Pleiadian Beings ~ of Light


The Pleiadians have Been here on Earth through their visitations.  And there are many Pleiadian~ Humans here on Earth incarnated to bring forth their  Pleiadian message of Love, just as there are Angelic Humans, and Sirian Humans here as well. All Beings are Souls and the myriad of incarnations may include for many Souls, existing in different incarnated species of Being. As well as existing in many Parallel worlds simultaneously. Although very rare, a Being can  literally through a Soul Contract/Agreement, walk into a body/form of a previous Souls incarnated form, that will be walking out, or in Earth terms crossing over~ leaving. These Beings bring the Direct consciousness of the Consciousness existing in the Other World or Planet, where they were experiencing an incarnation as a different species, and way of Being, so to speak.

When a Soul aspect is going to Incarnate a Design is Created and this design become part of  the Blueprint for that incarnating Soul ~which is fully designed before incarnation and agreed Upon. A Soul may have thousands of existences, yet they may incarnate at this so-called time (using time frame references) to bring forth a very Personal Message through their Being here on Planet Earth, through their unique incarnation ~ aspect and aspects. Each Soul is Unique and each Angelic Human, Pleiadian Human, Sirian Human is Unique. It is the Uniqueness that IS THE MESSAGE ~ that is THE SOUL Plan~ Blueprint.

The entire Universe and More is One Huge Blueprint often called the Morphogenic Field. New information and New ways of Being are often downloaded as Frequency into the Morphogenic Field. The Morphogenic Field contains within it also, Mass Consciousness which is the Thought Forms of Humanity~ the Noosphere. Your Unique Blueprint is in constant Interaction through your Frequency with the Noosphere and the Morphogenic Field. You are sending out and receiving information as Light, which is constantly changing. This constant changing is the result of your frequency signal, which includes your every thought, your emotions, your intentions, your actions, and your Soul Plan. This frequency signal involves your mental, emotions, physical and spiritual bodies as ONE Frequency.

In Coherency and Harmony, one sends out and receives a Congruent experience of Being that is THE Alignment with the Soul’s Unique Incarnation Design. This is Destiny, this is Fulfillment. Being Fully as You Are ~ Aligning Fully with your Unique Soul Design. 

I have experienced Many Visitations here on Planet Earth from the Pleiadians, as well as consciously Hold the awareness of Existing there simultaneously. They are Loving Advanced Beings that have always Been Part of the Love and Union Consciousness that all Are coming Full Circle To. The Galactic Alignment on December 21 2012 resulted in the Light from the Central Sun ~The Photon Belt ~ The Pleiades ~to shine its Heart Based Light more Fully on the Consciousness of all Beings here on Planet Earth. Some may call this the Christed Light. Christ Consciousness, again words are Translations, they are not the meaning.  The Unified Soul Light of Creation, you and your Union with Your Soul.

When the Freedom of Consciousness expands to the full awareness of Being Creation itself, while knowing consciously what Form really is, then All will know and Experience Being Multidimensional in their Conscious Awareness of Their Own Unique Soul Blueprint and Way of Being.

You Are here to Be YOU ~ Fully.  Embrace All that you are right here ~ right NOW. There is nothing else to do, but to BE. Begin where you Are. Accept all that you are and have Been. Forgive yourself if you carry Guilt. Love yourself and Begin to Walk anew, this MOMENT ~ through Each Breath. Being All That you Came here to Be ~ which is YOU ~ finding YOU ~ which you have always Been.

More from the Pleiadians Soon!


Eternal Bliss!



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