Embodiment of Multidimensional Consciousness ~ Your Unique Blueprint


The Design of consciousness as a Holy Vehicle of Light that transmits its awareness into the Holographic Field, contains the embodiment of Light of all frequencies, held in the Heart of hearts.

That is to say, emerging from the Void, acknowledged and transmitted, as the Divine Living Consciousness, Living as the eternal Light itself.

The varying frequencies and levels of consciousness make up the uniqueness, that is Divine Consciousness.

Your Divine consciousness pours through you, through your Blueprint, your own Life Plan programming, as you flow through your reality experiences, aware and unaware, it is  taking place.

This Holy Vehicle of Light consciousness is participating consciously in your reality experience on Earth. The You that emanates from the Void. The creation aspect of the emerging you as Divine Light.

This Light in varying frequency waves, is the you participating in many dimensions at once, in parallel worlds, different time lines, different levels of awareness.

The levels of awareness are connected to the frequency attuned to.

The Embodiment of he Multidimensional Self on all levels of awareness and Being, is the frequency attuned to the you emerging as your unique Divine Consciousness self, from the Void. From your Original Soul Star Matrix.

This memory, and the subconscious programming of it, holds ALL the frequencies of consciousness that contain all aspects of your experiences on all levels of being.

The process of bringing to everyday consciousness the awareness of all of your Consciousness, is the Ascension Process. The linear awareness of this being the only reality, dissolves as the lines of awareness between the night-time and the day time consciousness literally merge as one.

That is to say, the consciousness of you that never sleeps, that is always aware, becomes aware of itself, experiencing itself, through the awakening of the experience here on Earth, being that state of consciousness, that may feel like a constant dream. Day and Night having no separation from any aspect of consciousness.

Bypassing conscious resistance and entering into the space that is the accessing point of awareness of the Divine Light You, submerges all aspects of your consciousness into the “whole” you, into a cohesive unity of awareness.

Let us access this space, within now. Breathe, relax, FEEL and RECEIVE this transmission of Light, that activates within you, the memory of your Origin Light.

I OPEN and receive, this activation of Light that transmits to me, my awareness and the concrete reality of my WHOLE Divine Self, as my original Light, into all of my DNA now. (feel, open and receive)

All timelines MERGE as my conscious awareness as the Night and Day state of consciousness become consciously ONE, Now. (feel the vibrations within you)

I Open my Heart to the Love that is the eternal ME, my Divine Self, My Higher Self, my Original Light self, that emerged as a unique vibration of Light, from the Void. (feel deeply, stay here and feel)

I am Sacred Light, I am Divine Light. I am the embodiment of my Original Light, that is present with me in all existences, even when I am not aware of this.

I FEEL this Light and stay focused on the INNER me, throughout all day time and night experiences of consciousness, and I enter the Unified Field of Awareness within You, that Lives as my Eternal Divine God Self, NOW. (feel DEEPLY)

I enter the sacred aspect of consciousness that is WHOLENESS that does not know separation, NOW. (feel and breathe it more deeply within you)

I enter the GRACE of Divinity as I open to receive. I receive. All Now. Divine Light, Divine Grace, Divine Love, Divine Wholeness as My Original LIGHT NOW. (feel)

And so it is, I Am with you, throughout all timelines, worlds, Universes. As the Holy Sacred Original Light, in Eternal Love, that I Am, NOW.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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  1. Thank you from my deepest heart 🙂

  2. Thank you, dear l´aura for your words,…

  3. It feels like your subconscious memories are being purified.
    The subconscious uses all states of consciousness for the memory release.
    It’s all going on, in a deeper way.
    The dreams may return, the relaxation. It unfolds perfectly as it needs to be….
    For your consciousness.
    Eternal love!
    Feeling you!

  4. Dear L´Aura, thanks for all,….I have a question,…since a half year I don´t sleep anymore at night,….it is sometimes a calm state and sometimes very stormy inside at night,…sometimes I feel the changing dimensions(realities) I´m in at night,….but I miss my dreams,they are rare,…and miss the relaxed state at night,…because it feels not the same,..the changing dimensions and the constant dream state at night,….this awake state at night,….is it changing,…or what do you feel?…thank you very much,….Renate

  5. In a thousand intense last meditations I feel totally connected with my soul, tells me many things, I had visions, I was floating not in this body but as my spiritual being, I suddenly felt a great burst upon me and my disappeared face; also saw a long-haired old man with his hair pulled back, I saw the spiritual path through the dimensions and I was also the one who had the power to address where I wanted. Last night also felt like a great sun suddenly entered inside me, I felt something strange but beautiful.
    Immensely and with all my soul I appreciate your dedication, love, light, presence and happiness emanating of your great soul dear Angel of Light, Beloved L’Aura. ❤ ❤ I Love You ❤ ❤ Eternal Love, Light and Bliss ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Marja Thibaudier

    💖 Sacred Light Activation💖 Thank you💖 Love you💖

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