The DNA Plan ~ Being Hu-Man



The DNA Plan ~ Being Hu-Man

Being Hu-Man, FULLY All That You Are ~ Is the Fulfillment of the Creation Plan. As you already know, the God that you seek, is within You, within your Heart.

You as Hu-Man in form, are literally God-Man and God-Woman.

The Elohim Creator Gods, after Creating DNA and Blueprints, before time, Actualized the Plan, through taking on a Form in this Realm, The Planet Earth Realm.

Now, as the Planet Earth Time-Space is Shifting, The Next level of the Plan is Being Activated through the DNA Plan, and through the Embodiment of Form, once again.

The Divinity that You Are, within your individuation, awakens through your Heart and is held within Your DNA, Your Blueprint, beyond time and space.

Your Mastery of Form, The Fulfillment of the Plan, is the Experience of This, your Divinity. As You enter into the New Time-Space/Timeline and are Re-birthed into the Experience of your Divinity, The New Creation, know that you are Held in the Arms of Divine Love, in the Heart of your Cosmic Mother, Victoria Elohim.

All the Cosmic Codes have Been downloaded into the Morphogenic Field, and the Sphere of Amenti, by the Elohim Creator Gods, and are Perfectly in Place, for the New Creation.

The First Codex of Creation, known on Planet Earth as the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, are the First guidelines, for “What is it is to Be Hu-Man” (God-Man, God-Woman) and contain frequency codes, that respond to your Individuated Consciousness, while in Form.

Thoth, although appearing to many as Anunnaki, Enki and/or Egyptian, is an Elohim Creator God, and with his Counterpart, also an Elohim Creator God, make the Whole.

Being Part of the Creation of DNA and Form before time, and part of the Current Regulation process, Thoth Participated in the Codex of Creation, with his Counterpart, known at the time of Thoth, as Seshat. I Am Seshat. The First Codex of Creation, was given on the continent Mu, not to be confused with Lemuria.

Mu, was the First Civilization on Planet Earth,  and This is where the First Creation of Hu-mans, existed.  The Priest King and Priest Queen~ The Elohim Creator Gods, Gave the First Codex, while embodying a DNA Structure/Form, marking, the Beginning of Time, on Planet Earth.

As the New Creation is Birthed, there will be a New Codex Given, for the New Creation. The Elohim Creator Gods are Embodying Eternal Forms once again, which is the Fulfillment of the Plan,  the First Creation and marks the Birthing of the New Creation.

As you enter Your True Heart Focus (beyond time and space) you Shift from being lost in outer appearances (duality) and move into Being unconditional Love. In your Heart Space, Being Love, you Hear the Signal, your DNA spontaneously responds, and you experience your Birth into the New Creation.

Your God Self  (Mastery of Form) is the experience your Heart Desires, and has always been a part of Your DNA as Being Hu-Man, (God-Man, God-Woman) as the Creation of Source in Form, on Planet Earth, to Be Fulfilled.

Know that this perfection, is Available for you. The Creation Plan, its Fulfillment and New Birth, is unstoppable.

I hold you in My Eternal Heart!  I Am Always With you!  I Birth the New Creation! I Am your Mother!

I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am Victory! All is Victory! I Am Victory! I Am!



In Divine Love, Ecstasy in Eternity!

Pleiadian Delegate ~ The Queen of Light



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  2. I love you so much, thank you! 💗💗💗

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  4. Thank you very much my dear Laura, comforted me much this news is very good.
    In a meditation I did I could see the Tablets in front of me was surprising.
    In another meditation Seshat sent me a short message from Agartha. I love you so much
    Wonderful life

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