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Have Great Courage ~ Victory is with You!



Allowing yourself, to let go, to surrender, is part of the process of your free will choice. Do you enter the way of resistance? or Do you allow yourself, to hear the quiet voice of Your Heart and Soul, and surrender.

Surrender it Blissful, it frees you, allowing the Love of Your Soul to shine through your Being. Surrender is Not dissociation, nor a pushing under, of attachments that hold your karmic patterning and memories.

Surrender is a Sacred “State of Being” that you can live in through Your Heart Space. It is an Open way of living, that frees you from your resistance and attachments.

You use Your Free “will” in all moment to moment life experiences. Are you reinforcing karmic memories through your choices or are your living in surrender, and living in your Heart?

Any life situations that you feel “oh no not that” or I cannot do that, how would that look, are the areas of your life you want to look at. What is your resistance? What is your attachment? What is your life?

Be willing to go to the ends of the Earth, to experience any situation required by your Soul. This is freedom, this is surrender.

What is Earth experience for anyway? But a way to experience your freedom in Form.

Did you come to Master form? or did you come to reinforce old karmic patterns and memories? You do choose, through your free will, your freedom or suffering.

As the opening continues, drawing closer to you, the New Creation, allow surrender, to be your way of Living. Stay in your Heart and Surrender.

Let go of your attachments to all outer appearances, that you cling to so desperately.
See them through your Heart, for what they truly are. Old Karmic patterns and memories, that you agreed to be freed from, through the use of your own free will.

This then, is a maturing of your consciousness in form. And allows you to fully enter your Heart, and hear the signal given. Hearing the signal through your Heart, allows the spontaneous response of your DNA to fully activate within you, the New Birth within your consciousness.

So as you settle into this New state of surrender, so very desired by Your Soul, know that great freedom awaits you. Surrender opens you to the Perfect Flow of Being, that you are through Your Heart.

Have great courage, Victory is with You! Victory to open forevermore, to All that you are through your Heart. To enter into the New Creation, through your new birth, that is for you.

All is in perfect place, have courage, to face the unknown, through your Heart. Know that Victory is for You! Victory is with You! I Am with You, I Am Victory! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am!




In Divine Love, Ecstasy in Eternity!

Pleiadian Delegate ~ The Queen of Light



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