word, please test this out.  The Way through Grace and Ease is offered here. There are others ways not so easy. Ease and Flow.

Begin to Monitor your Frequencies. Use this Equinox as a New Beginning.

This is the time in 2012 Now.

The Frequencies are Accelerating.

Please make this easy on yourself. It does not need to be hard or challenging. Staying in Harmony will allow the shift in your Cellular consciousness to shift with ease to the New Frequencies. The 5th Dimension.

The New Frequencies are coming anyway. Please be Ready. Help is offered here.

You can Receive the Frequencies of the Queen of Light.  The Frequencies are sent out every night. When you Join my Group you will receive the Frequencies for the Shift. Follow the link below:!/groups/Frequency5thDimension.AgeofAquarius/


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In Divine Union, Love and Harmony,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light

I Love all of You.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.



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  1. Thank you John, Love to you, Laura

  2. Interesting you say this as I can feel the new frequencies coming, very intense. Autumn is the time to review the soul, reap the harvest of all things sown previously and the marker for a new aces point.

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