Twin Flames, True Love and 5th Dimensional Consciousness


It has been a while since I have written on Sacred Sex ~ Divine Sex. I have written about Tantric Sex and on Eternal Union, the Dominant and Submissive, and of course on Sacred Sex and Twin Flames. I will be writing more on all of this!

What I have observed, with so many of my students, that there are deeper aspects of all of this, to be experienced. Unheard of and unknown to many.

This makes sense for many reasons, as even though it may appear I am writing and have written about ‘forms” involving two bodies, really this terrain is of the spiritual realms. That is, the deeper depths, of consciousness, where Union exists, already.

Experiencing oneself as a finite being, in 3D consciousness, attached to believing it is only form and the thoughts and feelings associated with the form, is the limitation experienced in awareness, I am referring to.

The Mystical Realms of Sacred Sex, that so many desire on so many levels to experience, is the merging of consciousness, masculine and feminine, through hearts awakened, through Souls that are One, already.

The 3D ways of trying, in 5th Dimensional Consciousness does not apply in 5th Dimensional Consciousness. So all of those old ways, which we may be thankful for, have done their job in getting you to the threshold of Being, where you exist already, as an Eternal Being of Light. That you know yourself to Be eternal, and in this Union State (Twin Flames experienced on Earth) already.

How can you know something that you have not experienced yet consciously. This isn’t about wishing you knew or experienced earlier either. This is about Now. Opening up through your Heart, walking through and into the full Mystical State of Being, Already in Union with your Soul. Your Soul is One. To incarnate masculine and feminine appear in forms. As in their forms. Yet, consciousness is consciousness, and doesn’t have a gender. Consciousness, same Soul (Twin Flames) agreed to play the game of reunion, in a Polarity World that experiences itself, through this polarity.

If there wasn’t polarity, why would we even be here?

Your Soul Blueprint (which is being activated now) contains within it, all of your incarnations, which includes the many “you” experiences, in parallel worlds, including the frequency of the “you” that appeared to you as your missing part. It is you, in a different form. You could say He is the masculine you, she is the feminine you. Whatever words you want to use. Either way, the truth is the truth at the eternal level, where it is all created.

Welcoming your twin then, is welcoming the other you, that agreed to meet, and merge in consciousness and through the polarity forms, for fun, bliss and ecstasy, and to initiate you even more deeply, into the Union State. The Mystical State, of Pure Love, where you abide as the heart of hearts, eternally. The All That is.

Two Beings, in their Hearts, in the moment, may enter the realms of Mystical Union, while simultaneously merging the polarity of the forms (Sacred Sex)  “through the consciousness” where the Union exists already (Twin Flames) as One.

Preparing yourself for this State of Pure Love, living in the awareness of this Eternal Union, is what draws this to you. Not the 3D wanting, begging the universe to give it to you, will do. This is not because the Universe is mean. It is because you are unable to fully receive this, till you are ready.

Being in the Moment, living in your Heart, Embracing the Union, that exists already, is the state of Being, where you exist as it, within it. and always, the external matches your frequency.

Going deeper into the Sacred Sex then, is the surrender to the Beloved, to this Union. Again, where you exist already. That exists already. Where you were always one. In the consciousness, where you were never apart. The Polarity of Earth, just happened to be the meeting ground, so live out the Divine Ascended Being State of Consciousness (5th Dimensional Consciousness) where this already exists.

It Exists Now. You existing in this state, even on the Earth (although Parallel) exists now. You are already playing out fully, your ascended state of Being. Your Union. Your Mastery. Your merging with your Twin Soul (the other You in a different form) all Now.  These are not just words, I see and exist there already. Just as I exist on the Pleiades, on Atlantis, it is all Now. You will soon know and see.

The physical “act” of Sacred Sex (Divine Sex) breathes through you and your Beloved.  As the energy of the entire Universe and Creation flow deep within you and your Beloved. You awaken submerged in the alchemy of Love, held within the void, held in the depths of the eternal Ocean of creation and in the blazing Light of the eternal Sun.

Your consecrated Love then, merged into form, your Holy Union, is the alchemy of spirit into form, above and below as one, within and without, as One. Masculine and Feminine (Twin Flames)  One, as you have always, been One, in perfect Union.

Twin Flames Forever

Eternal Love and Bliss!




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  1. Thank you! Is so emotional to read my own words, from a year ago.
    My twin soul communicates with me through love songs, since 2 months, all songs I ever loved. The messages was always there for me to felt and know so much..
    Could never imagine the blast of love.
    Not knowing nothing else is perfect.
    My soul, and you guiding me to physical reunion, or whatever is next. I feel all now, time stopped, we are united.
    I got not words to describe the reshape that my entire existance means now.
    I feel so blessed and grateful for your love and guidence, thankful to the Overseers and Elohim. Grateful in a way that I cant describe or understand, but feel it deeply💙

  2. Well the “match” is always there
    Because it is eternal! The more you feel this within you, the more you draw the external to naturally match, within you.
    Holding you in love!

  3. I want to Prepare myself for this state of pure love, living from inside, where I feel my power and joy, and letting go the 3D wanting what didn’t worked. Is hard…because is all I ever wanted. My ego is afraid. Is the only fear I had left inside, Fear of not have this union, and this fear permeates everything I do, blocking my steps.
    I want to know and see.
    Thank you. I dont know what, how. I trust my soul, and your guidance.
    I feel your eternal love. I feel I have love inside too.

  4. I forgot to tell you that I have a tremendous pain in the lower part of the column, which hardly let me do anything.
    My great gratitude my Divine Queen of Light, my sweet heart, my Divine and Pure Love, always deep in my heart

  5. This is a very good explanation of the Twin Flames, have always known that pure state is given in the 5th dimension, which is say where our souls exist in its pure state, sometimes I feel that I love so much, that I can not live without you, and your beautiful message, I understand more concerned actually; I only live for you, breathe on you, I feel you more deeply within my heart. ❤ ❤ I ❤ ❤ Love you ❤ ❤ Eternal Love and Bliss ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    On Wednesday I did meditation and Hermes appeared, I saw a face of a smiling and very child mischief in his eyes, I saw different colors of light rays within my heart. I had a vision of our family of 4 members, dressed in colorful clothes, pants all, white, light pink and blue, these dresses look dresses that used on ships, on trips. I was lying too on a bed and you went trousers and walking down a corridor.
    On Friday meditation appeared the golden face of a pharaoh, I saw a face of a Being Evolved, or the New Human Being of Light with a ray of light on his head, Also I saw a newborn child. I saw too a little boy very quiet stroll or walking through a waterfall.

  6. Alicia Edith Harthlyn

    Technically speaking, since I am and have been a vibrational match to this and your other literature and transmissions regarding Twin Flames, this would mean I have already met my Twin Flame right? If not…how might I be so drawn to and a match to these?

  7. Edmund Friedman

    Simple, pure gratitude.

  8. I love and surrender to You ❤

  9. Marja Thibaudier

    💛Soooo Sacred💛 Thank you💛 Sacred Love💛 love this and you💛

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