Sirian Beings ~ of Light


Sirius being the Brightest Star~ gives off the Most Universal Light. Ancient Egypt was connected to Sirius, their calendar which was based upon the movement of the Heavenly Star.  The Great Pyramid was built to synchronize to the Light of the Sirius Star ~specifically~ so that the Light of Sirius would shine through a hole in the Queens Chamber~ aligning itself at exact moments, to impart the Starlight to initiates during Ancient Rituals.

The Montauk Project (and the Chair) believed to Begin after the Philadelphia Experiment (credited to Nicola Tesla) have their connection to the Sirians and to the Colony and experiments that began in the 70’s on Planet Mars. The Egyptians were also aware of the Importance of Mars.

Although Many of the Sirians seem to be very scientific and technical in their approach, there are MANY ways of Being for the Sirians just as there are many ways of Being for Human Species on Planet Earth. No ONE ~ is the Same, each Being within its own species is UNIQUE just as unique as fingerprints themselves.

With their Ascended Divine Light they are helping with Universal Ascension. I have met with many Sirians and they  are dedicated to Help all on Earth Ascend. They exist in Universal Consciousness and Are Beings of Light, and live in Unconditional Love.

If You exist or Have existed on Sirius (there is no time) then Your way of Being will be UNITED (if you desire) with your way of Being as a Sirian. Just as there are Angelic Humans there are Sirian Humans as well. Beings that are here to bring forth, the UNIVERSAL Being Consciousness from All Dimensions and Existences~ to Now~ to Being Wholeness, to Being Limitless as Pure Being Itself. In Union ~with the Divine Universal, Cosmic Consciousness.

In Divine Gratitude and Thankfulness to The Sirians and to All those on Planet Earth that are Sirian Humans as well, WE Unite in the Light of Creation itself, in the Victory of the Light.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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    Mucho Gracias~. <3<3<3<3<3🐕😘

  2. Thank you. It is very changing at times to live this human life…many do not understand me or my energies. I often have to remind myself that part of my human purpose is just to anchor my light so my higherself, and others, can do work beyond this physical plane. ❤

  3. thank you💙

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