The Birth of Galactic and Universal Soul Presence

L'Aura Pleiadian

Without the constraints and filters of old programmed limitations and fears, serving as the limited capacity of awareness, when all that has vanished without a trace of its lingering constructs, then what you have is the experience of your Divine Consciousness.

Divine Consciousness, makes its Presence subtly known, as it does not enter the domain of denseness in its awareness.  An Eternal Traveller knowing itself as the Souls Truth and Light. A Whispering of Divinity, like the a gentle breeze, making itself known.

The Glorification of the Souls embodiment in form, The Divine Consciousness, is the Beatification crowned upon those that have entered the Mystical transfiguration where the Presence walking Lightly and passing through all experience, so to speak, results in the dissolving of the old identity, its origin birthed as human, perceived as density.

This magical shape shifting of sorts, is the switch over, so to speak, from the once limitation consciousness, to the Full Divine Consciousness. The Eternal Galactic Soul of Light, through the Immortal Body of Light functions as the Souls Presence in Eternity, through the Form. Which transforms itself, into the True Being that it is.

And them the  Switch over is complete, the once thought of as a Dense Human Being, has Now entered Galactic Awareness, as Being Part of the Universal Divine Consciousness, that is Presence Friendly, that works together as a Whole, in the functioning of Divine Consciousness everywhere.

Your Being birthed through this Now, and the birthing pains, are the dissolving of the Denseness you believed was home and your identity.  This is a powerful letting go, and dissolving of All that is Not Your Presence and your Divine Consciousness. Entering the gentle Divine Presence, that holds your Eternal Glory, with no attachment to density, is the Ascending into the Eternal Divine Consciousness of Your Soul, as the Birthed you, into a New Way of Being. A New Earth. Your Heaven on Earth.

The Dense Earth School has Played its important role in This Transfiguration for the Glory to Be Known, as the Emergence of The Galactic Being, once thought of as the Earth Bound Human in Density and Limitation Consciousness, Takes its rightly Place, as the Revealed Divine Consciousness, As the Wholeness of the Soul.


Eternal Love and Bliss!





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  1. I feel a softening and yes! less density today, peeling of the layers, the revealing of the wonderous child soul inside. I love you L’Aura xxx

  2. laura, i pm’d you yesterday, with something that was affecting me deeply. today’s post is as if you were speaking directly to me… i’ve been quietly humbled. and so it is…now. my heart is full. blessings, laura…blessings. ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Holy shift!💙I love you💙 eternally, Thank you💙

  4. 💜Wowww YES💜 Beyond💜 Transforming to the wholeness of the Soul💜 Thank you L’Aura💜 Love you💜

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