The Dissolving of the 3D Paradigm~5th Dimensional Consciousness



All of those identities that you have held on to, are dissolving Now. You Being a great person, a mother, a father, a hard worker, a this and a that, is disintegrating. How you have defined yourself, to yourself, is shifting. Have you noticed?

What seems as “painful” in this dissolving, is only in the resistance, to this process of transformation.  In the dissolving itself, is FREEDOM. Freedom from a consciousness, that defined itself by how well the external WORLD played along, and gave you what you wanted. How well you played the game.

Not only defining ourselves by the roles we play, and if we are doing well we are happy and if we are not doing well  in the eyes of others, and receive the Approval we desire, then life isn’t working for us, is also shifting.  The level of Surrender, within ourselves, is experiencing a Radical Overhaul. Letting go of Everything.

No more holding on to, what we believed was our secure reference point of existing on Earth. Rather, now, we are Being THRUST into an existence, a Way of BEING ~ that no longer has Definitions.

Like Being thrust into a Sea of Nothingness ~ with NO Thing to hang on to, no thing to want,while  being Stripped of all of our identities, and existing as no definition ITSELF, with no knowing, where no thing appears secure and entering into FLOWING in ALL Moments, as only “Being” itself.

The New reference points along the way, are those AHA moments. Where the comfort becomes the recognition, this is freedom. This feels better within me. This feels like PEACE. This feels like HARMONY. This feels like unconditional Love.

The Arrival, becomes the letting Go.

And this is in all Moments.

What you have let go of, are only those things you clung on to for dear life “as if” those things were your life itself.  When they are Gone, as the reference point of Existing here on Earth. You live in Freedom to Be. And what a relief it is, from a life of suffering, and trying to figure it out. And endless battles and struggles, not knowing How to find your way Home within yourself.

As something within you shifts as you read these words, which are an activation for You, take a few slow deep breaths, and feel the difference within You now. Just Feel. Feel the truth within you, ignite your immersion, into the Cauldron of Being, that allows you Greater awakening and greater Harmony, as you continue to BE ~ All that you are Here to Be, NOW.

Let everything else go, feel yourself as the NOTHINGNESS of which everything arises.

You aren’t the one, having these experiences, you are SIMPLY the Experience.

Breathe it in.

Feel the Freedom ~ Now.

Let all else go.

Enter ~ Now ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness, which is the Consciousness of the Eternal You that always, eternally, JUST IS.

All That is. And in this am I with you, and Know YOU and Hold you ~ Eternally, all NOW. In the Nothingness ~ we ARE. The Eternal Light ~ the Eternal Presence, of Pure Being. And Now we ARE ~ Being. The Sacredness and Glory ~ of All That is.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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  1. Sacred! Thank you, beloved L’Aura and The Divine Council of Overseers! I love you! 🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. with the reading of the words I feeling the release inside, the reminder that all is well. I AM that is All. No grasping. Abiding in this Sea of Feeling, that I may rest now. Your Frequencies, and writings are Sacred Victoria Elohim. I love you ❤

  3. 💞 Embracing The Nothingness of All That Is 💞 Love to You L’Au’Ra 💞 Thank You

  4. Yes! the reference is AHA moments♡☆Thank you!!!

  5. Marja Thibaudier

    💞Yessss💞 Thank you L’Aura💞
    Love this and You💞

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