Happy Fathers Day~ Divine Masculine


Happy Fathers Day ~ June 21st, 2015 and This is the Solstice Day as well! A powerful Energy Influence also Honouring the Divine Masculine!

The Divine Masculine~ within All. Within You ~ and in Everyone. Including your Father, and yourself if you are a Father. Also the Divine Masculine Aspect within All. The Eternal Soul is ONE ~ Masculine and Feminine.

In the Sojourn through Light one takes on aspects of Being ~ incarnations ~ these aspects in a Dual Polarity World take on the appearance of Separation as Form, Masculine and Feminine.

Yet within the Heart and Soul of All Beings ~ including incarnations, the Wholeness of the Masculine and Feminine exists as One.

The Greater Union that all desire to Experience in Duality is the Greater Merging, first within Oneself and then with another, the WHOLENESS of Union of Being, the ONE Eternal Soul. This UNITING first takes place within the Heart of either the feminine or masculine then the OUTER world always matches that. The Inner creates the Outer.

Now Today ~ Fathers Day ~ LET US Honour the Masculine in all its shapes and forms, and first WITHIN. YOU can only give that which you KNOW within yourself. YOU can only be~ that WHICH you are BEING.

Honour this sacred day and all days, the WHOLENESS and the Fullness, the Masculine and Feminine within.

The Divine Masculine is a Sacred Aspect of the WHOLENESS ~ and for each SOUL this is Unique. Honour Your Being ~ Honour the Masculine ~ Honour your Father, honour yourself as Father ~ and Know within you, you are all, you are whole, you are both Masculine and Feminine, and this UNION ~ this ONENESS is the Fulfillment of Your Soul.

Have a Sacred Summer Solstice ~ Fathers Day ~ Divine Masculine Day ~ DIVINE WHOLENESS Day!


Eternal Love and Bliss!!



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  1. a marvelous combination Father’s Day on Summer Solstice! great thanks to Victoria Elohim for upgrading the celebration of Fathers Day into something infinite. I love you Victoria Elohim ❀ ❀

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