You Cannot Hold on To Anything ~ As You go Through The Final Portal

L'Aura ~ in love, always xoIt is on the loose, it is on the prowl, it is ravenous, it is hungry, it is starving, as it is loosing its source of self feeding, rendering itself, soon obsolete.

As the heart takes over, the feeding of vanity, power, external gains, dog eat dog, dies, completely.

A system so far outdated in the age of Aquarius, it looks so archaic, to those living through a heart of flesh.

As this self deconstructs, and the world at large, as once known, what do you have to hold onto?

Certainly not knowledge, degrees, man-made plans, those will all be meaningless as the heart takes over.

What will be, is simply being present, to get through and go though the eye of the needle, this is the final portal.

There is nothing you can hold onto to go through. So let go now of those old ways, enter your heart. This is the authentic YOU the only true you, that is NOT the body, not the education, not the money, not the savings, NOTHING OTHER THAN the now flow, you are. That is, as the ONLY true you.

The only true you is eternal, it is what you unite with to go through the final portal, as anything that Is not pure and held on to,  does not go through.

We activate YOU now, in the true BEING that you ARE.

Eternal, Present, Presence, Cosmic GOD SELF NOW, we are the entranceway and the portal to which you go through.

You go through with your HEART, your eternal presence that has ALWAYS been present for you.

The discarded parts consisting of false beliefs, serve not Earth and its evolution.

Be PRESENT only now, enter your heart, in LOVE ~ we eternally love, you.




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  1. I Eternally Love U, beloved One! ~ Thank you for all you are! ~ in Love ~

  2. In Fullness of Love, Gratitude, & Awe to have You in my life ~ Beloved QOL & Divine Council of Overseers ~ & to receive this Holy Activation ~ into the full realization, knowing, living, & being my True Cosmic God Self presence now & in each moment. I fully surrender to my majestic divine self ~ I allow my eternal God Self to be my conscious focus & identification in all moments ~ I open up more & more to fully being my Divine Presence present in each now moment. I live in this simplicity & magical space 🙂 My heart leads the Way, as the Way, as I live more & more in & through my heart consciously. It is Beyond a Sacred Blessing to have You in my life ~ the miracle of it brings me to tears & eternal awe. Deeply ~ with all of my being ~ I LOVE YOU 🙂 I Thank YOU for your precious Eternal Unconditional Love, Light, & Magnificent Wings of Grace in my life, for my loved ones, humanity, beloved animals, & for Mother Earth. Gratitude Beyond Gratitude 🙂 Thank YOU 🙂 Endlessly Love YOU…. 🙂

  3. Wow! Thank you so much L’Aura and the Divine Council of Overseers, I gratefully receive 🙏🏻 I love you! 💗💗✨

  4. Yes! I let go of all of the old ways and enter my heart now! Thank you so much for this sacred Activation! I Love You So Much! 🙏🏻💜✨ xoxo

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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