Uniting with Your Destiny~5th Dimensional Consciousness


Uniting All parts of your Consciousness as One (you and your Soul) is not as difficult as it may “seem” to be. The consciousness, that is in a state of wanting or removing (that which is not here or that which is here) cannot on its own, understand  Not Being in Control. Yet, being in control has never worked, and the desires for change are all great, it is the WAY, ultimately, that one Releases the control (or not) that one receives (or not) the Ultimate Destiny created as the Blueprint for the Souls incarnation.

Your Destiny will show up, guaranteed. It is through your letting go of perceived control, through acceptance of what is, that you journey THROUGH your Being Present in your experiences, that unlocks within you the keys, the synchronistic events, that REVEALS the Greater Destiny, Planned for you.

It is like you are driving a train, thinking you know what is the best route to get to your destination. You avoid the routes that keep coming up (that bring up pain and fear within you) and you choose your own route that you think it is best to take, in order to get what you want.  Yet, until you let go of being the One directing the “routes’ so to speak, you are attempting to avoid, control, manipulate, a DESTINY that is not manipulated, and has within it, all that you desire, which includes the WAY to Being the Ultimate YOU, through love and acceptance.

It is kind of ironic (and a huge relief) that what you desire WILL be yours, only when you let go of the reigns, the trying, the controlling, the avoiding, and the resisting. How easy is that? Surrender. Surrender all your efforts have not worked, LET IT ALL GO. What do you have to lose, but the stress, the disharmony, the struggle and the Pain of resistance.

What takes place MAY not LOOK externally as though it is the right route, that this cannot lead you to Your Deepest Desires. Yet that is the point, to come to such a place, that it is your Divinity that LEADS the way through Being. It is a surrender to Live your Destiny. And it is the WAY your SOUL is doing this through YOU.

When YOU come to the PLACE of complete trust, within you, when you literally FLOW through all things as the KNOWINGNESS that NO matter how things Look and appear externally, this is HOW Life is doing this through you, then you have truly Arrived. This is the surrender the Access, of arriving and Being READY to Receive.

Your Destiny is through your Surrender.

Everything is leading you to this place and space, within you, where you let go, to Receive.

You Love all, even what shows up as Darkness.

When all judgments are gone, all external resistances, then you are Being the Master, you Being in Union with Your Soul.

You Living as your Destiny ~ You receiving  all that you have truly desired and incarnated here to FULFILL, through your Original Blueprint, that only you, can fulfill. And it is in this, that I hold You.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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  1. Marvelous post, my great gratitude. ❤ ❤ I ❤ ❤ Love you dear Queen ❤ ❤ Eternal Love and Bliss ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    I slept almost at 12 pm last night and soon after feeling light moving inside my body, I felt in my head or in my pineal, for an extended period of time, a strong light and effervescent felt like drops of golden light, they went inside my head.

  2. Marja Thibaudier

    💞YES💞 Surrender-Let go💞 I trust my Soul plan💞 Sacred💞 Love you L’Au’Ra💞

  3. it is in This that I Surrender. Present Now. I love you Victoria Elohim xxxx

  4. 💜 Yes,Yes,Yes, Surrender, Release, Receive, 💜 Profound 💜 Love to You L’Au’Ra 💜 Thank You 💜

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