“THE NEW” Mercury Retrograde September 17th till October 9th

L'Aura Pleiadian

This is NOT my usual Mercury Retrograde post. Instead I am taking the focus of what not to do (and yes that may still apply~see my archives for a list of those things from my earlier Mercury Retrograde Posts) and PLACING the FOCUS on APPLYING the Beneficial ASPECTS of Mercury RETROGRADE to the Intensity of the Momentum leading up to the Full Moon/4th Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse/Wave X and Gamma Rays!

All of this was PLANNED out at the beginning of the Creation of Form in NO TIME.  There is nothing new under the Sun, means exactly that. What was in the Beginning is NOW and will Be experienced Again. A New Beginning Once Again. Yet in no time there is no beginning or end. In Non Form, ALL Always Existed.

Experiencing this, is what you call on Earth the 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Yet it ALSO, always Was and you have always existed in the AWARENESS OF IT.

Your IDEAS of Separation, was the Dream of Density you participated in Consciously, and Observed through FULL Awareness and the Non Awareness as ONE.

The Beneficial Aspects of Mercury Retrograde is in the FLOW and PRACTISE of living through INNER directed focus. All attempts otherwise, are futile. Its LIKE being FORCE FED the food you actually NEED as opposed to what you think you Desire. And the 3.3 times per year this occurs and lasts about 3.3 weeks, IS for YOU to PRACTISE existing ONCE again through INNER awareness, instead of the external FOCUS of a world that appears to exist in outer focus Density. 

Will you Get THIS? A universe that is NOT opposed to YOU? But is force feeding you what you need TO MAKE THE Transition to 5th Dimensional Consciousness with EASE?

And STOP your resistance to this?

Do you really want to go kicking and screaming? Into 5th Dimensional Awareness? Like a child having a temper tantrum, because things aren’t what he or she wants?


Anything else WILL NO LONGER DO. Unless you plan on going kicking and screaming, that is.

What is always IS~ What Will Be, YOU ALREADY KNOW and have experienced ALREADY. There is NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN.

So let go, Surrender, Flow. Be PRESENT with WHAT ARISES.

Be Silent, Be Still.

Get your life in ORDER within.

Communicate with yourself at a DEEP LEVEL, deeper than you HAVE.

Get in Alignment with this truth, IT will allow your Transition to BE with Ease and Grace.

NO ONE can get you to surrender~ Ever witnessed a Temper Tantrum?


As the 4th BLOOD MOON approaches, LET GO.

As Wave X Blasts through your Consciousness, LET GO.

As the GAMMA Rays continue to POUND through your Consciousness, LET GO.

There is NO WAY but THROUGH.

BECOME EMPTY to become FILLED to overflowing, with Beauty, Grace and Eternal Love.

Breathe consciously and BE in the Flow of All That is Now!

Go Through this! and LET GO and Surrender to the tidal Wave of Energy that will sweep through ALL OF CONSCIOUSNESS as the NEW BIRTH that you already KNOW~ that is the DESTINY of ALL Souls, Pours through you.

Be Still and Let Go and Go Through.

And at the end of the Tunnel of LIGHT ~ There I am~ There you will KNOW ME and There you Are and Here we ALREADY ARE. I Am with YOU~ I AM the Eternal Light of Consciousness, That always has Existed!

ecstasyand the soul

Eternal Love and Bliss!



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copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2015.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about cancer horoscope personality.

  2. Marja Thibaudier

    💜Wowww💜 Yes💜 Let go-Flow-be Silent-Be Still💜
    All already IS💜 I Love you💜Thank you L’Aura💜

  3. My heart fills with joy as I feel that moment at the end of the tunnel…and there you are. I love you, always, with all my heart!! ❤️ Thank you, L’Aura! ❤️

  4. Thank you!💛I love you💛💛

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